Best new Android Health & Fitness apps!

What are the best new Android Health & Fitness apps?

Eat30 - Grocery Shop Easier for Whole 30

 by NPike

Ditch the stack of PDFs in the grocery store, scan your way to success.

73.3% 4.6

Emotion Code

 by Wellness Unmasked, Inc.

Release your trapped emotions by using the Emotion Code.

68.1% 5

Boulder Storm

 by Will Davis

Get Stronger, Get Fitter, Get Motivated.... Get Bouldering!

65.4% 5

The Assessment App

 by Physiotutors

The Physiotutors Guide to Orthopedic Physical Assessment

65.2% 4.8

Fitness for Weight Loss | Workout App for Women 7M

 by Workout Apps

Exercise, sweat and lose weight in 30 days! Free female better me workouts apps.

65.2% 4.6 Free

Strong Arm In 30 Days - Arm Workouts

 by Smartaps

How to build the strong arm in 30 days?How to develop arm muscles arm at home?

64.1% 4.8 Free

Fit Track Pro

 by Codeminded Solutions

Pro version of Fit Track

61.2% 5

Tools & Amazfit

 by Tools & Wearables Ltd.

Text notifications, button control, heart monitor & more for your Amazfit.

59.6% 4.3

Six Pack in 30 Days - Abs Workout

 by Leap Fitness Group

Effective abs workouts with different levels, LOSE FAT & GET 6 PACK ABS at home.

57.4% 4.9 Free

 by AEGIS Health Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Welcome to

57.3% 4.9 Free

Home Workout for Men - Bodybuilding

 by Simple Design Ltd.

Effective Home Workouts for fast muscle building - without equipment.

56.5% 4.8 Free

White Noise Pro: Sleep Sounds & Relax

 by AwesomeDroid Studio

Help you concentrate at day and easy to fall asleep at night

56% 4.5

Ease Guided Meditation

 by Ease Developer Team

Guided meditation. It's easy. It's relevant. Live well with EASE.

56% 5

ManFIT - Workout at Home with No Fitness Equipment

 by Health Group: Fitness, Eyes Protect, Drink Water.

Fat burning, muscle building & power training plans. Home workout; no equipment!

55.3% 4.7 Free

Stop Tobacco Mobile Trainer. Quit Smoking App Free

 by Iteration Mobile & Vialsoft Apps

Stop Smoking App Free. Tips and help to quit smoking and kick the habit

54.9% 4.4 Free

Ease - Stress Relief

 by Disease & Stress Free Lifestyle Club

2 - Month Masterclass With Guided Lessons forYour Improved Health

54.6% 5

Deep Relaxation Hypnosis Meditation

 by itagSoft

Deeply relax with this guided meditation app

54.3% 5

My Body Measurements

 by Kodin

Save and follow up your body measurements easy.

54.3% 5

Pinky Bestie - Period & Ovulation Tracker

 by Pinky Dev. Team

Pinky Bestie, the best app to track period, fertility, ovulation for ladies

53.5% 4.5 Free

Dialing God

 by Kabbalah Centre International

Kabbalistic Prayer and Meditation Guide

52.9% 5

Pedometer - Accurate & Simple

 by 100.000.000 Downloads

Best free Pedometer app to track steps & calorie counter, Clean Simple design!

52.7% 4.8 Free

Go HAM Pro - 531 Calculator

 by Go HAM!

Go HAM and get stronger with the help of this Go HAM 531 Calculator!

52.6% 4.5

PTyou :Find Personal Trainer Nearest Your Location

 by Bluewebspark Technologies

Personal Trainer Nearest Your Location with ease Book trusted Fitness trainer

52.3% 5

Accurate Pedometer

 by 100.000.000 Downloads

Accurate Pedometer, Daily step counter & Easy calorie counter help lose weight

51.4% 4.7 Free

Drink Water Reminder: Water Tracker to Lose Weight

 by Migital: Best Apps, Games, Videos, Health, Fitness

Use Water Drinking Reminder for weight loss, great skin, health & hydration

51.3% 4.5 Free

CrossFit Games

 by CrossFit Inc

An all-access pass to the largest international fitness competition in the world

50.5% 4.6 Free


 by LastShotGames

Best Yoga Pose Sequencing Assistant in the Market

50.3% 5

Monitor Your Weight and BMI Calculator

 by MOB Aplicativos

Monitor and track your weight, calculate your daily calories and calculate BMI

50% 4.7 Free

Lose Weight in 30 Days - Home Workout and Fitness

 by Workout Group

Lose weight at home with our 30 day challenge - fast and scientifically.

49.8% 4.7 Free

Atmosphere: Binaural Therapy

 by Peak Pocket Studios

Listen and create your own binaural beats to improve your meditation, sleep...

49% 4.7 Free

80 Day Cray Cray

 by The Modern Pen and Paper Company, LLC

Track your 80 Day program workouts and containers Crush it!, Track it!, Fix it!

48.4% 3.4

Pedometer - Step Counter Free & Calorie Burner

 by Simple Design Ltd.

Daily step counter, Free Pedometer & Easy šŸ”„Calorie Counter help Lose Weight.

48.3% 4.8 Free

Wake You Up Alarm

 by ToolsDevelope Inc.

A free and smart alarm clock ļ¼Œhelp you wake up easier and punctually.

48.2% 4.3 Free

Ketogenic Crockpot Recipes

 by Nisarg D Parekh

Nourishing Tasty Low Karb Ketogenic Crock Pot Recipes for Rapid Weight Loss

48% 5

Intermittent Fasting Diet

 by Nisarg D Parekh

Beginners Guide on Intermittent Fasting to Lose Weight & Revitalize Health

47.2% 4

Rumble - Every step counts

 by Rumble App

finally, you can earn money simply by walking to work! your steps really count!

46.8% 4.7 Free