Best new Android Lifestyle apps!

What are the best new Android Lifestyle apps?

Stress Escape

 by MeowingMammoth

Escape real life and all the distractions.

46.9% NaN

Death Clock Pro

 by Aezowie

Death Clock Pro is a fun and life changing app. It calculate your date of death.

44% NaN


 by Mole

Get this app, beacause you can!

44% NaN

Character judgment-2018

 by Kasyo Nishimoto

Enter your date of birth and make personality decisions.

44% NaN

Moto-Guard Pro

 by Vista Développement S.A.

The first app of biker's community.

44% NaN

Sharefood Pro

 by Daniele Lombardi

The revolution in the kitchen! What you've always wanted is now possible!

44% NaN

I Am Really Rich!

 by Davuskus

A classy app with ANIMATED diamonds to show your friends how rich you are.

44% NaN

Daily Worship

 by Thought Collective

Grow in the joy of daily prayer with Daily Worship from the Church of Ireland.

44% NaN

Alarmageddon Plus

 by Bustedware LLC

When you never wanna miss a thing, Alarmageddon is the only alarm app you need!

44% NaN

نحن ريتش - كول

 by Bùi Vạn Hậu

نحن ريتش & كول - التطبيق أغلى على playstore

44% NaN

Personal vision board

 by ACS Company

The app helps to create a personal vision board and keep it with you always.

44% NaN

Most Expensive App

 by Ordinal Studio

No app is more expensive than this one!

44% NaN

Divination Castle PRO

 by JIY

Divination, fortune-telling, love prediction

43.5% NaN

Daily Gospel without Ads

 by CatoliNews

Get the daily Gospel on your Android device

43.1% NaN

GrowNotez Professional

 by Cannabis Legendz

Fast, Clean, Professional Garden Journal, Tracking and Grow Logging

41.9% NaN

Offender Locator

 by Thinair Telematics LLC

View registered sex offenders living in your area or location you choose.

41.2% NaN


 by Gear Tester

This app will provide you some cool and Full HD wallpapers

39.8% NaN

Powerful Affirmations Pro - No Ads

 by DeepMind Lab

Help you to motivate yourself, make yourself better, always think positive!

39.5% NaN


 by Brian Holloway

DIVINUS is a new reverse audio ITC app inspire by white light and protection

39.4% NaN

Living Legend Knight watch

 by Ram Mor

Elegant and useful watch face

39.4% NaN

TwilightKnight watch

 by Ram Mor

Elegant and useful watch face

39.4% NaN

I am too Rich

 by Vijay Kumar Goswami

Prove that you are Rich...

39.3% NaN


 by KeenTech

Find a way to dress well.

38.8% NaN Beta

Stories – Timeline Diary / Journal, Mood Tracker

 by Hadi Satrio

Diary/journal with timeline design, contextually rich entries, and mood tracker.

38.3% NaN Beta

7th Sense

 by DIT Systems

7th Sense is a stand-alone app to analyze a voice.

37.9% NaN Beta

Fanlight Sync

 by Satellite Electronic (Zhongshan) Ltd.

Remote control your ceiling fan and light by using your phone or voice.

37.5% NaN Beta

I am Rich - ☆ BACKGROUND ☆

 by Hanidan

The most expensive application with background in the World !

37.4% NaN

Wandering Knight watch face

 by Ram Mor

Elegant and useful watch face

37.4% NaN

O.M.G. Knight watch

 by Ram Mor

Useful and elegant watch face for Watchmaker

37.3% NaN

Face Shape Meter | Custom Version

 by vistech.projects

What is my face shape? Use camera or photo to check face shape without ruler

36.7% NaN Beta

New Shutter Knight

 by Ram Mor

Elegant and useful watch face

36% NaN


 by Evolution Labs

Armonis - in the know

35.5% NaN

St Nicks Gallery

 by ShareItMobile, LLC

St. Nicholas Catholic Church Community Gallery

35% NaN Beta

BeeSafe Corporate ZSDIS

 by BeeSafe

Safety platform that facilitates monitoring of the personal safety of employees

34.6% NaN Beta

FuelUKPro Fuel Journey Cost Calculator UK - no ads

 by Philzapps

UK Simple app to calculate the cost of a car journey for UK

34.6% NaN


 by Thrive Global

Take back control of your life by setting boundaries with your technology.

34.5% NaN Beta