Best new Android Communication apps!

What are the best new Android Communication apps?

Rabbit Incognito Browser Pro : Browse Anonymously


Browse Anonymously with Rabbit, leaving no data or traces left. Always Incognito

47.9% NaN

Friends Chat Pro

 by Pro India

Let's try pro For Pro services like video calling and Manny more...

46.3% NaN


 by ahSolutions

Easy to use interface to review and manage Twilio recordings.

44% NaN

Phone Contacts and Address of Govt. Officers

 by Muhammad Waqar Azeem

Find telephone numbers and address location of any Federal Ministry.

37.4% NaN


 by Ushahidi Inc.

The easiest way to reach your team in an emergency, on any device.

36.9% NaN Beta

Easy Talk Pro (deaf & hard hearing people)

 by TOST Corp.

Transcribe a conversation into a text & phone call like (with text)

36.5% NaN


 by TUI AG

Plan your perfect TUI SENSATORI holiday, with everything at your fingertips.

36.3% NaN Beta

HackNews Pro

 by Aswin Mohan

Does everything that free HackNews but Darker

35.5% NaN

Translator Voice-Text GringoChat Professional Plus


Translator that converts your voice to text, and translated to eight languages

34.9% NaN

Bluetooth Simultaneous Translator Voice GringoChat


Transmits the translation to another cell phone by Bluetooth

34.9% NaN

Telegreat X Chinese Version

 by Sean Wei

Chinese Version Telegram X from Taiwan: simple, free, fast, multi-device support

34.6% NaN Beta

Secure Quick Reliable Login (SQRL)

 by Monkey Business Games

Securely logs you in to websites supporting the SQRL protocol.

34.2% NaN Beta

Pantepic - Free Map-Based Messenger

 by Pantepic

Feature-Rich Messenger for Android Devices. Communication Without Distraction.

33.9% NaN Beta

Reliv International

 by ngage Mobile Apps

Track, manage and grow your Reliv business even on the go!

33.9% NaN Beta


 by Blue Tree Systems Ltd

Messaging app for Blue Tree Truck Drivers

32.5% NaN Beta

Trustchain - creating trust with software

 by TUDelft: Delft University of Technology

This app implements the TU Delft style blockchain, called TrustChain.

32.2% NaN Beta


 by MegaCom Alfa Telecom

Your virtual MegaCom number
Stay in touch anywhere in the world!

31.8% NaN Beta

Unban Chatruletkaa

 by WebRoze InfoTech

Unban Chatruletkaa. Without proxy or VPN 100℅ working

31.3% NaN

CTM DataMall

 by CTM

CTM DataMall is an overseas roaming data service.

31.2% NaN Beta

Rocket.Chat (Experimental)

 by Rocket.Chat

Rocket.Chat mobile client built with React Native

30.2% NaN Beta

Weed Stickers - Smoke out your Gboard Keyboard

 by DeWitt Bro Co

Top Tier Marijuana Stickers for GBoard Messaging App

29.5% NaN

TeleCop Call Screener Blocker

 by FreneTec, LLC

TeleCop is an automatic phone call screener, call blocker and more!

29.3% NaN

 by TrustCor Systems S. de R.L.

Private, encrypted, online communications. For everyone.

29.3% NaN Beta


 by Mles developers

MlesTalk is a real-time character-by-character messenger

28.5% NaN

Assam Secure Messenger

 by Loment Inc.

Secure Instant Messaging

28% NaN Beta

Chk-In Conec

 by SNI

Chk-In Conec

28% NaN Beta


 by David Grootendorst

BlueDV for AMBE

27.8% NaN Beta

UCC - Your First Anonymity Chat

 by Linkdood Technologies

Chat anonymously , prevent data leaking, nobody will know who you are here !

27.5% NaN Beta

GroupCall - dedicated for prayer meetings

 by TKiC Limited

GroupCall - dedicated prayer meeting conference calling platform

26.2% NaN Free


 by emaforge

Lookup telephone area codes within the North American Numbering Plan.

25.1% NaN

Yahoo Together – Group chat. Organized.

 by Yahoo

Chat it up. Make plans. Share cat GIFs. And get your crew organized.

25.1% NaN Free

Voice to text (for Whatsapp,fb Messenger,gmail)

 by Techi consultancy Service (TCS)

This is ad free (no ads) version of my app.

25% NaN

CUB Secure Messenger

 by Loment Inc.

Messenger for City Union Bank

24.9% NaN Beta

AP Secure Messenger

 by Loment Inc.

Secure Instant Messaging

24.8% NaN Beta

Firefox Reality Browser fast & private

 by Mozilla

Get the open, free, and secure browser designed for standalone AR & VR headsets.

24.3% NaN Free

Mobile HotSpot Pro

 by AndroidSTT

You can easily share your Internet mobile with only ONE CLICK.

23.4% NaN