Best new Android Entertainment apps!

What are the best new Android Entertainment apps?

We Know Any Card

 by McAppyDaze

Prankster Card Trick App. Fool your friends and have hours of fun.

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IPL Horn for the rich.

 by Rohith

This is an IPL Horn for the rich.

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Farmhouse Haunting (18+ Hindi Horror Story) - Pro

 by CreativeBoxx

Farmhouse Haunting is story of collage group and their haunted vacation trip.

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Police Lights - Police Siren & Sound

 by Tools & Security Developers

Police Lights, Police Siren & Sound on your mobile phone.

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I Am Rich

 by Aj Labs

Prove friends that you are rich and can send a lot of $$$$ on this app !!!!!

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Ghost Tracker EMF EVP Recorder

 by LaxTon Ghost Sweden

The perfect ghosthunting tool.
EMF, EVP, Motion detector

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Lobola Calculator

 by Init

This App tell you exactly how much Lobola you will pay when you get married.

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I am rich

 by Scăunașu Tudor Valentin

Limited edition - only a thousand copies can be bought

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Vip Betting Tips of Anna

 by Biad Media

The Best Vip Betting Tips and Football betting tips app with very high odds!

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AR Trophy

 by GEO-PAK Aps

Explore the new AR application!
Interact with virtual animals in the real world.

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TV - Online PRO

 by Chiba

TV - Online PRO, all channels are free.

43.8% NaN


 by HbApps


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I Am Billionaire VIP - Certificate

 by madoc

Prove that you're rich and awesome

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Gear Fit2 GBC Emulator

 by SM Software

Very fast and well-featured emulator to run GameBoy and GameBoy Color games.

42.2% NaN

Animated Quotes

 by Swedgold Software

Animation, Android, Quotes, entertainment, new, app, best, free, nice, art, say

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You're Loaded!

 by MonsterAppz2013

Best app out to show off to your friends and family

42.1% NaN


 by Mehmed Fere

funny jokes with audio

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I'm Rich (most expensive app)

 by Hung Teoh

This app does nothing basically.

41.2% NaN

Soho Ibiza Radio Premium

 by Ibiza One Radio

The best Urban Radio arrives at Google Play
Reggeaton, Trap, DanceHall, Hip Hop

41.2% NaN


 by Cervier

Predict which object someone selected on a picture you took on the spot

39.8% NaN

Blaze the icon pack

 by Tarun Gupta

Bright colorful light from within the icons!

39.6% NaN

Shadow - Cloud Gaming

 by Blade Group

Access a supercharged gaming PC on any device

39.5% NaN Beta

Phone Canary

 by Kareem G. Diab

Make your phone respond!

39.3% NaN

Movie Roulette - Discover New Movies

 by jdhdev

Discover new movies to watch

38.5% NaN Beta

waflru pro — music visualizer farm, art playground

 by four cats pendulum

Runs a growing family of audio visualizers, accelerated with RenderScript.

38.4% NaN

I am rich!

 by Tomáš Skála

Are you rich! Buy this app and show others you have money!

38.3% NaN


 by CHI Software

Decorate your reality with CHIman

38.3% NaN Beta


 by Denis Domchik

Identify celebrities like actors, politicians sportsmen right from your TV

38.2% NaN Beta

BabyGames Translator

 by iBoo

A hilarious baby translator for parents

37.8% NaN

One Room VR - Uniform Edition

 by cs-reporters, Inc.

VR that you can experience gentle time spending time with a beautiful girl!

37.5% NaN

Hudson Valley Radio Pro

 by Deluxe Radio Apps

Hudson Valley Radio Pro Radio Stream

37.4% NaN

Date Draw Lottery - Ad Free

 by A Nerd

Lottery number picker that uses a date as the seed to pick the numbers

36.9% NaN

F1 2017/2018 steering wheel display (dashboard)

 by Mr.Dezibel

Steering Wheel Display for F1 2017/2018

36.5% NaN

Horse Grade Calculator

 by James Leveille

Calculate a estimated time and grade based on a horse finishing time.

36.5% NaN

Triple Crown Calculator

 by James Leveille

Made for Triple Crown Races. Estimated time and grade based on winning time.

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I am rich - Proved it by buying most expensive app

 by tuomomees App Lab

This is the token of wealth. Achieve it by buying this app.

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