Best new Android Health & Fitness apps!

What are the best new Android Health & Fitness apps?

BrainWaves - Binaural Beats

 by Unjinx Apps

A no-nonsense app that lets you play brain altering binaural beats in one click.

45% NaN

PrimeNap Pro: Sleep Tracker and Smart Alarm

 by PrimeNap

Tracks your sleep and wakes you up during a light-sleep phase

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Ultimate Eye Exercises

 by Tech Tips

Ultimate Eye Exercises to improve eyesight.

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Boximer Pro Boxing/Muay Thai Interval Timer

 by Stredgic Software

Boxing/Muay Thai Interval Workout Timer

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Gym Guider Offline - No Ads

 by Intechapp

Gym Guider is your Fitness, Bodybuilding, and Powerlifting guider.

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FocusBand NeuroSelfCare

 by T 2 Green

Neurofeedback intervention to educate & assist with Anxiety & Stress

44% NaN


 by bsc inc

Log/Chart Blood Pressure, Cholesterol and Glucose in one place

43.8% NaN

Workout Coach for Beginners Pro

 by petraapps

Workout Coach for Beginners

43.7% NaN

Keto Calculator+

 by HumanSoftware

Calculate your calorie norm per day for Keto Diet without ad.

43.1% NaN


 by MobHearing

Turn your device into an innovative multi-frequency hearing aid!

43.1% NaN


 by Valley Software Tas

Use the Spoons method for Energy and Pain Management

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Munch Micro

 by Orbost

The simplest way to calculate your dietary needs.

41.8% NaN

Munch Mini

 by Orbost

The easiest way to reach your fitness goals.

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Medicare Pro

 by Juboraj Sarker

It will give you remember about medicine, doctor’s appointment any many more.

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ShowClinic Doctors

 by B'more IT solutions LLP

Show Clinic for doctors. Helps to easily use the platform on the move.

36.3% NaN Beta

Fitify: Bodyweight Workouts & Plans

 by Fitify Workouts s.r.o.

Who needs a gym? Get in shape at home!

36.1% NaN Beta


 by KCompute (Private) Limited

DoctorQ brings Doctors and healthcare services to your fingertips.

36% NaN Beta

Testing wear app for Coach Dan

 by Algotrick

Project for Coach Dan for testing app

35.4% NaN Beta

Smiling Heart

 by X-Value Technologies

This Application makes cardiology tests for babies very simple and efficient

34.4% NaN Beta

Aesthetics Workout the training log for Fitness

 by David BELBEZE

Aesthetics Workout, the best app for the fitness, musculation and CrossFit

34.1% NaN Beta

Fast test for fine motor skills

 by АО Ма-тек

Tool to get assessment of your condition and ability to perform precise actions

33.9% NaN

Epilepsy Management Aid

 by Netprophets Cyberworks Pvt. Ltd.

Epilepsy Management Aid

33.7% NaN Beta

Bach Flowers - Ultimate Edition

 by CornerstoneCodes

Complete info on all 38 Bach Flowers, in combination with the Lüscher Color Test

33.6% NaN

Heart Rate Monitor - Measure Your Heartbeat


Accurate heart rate monitor for an instant heartbeat and pulse measurements.

33.4% NaN Beta

Newsletter for Diapason

 by Immersive Therapy

Regain control over your tinnitus!

32.7% NaN Beta

Active Meditation

 by Digi Sol

1st Meditation App with VR mode & On the basis of pure Visual Science Techniques

32.7% NaN

GymMaster Member Portal

 by Treshna Enterprises Ltd

Manage your gym membership and bookings with ease using the GymMaster App

32.6% NaN Beta


 by screencode

An innovative personal allergy symptoms forecast tool for improvement your life

31.9% NaN Beta

Ministry of Health - Warehouse

 by Ministry of Health Palestine

Palestinian,Ministry of Health

31.3% NaN Beta

Medica Kolkata


Revamped mobile app of Medica Hospital Kolkata

31% NaN Beta

BMI Calculator - PRO

 by Applash

This ad free app calculates BMI, BMR & Ideal Weight.

30.8% NaN

Pupil Distance Meter Pro | Accurate PD measure

 by vistech.projects

Measure pupillary distance (PD) 👀 with camera quick and easy, try on frames

30.6% NaN Beta

Running Tracker Pro

 by Pineapple infotech

Running Tracker tracks your distance, time and more.

30.3% NaN


 by Primatech Paper Co. LLC

Talking about health

29.7% NaN Beta

Pupil Distance Meter | Custom PD Meter Frame TryOn

 by vistech.projects

Custom solution to measure PD with camera. Try on demo for basic eyeglass frame

29.6% NaN Beta

MindCare: mental well-being analytics made easy

 by Blue Bird Technologies

MindCare helps you to find out what affects your mood and causes tension

29.6% NaN Beta