Best new Android Education apps!

What are the best new Android Education apps?

Free engineering calculator fx 991es plus & fx 92

 by Nhi Thien Studio

Calculator for engineer with high precision and fraction result, natural display

80.4% 4.6 Free


 by Kritrim Entertainment

Spacewatch | Explore and Learn |

75.8% 5

Secret High School 8: 100 Years Love Story Diaries

 by Beauty Salon Games

Secret High 8 is back! Does Zac have another girlfriend behind Bella’s back?

74.2% 4.7 Free

GTR- General Theory Of Relativity

 by I Softwares World

General Theory Of Relativity

73.3% 5

HSK Hero - Learn Chinese

 by Handtechnics

Learn Chinese and master the HSK with the Hero Method!

73.3% 5

BXV: Premium LET Reviewer 2018

 by PhByte Philippines

Best Social LET Reviewer with Premium Features and Review Centers Community

73.3% 5

Build a Zoo - Animals for Kids

 by Blue River Games

Toddler Learn Game for Colors, Numbers and Puzzles

73.3% 5

Linear Algebra Calculator full

 by oogee

A powerful tool for Linear Algebra operations

73.3% 5


 by Cyberus

Read the words from the cards. 7 languages. 5 sections. More than 300 words

73.3% 5

Kosmo & Klax: Treehouse Party

 by Mixtvision Mediengesellschaft mbH

Kosmo & Klax's cheerful world is waiting for you, so come and enjoy the fun!

73.3% 5

English Irregular Verbs (Full version)

 by JVSDIm

Easy method of studying English irregular verbs and English tenses.

73.3% 5

PIKING [ Pi, memorize, pi=3.14...]

 by J.Tiger

PI, memorize pi - 3.1415 ... PiDay, when you are bored PIKING brain training.

72.9% 5

Preschooler. All-in-One

 by McSim

Developing game with interesting sounds and pronunciation of letters

72.8% 5

Unicorn Color by Number - Sandbox Pixel Art

 by Coloring Books For Adults - Color By Number

A coloring by numbers app to create perfect masterpiece without complex skill!

72.6% 4.6 Free

Manna Bible Flash Cards

 by Preston Shepherd

Manna Bible Flash Cards by Preston Shepherd. 298 Cards to learn the Bible.

72.5% 5

Quicker Maths - Tricks, Puzzles, Quizzes & Books

 by Maths Tricks & Shortcuts Tutors Group

An Educational App for Maths Tricks & Shortcuts, Puzzles, Quiz Questions & Books

72.2% 4.4 Free

Advanced calculator fx 991 es plus & 991 ms plus

 by Nhi Thien Studio

Scientific calculator, derivative, integral, equation solving and linear algebra

71% 4.7 Free

Python Xplorer Ultimate

 by FuzzyVoid

A comprehensive, completely offline Python Tutorial & Python Documentation App

70.5% 5

EngBreaking Pro (New Methods Learning English)

 by ABC English Group

3 Simple steps to help you "Cure English deafness" in only 1 month

70.2% 5 - Color by Number Pixel Art Coloring

 by Color Apps For Free

Pixel art color by number game for adults and children! Color anytime anywhere!

70% 4.4 Free

Numerical Reasoning Tests

 by WikiJob

Practise a timed numerical reasoning test based on those used by employers.

69.9% 5

Dual Problem

 by HMLA

Solve the dual problem very quickly and easily

69.7% 5

School scientific calculator fx 500 es plus 500 ms

 by Mr Duy

Scientific calculator, high precision, natural display, fraction calculate.

69.1% 4.7 Free

Electronics Toolkit Pro

 by Electronial

Electronics Toolkit Is A Handy App That Helps You With Your Electronics Projects

67.8% 4.8

The Tales of Aarchie

 by Malcolm Moore Ltd

The Tales of Aarchie follows the adventures of an Armadillo.

67.2% 5

Railway Group D Exam 2018 Gk Tayaari

 by skboss

Important Gk Question Answer for Railway Exam Tayaari

66.8% 4.4 Free

LetraKid PRO - Learn to Write Tracing ABC & 123

 by ParKel Soft - Apps for School & Kindergarten Kids

Alphabet handwriting game for kids. Writing practice for letters and numbers.

66.6% 5

Systems of linear equations

 by rainbow learning software

What are linear systems of equations and how can they be solved?

66.1% 4.4


 by My Pathshala

Online educational application for various exams

63.8% 4.6 Free

Math Tricks PRO

 by Antoni Ion

This program is dedicated to showing you a variety of interesting math tricks.

63.4% 4.9

Drops: Learn Korean language and Hangul alphabet

 by Language Drops

Study vocabulary, spelling and speaking with this visual learning app for free!

62.9% 4.8 Free

Fraction Calculator "Fractal MK-12"

 by Infosoft International Inc

Works on Fractions, Decimals and Mixed numbers up to 10-digits

62.7% 4.1

Algebra scientific calculator fx 991ms plus 100ms

 by Nhi Thien Studio

The calculator with fraction support. Natural display. Full algebra functions

61.9% 4.7 Free

Hands-Free Chinese: Mandarin Tones Pronunciation

 by Sasha Sirotkin

Mandarin tones and syllables pronunciation practice with feedback

61.8% 4.9

Pharmacology By Dr. Gobind Rai Garg

 by PrepLadder

Never cram Pharmacology again, come fall in love with the subject.

61.5% 4.5 Free

TSBIE Exam Center Locator2018


TSBIE official mobile app to enable its’ students across the Telangana State

61.3% 4.6 Free