Best new Android Health & Fitness apps!

What are the best new Android Health & Fitness apps?

Abs workout - 21 Day Fitness Challenge

 by Fit apps

Abs workout - 21 Day Fitness Challenge. Home workouts without equipment

83.6% 4.8 Free

Night Filter – Blue Light Filter for Better Sleep

 by Health Group: Fitness, Eyes Protect, Drink Water.

Best FREE night filter protects your eyes and helps you get better sleep.

82.5% 4.8 Free

Abs Workout – Tabata, HIIT, 7x4 Challenge

 by Health Group: Fitness, Eyes Protect, Drink Water.

Build firm abs in 28 days!

82% 4.7 Free

Anthropometry For Life

 by Doussy

This app works out those irritating and complicated anthro calculations

73.3% 5

Water Drink Reminder

 by Easy Creation

Water tracker and reminder helps to drink more water.

71.6% 4.6 Free

Switchwords & Numbers

 by Healing Circle

This app caters to all your requirements related to Switchwords & Numbers

71% 5

Camera Heart Rate Variability

 by A.S.M.A.

Camera HRV lets you check stress level anytime without requiring any sensor

70.6% 5

BioCítricos - Management for citrus crops

 by bionaturalapps

Information management system, pests, diseases, finances in Citrus

70.1% 5

Pedometer & Fitness Workout Trainer

 by Fitness Apps,Inc

Pedometer, step counter & calorie counter to help you lose weight and keep fit

68.3% 4.8 Free

OctoTrainer Pro

 by Pedro J. Marín

OctoTrainer Pro App is a revolutionary system.

67.9% 5

Six Pack Training - 30 Days challenge

 by VietDevPro

A simple 30 day exercise plan proven to burn stomach, beautiful and strong abs

66.7% 4.6 Free

PrizeFighter Boxing Timer Pro

 by nocodesbarred

PrizeFighter Boxing Timer is a feature rich workout system that packs a punch!

63.5% 4

Interval Timer Tibetan Bowl Pro Unlock Key

 by Secco

This is an unlock key for the pro functions of the Interval Timer application

63.5% 5

Lose Weight In 30 Days


Lose Weight fast and get a healthy diet in 30 days!

63.3% 4.8 Free

Eye Care - Bluelight Filter Plus

 by Preet Studios

Eye Care(Blue Light Filter) protects your eyes from harmful blue light.

62.3% 5

Words Mix - cool stress relief

 by Nika Entertainment - candy puzzle adventure

New word search & connect game: swipe the letters to discover words.

61.7% 4.7 Free

ABS Workout - Belly workout, 30 days AB


Not waste your time just start now. Do it!

61.4% 4.8 Free

Dubai Fitness Challenge

 by Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing

See how far we have come in our goal to be the most active city in the world

60.5% 4.3 Free

Sonic Elements Premium

 by Balanse Software

Sonic elements helps you send healing intention to balance your inner organs

59.7% 5 - Music for the Brain

 by provides music designed for the brain!

59.6% 4.6 Free


 by SahxyApps

A simple tool for logging your climbing session

58.1% 5

Gym Bro

 by SB Apps

Ever changing lifting routines and cardio circuits to break stale routines

56.1% 5

Fit For The Road Premium

 by Balanse Software

Bike fitting for road racers based on body measurements.

56% 5

Poke Me - Water Drink Reminder

 by Apz Lab

Easiest way to improve your health

55.7% 4

Workout at Home

 by Veev Apps

Workout program and set of exercises to tone your Abs and Upper body.

54.7% 4.8 Free

Daily GYM

 by Fire Tech

Younger Generation :- Gym tips and strategies every lifter should know

53.3% 4.7 Free

CeCe Project

 by Healthy Host Ltd

Keep track of your day-to-day wellbeing, and your friends with the CeCe Project.

53.3% 5

Health Babes

 by Healthy Host Ltd

Keep track of your day-to-day wellbeing, and your friends with Health Babes

53.3% 5

Mums That Boss

 by Healthy Host Ltd

Keep track of your day-to-day wellbeing, and your friends with Mums that Boss!

53.3% 5

My Health Hub

 by Healthy Host Ltd

Keep track of your day-to-day wellbeing, and your friends with My Health Hub.

53.3% 5

Classic Digital Faces - Watchface for Fitbit Ionic

 by azya

Watch face set for Fitbit Ionic, made in the style of classic digital watches

53.1% 4

Abs Workout

 by Simple Design Ltd.

Hard to flatten your belly? Use the EFFECTIVE abs workout to trim your waistline

52.8% 4.8 Free

My food Intolerances

 by Mr Schak

All you can safely eat & need to know about food intolerances.

50.2% 3.5

Home Workout - No Equipment

 by Leap Fitness Group

Home workouts for fast bodybuilding at home - no equipment needed.

50.1% 4.8 Free

breathing flow

 by LightFlow Interactive

breathing is key to a positive state of mind, breathing flow is your coach.

49.8% 5

Dare Break Free From Anxiety

 by BMD Publishing

Break free from anxiety and panic attacks with these powerful new tools

49.7% 5 Free