Best new Android Health & Fitness apps!

What are the best new Android Health & Fitness apps?

CompareMe - Compare Before & After Photos (New)


Easily compare before and after photos and visualize your progress!

65.2% 4.62


 by PersistentAI

The SPPB Test app will guide you through the Short Physical Performance Battery.

64.8% 5

Progressive Muscle Relaxation - PMR pro - English

 by BodyMindPower

Deep Muscle Relaxation with 17, 7, 4 Muscle Groups & Body Scan - Exercise Status

60.3% 5

Watchers Point Pro- Calculator & Tracker

 by Watchers Point

This is a Point Calculator and Food tracker for the weight watchers Program.

58.1% 4

Nature Sleep Sounds Pro

 by Black Coffee Programming

Sleep Sounds with Natural relaxing Beats and stories. No Advertisements.

57.3% 5

Workout Coach Pro - Workouts & Fitness At Home

 by petraapps

Workout Coach Pro - Workouts & Fitness At Home

56% 4.25

Yoga Asana Practice Design

 by JEDJEDi Ltd

A Yoga practice designer. Asanas with timer, coaching or traditional sutras.

53.5% 0

Relaxing Music Pro

 by SheikhSoft

Discover the power of sounds and fall asleep easily with Relax Music

53.4% 5

Apnea master

 by megazlonet

Application for the training of static apnea

52.5% 4.14

Brain Wave Therapy Pro (Binaural)

 by Black Coffee Programming

Mind, Body and Spirit Therapy with Meditation.
A way to improve yourself…

52.1% 4.6

Arm Workout - Biceps Exercise

 by Leap Fitness Group

Want to Lose Fat, build Arm Muscles at Home?
Want to get Strong Arms in 30 days?

47.5% 4.86 Free

MyBites - Weight Watchers Nutrition Point Tracker

 by Cloforce LLC

MyBites - Weight Watchers Nutrition and Point Value Tracker and Calculator

42.8% 0

medTED - Guided Breathing for A Better You


Guided Breathing Sessions for Stress, Anxiety, Sleep, Energy and Mindfulness

42.8% 0

Dog Food Selector

 by Biomed Protection

Science in the service of the healthy nutrition of your dog

42.5% 5

ShowClinic Doctors

 by B'more IT solutions LLP

Show Clinic for doctors. Helps to easily use the platform on the move.

41.5% 0 Beta

Smiling Heart

 by X-Value Technologies

This Application makes cardiology tests for babies very simple and efficient

41.3% 0 Beta

Fitness Nutrition Complete Guide PRO

 by Supbrain CO

Fitness, Body Fat Meter, Calorie Counter, Folds, Diets, Health.

41.1% 0


 by screencode

An innovative personal allergy symptoms forecast tool for improvement your life

41.1% 5 Beta

Vipassana by Guided Meditation Treks

 by Russell Eric Dobda

Guided Meditations to learn the Vipassana Technique

41% 0

Aesthetics Workout the training log for Fitness

 by David BELBEZE

Aesthetics Workout, the best app for the fitness, musculation and CrossFit

40.9% 0 Beta

GymMaster Member Portal

 by Treshna Enterprises Ltd

Manage your gym membership and bookings with ease using the GymMaster App

40.9% 0 Beta

Fitify Workouts & Plans

 by Fitify Workouts

Get fit bodyweight or use 8 tools: TRX, Kettlebell, BOSU, Medicine Ball...

40.5% 0 Beta

Medica Kolkata


Revamped mobile app of Medica Hospital Kolkata

40.1% 0 Beta


 by MuscleHack LTD.

Track your workouts and learn how to build muscle fast!

40.1% 4.93 Free

Heart Rate Monitor - Measure Your Heartbeat


Accurate heart rate monitor for an instant heartbeat and pulse measurements.

39.7% 0 Beta

Testing wear app for Coach Dan

 by Algotrick

Project for Coach Dan for testing app

39.7% 0 Beta


 by KCompute (Private) Limited

DoctorQ brings Doctors and healthcare services to your fingertips.

38.9% 0 Beta

Spa Bliss

 by Soham, Inc.

Mobile booking app

38% 0 Beta

Hidden gymnastics for weight loss.

 by Kim E-Commerce Co. LTD

Born in the USSR: Dr. Vorobyov's hidden gymnastics for weight loss.

37.8% 0

MindCare: mental well-being analytics made easy

 by Blue Bird Technologies

MindCare helps you to find out what affects your mood and causes tension

37.4% 0 Beta

Sample App

 by Basavaraj Kumbar

This is a sample app to get to know about beta and alpha tests

37% 0 Beta

Daaji App

 by Heartfulness Institute

DAAJI is an innovative app that gives you Heartfulness masterclasses etc.

36.9% 0 Beta


 by Benoit Grattepanche

SwimAnalyzerLite is an easy to use App for swimmers of all ages

36.7% 0

Learning to listen

 by TMA - Toledo e Magalhães Tecnologia da Informação

App developed to work on auditory skills.

36.5% 0

Essential Oils Reference Guide App

 by Logic Jump

Essential Oils Reference Guide is the biggest collection of Single Oils & Blends

36.4% 5


 by Elixsr Ltd

Log your workouts. Empower your progression.

36.1% 0 Beta