Best new Android Education apps!

What are the best new Android Education apps?

BCBA Flashcards

 by by ABA Exam Prep

Master hundreds of critical ABA study terms for the BCBA and RBT exam

77.2% 5

Hadith Authenticator Pro - By Ayyanemall

 by Ayyanemall

The app that authenticates Hadith from Sahih-Al-Bukhari without ads.

73.7% 5

(PRO) King James Audio Bible

 by Bible International Version Ltd.

King James Version Bible (KJV) Free + Audio (PRO)

73.3% 5

Tests at the State Bureau of Investigations (UA)


Preparation for a qualification assessment for the StateBureau of Investigations

73.3% 5

Pass Canadian Citizenship Test

 by CandidConnect IT Team

Practice using this app and Score 20/20 in the Canadian Citizenship Test.

73.3% 5

Best English Idioms & Phrases (Pro)

 by LT Software - AppForYou


71.1% 5

CRJ-200 Study App


CRJ-200 System Flashcards, Memory Items, Limitations, Cockpit Panels Schematics

54.2% 4

Birds of Peru

 by Birds in the Hand, LLC

A mobile field guide version of Birds of Peru

47.5% 3.67

ABC Baby English (English For Kids)

 by ABC English Group

For Kids: Learn Vocabulary, Speech through Images and Interactive Games

46.3% 0 Beta

LC Easy 4.0


Training for library assistants using Library of Congress Classification System.

46.3% 0

Deep Web: Infinite Knowledge, Education & Learning

 by Abdulhamit Aydın

More than just a regular general knowledge & education app. Learn the truth!

45.1% 4.63 Free

Cradle of Love


Helping mums become the best version of themselves

44% 0 Beta


 by Think Tankers Innovative Solutions

Imagine Magbook- Magazine + Textbook, a contemporary version of magazine

44% 5 Beta

Mercator Puzzle

 by alex_aladdin

Much interactive. So geography. Amaze

44% 0 Beta

AASTMT Attendance


This App is used to log the attendance of AAST Staff & Employees

44% 0 Beta

Guitar Chords Scales

 by Madster Limited - Guitar

Chords - Scales: Chord Progressions Arranged by Music Key

44% 0

Guitar Notes Finder

 by Madster Limited - Guitar

Guitar Notes - Acoustic and Electric.
Learn the notes of a 22 fret guitar.

44% 0

Bass Guitar App

 by Madster Limited - Guitar

Bass guitar notes - Fretboard map.
Learn the notes of a 22 fret bass guitar.

44% 0

Stoichiometry Plus


Calculators for reaction stoichiometry, equation balance, and formula weight

44% 0

EEG RNG - Research Version

 by Christopher Henningsen

A research version of the EEG based Random Number Generator

44% 0

Dental Corpus PRIMARY

 by Dental Corpus

Dental Corpus PRIMARY is an interactive app for dental students and dentists.

44% 0

The Return of Love

 by Lucky Akter

The Return of Love

44% 0

CBSE 12th Board Exam Result 2018 - No Ads

 by amit02204

Get CBSE(Central Board of Secondary Education) 12th Board Exam Result 2018-No Ad

44% 0

Study Guide Combo

 by P.A. Mlecka, Publisher

An education tool for this generation in reaching your educational goals

44% 0

Sleep Tech Lectures

 by Kettering Seminars

Kettering’s audio lectures for the Sleep Tech examination

44% 0

Solar Simulator for ARCore

 by Angstrom Tech

An Augmented Reality app for teaching the relative scale of the solar system.

44% 3

CommunicoTool Mini

 by C..Texdev

Create your own digital AAC communication board that fit in your pocket !

44% 0

Fever Cat Arithmetic

 by B Squared Tuition Ltd

Help Fever Cat take over the world with super-numerate robots

44% 0

8085 Microprocessor Pro

 by Nikhil Amatya

Ad free version of 8085 Microprocessor

44% 0

McCabe Thiele Distillation Pro

 by ThetaVerde

This app will show you step by step how to use the McCabe Thiele method.

44% 0

CET Practice Smart - Pro

 by Sapna G

CET/KCET Practice tests with around 1000 questions to prepare you for success

44% 0

FAU Research Hub

 by FAU Mobile

Collaborate with researchers at Florida Atlantic University!

43.9% 5 Beta

Learn CW

 by Jerry Adkins

Learn CW was created to make it easier to learn Morse Code

43.8% 0


 by Institute for Earth Observations at Palmyra Cove

"Hands-on" mixed reality for visualizing earth data.

43.7% 4.57 Beta


 by Academus Technologies, LLC

A student's best friend.

43.4% 4.5 Beta

Campusfinder - College Finding App

 by Wizzo Technologies

College Finding App

42.8% 4.95 Free