Best new Android Media & Video apps!

What are the best new Android Media & Video apps?

Gallery Datetime Plugin ADFREE

 by Tatuas Apps

[Gallery Datetime Plugin] NO AD Version.Before you install this app, Test free version.If you want t ...

6.9% 5

Media Share (PAID)


Allows easy sharing of images, music, videos and other media to and from your Android powered device ...

6.9% 5

Aficionados App Edition

 by AppEditions

Non-professionals in living because life is not suitable for professionals: A particular librarian, ...

6.9% 5

PlayIt (No Ads)

 by Liran Bachar

This app allows you to send videos to xbmc using AJ PlayIt service addon for XBMC http://forum.xbmc. ...

6.9% 5

Through The Picture Window

 by Music From Another Room Ltd

This official Julian Lennon App uses cutting edge technology to bring you a fully interactive, high ...

6.7% 4.8

Rainbow Words Live Wallpaper

 by Unstable Apps

Have words and characters mesmerize you as they move and change right on your home screen. You have ...

6.6% 5

OneZap Remote

 by DedaleSoft

WiFi and infrared remote control, fully customizable, for your home. In OneZap, you can create a rem ...

6.6% 5

3D Hologram

 by Cognitive Dissonance

Its didnt take long time! Use your own image to make hologram effect! Just make pyramid(instruction ...

6.5% 5

Random Ringtone


It changes your phone default ringtone randomly between calls from a diretory in the SDCARD , your p ...

6.5% 5

Volume Controller

 by Noosphere, LLC

Volume control and sound settings all in one place. Easy access to Music, Ring, System and Notificat ...

6.5% 5

Window Cam

 by Yamujin

WindowCam is a mobile client program. You can easiy connect to your standalone dvr using this progra ...

6.5% 5

FastRecord Pro

 by SilverHill Apps

FastRecord is the fastest video recorder, that let you record any moment in your life without waitin ...

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ActionBuzzer is an application for the video production. This is a buzzer informing the cast and sta ...

6.5% 5

Adobe Live 2012 Videos

 by PhilFlash

Show Adobe Live videos on your Android phone/tablet. Videos from Creative Week 2012 conference in Pa ...

6.5% 5

Cloud Watcher For Dropbox

 by Couchy Media

!!! Launch Special Deal!!! Regular Price is: USD 19.99!!! The premium version of Roku's most popular ...

6.5% 5


 by Jun-Hee,Hong

When you want to copy the files to your smartphone using directory share or FTP,In the most of the c ...

6.5% 5


 by aeCreate

The World's 1st interactive App dedicated to raising awareness of the plight of the African Lion. Y ...

6.5% 5

Image Resizer


Ever wanted to send an image but it was simply too large? Have a losw internet connection but still ...

6.5% 5

CoverFlow Pro (no ad)


This Android program is a coverflow explorer. It allows you to browse your pictures/videos/files as ...

6.5% 5

Auto Andy Pro

 by Ben Rhodes

Auto Andy Pro is a generative art app based on the work of Andy Detskas. Generate a series of Andy c ...

6.5% 5

3DEmbed Prem

 by Ping

3DEmbed is a 3D stereogram image maker (builder). You can make a 3D picture with your own image embe ...

6.5% 5


 by DukItan Software & Games

This application is just a symbolic gesture of thanks for your donation. If you made this donation, ...

6.5% 5

Ludic Draw PRO

 by George Dascalu

Drawing was never so easy with the new Ludic Draw app; Enjoy the high performance and features from ...

6.5% 5

MediaMapper Mobile

 by Red Hen Systems, LLC

Download the fully featured 14-day trial! START YOUR MEDIAMAPPER MOBILE ADVENT ...

6.5% 4.8

AB Repeat Player Donation

 by LearnersTechLab

This app is just to make donation to AB Repeat Player Project. No new functions will be added to the ...

6.4% 4.9

Iain Mcleod

 by thomas prendergast

The Iain Mcleod App brings you exclusive photo & video content from Pro rollerblader Iain Mcleod. Th ...

6.4% 5

VidEO (OneTouch VideoRecorder)

 by George Agbalyan

VidEO is a unique video recording app that stands out with its extreme simplicity and an ability to ...

6.3% 5

Tongue Twisters


Android Text To Speech (TTS) Tongue Twisters. Can also be used to create voice notes. Make sure TT ...

6.3% 4.8

CloudVault Donate

 by NekJo Media

This is the donate version of CloudVault Photo Uploader.Please purchase if you wish to support me fo ...

6.3% 4.8


 by Tiger13

Skin for AudioManager Pro users To launch: 1. Make sure you have AudioManager Pro installed (if not, ...

6.2% 5


 by Tiger13

Skin for AudioManager Pro users To launch: 1. Make sure you have AudioManager Pro installed (if not, ...

6.2% 5

Picture +D Full

 by Ichiban Soft

This nifty little app takes a picture and adds a 3rd dimension to it based on the color of each pixe ...

6.2% 4.7

SonLife TV

 by Olympusat, Inc.

SonLife Radio and Television Network! Watch SonLife TV and listen to SonLife Radio on your Android d ...

6.1% 4.8 Free

IPCamVision (Full)


Acontech Ltd, presents this application for Android, giving you a quick and easy way to view your IP ...

6% 5

Best Media Player

 by App Savvy

Shake Your Device to open the Best Media Player on Android.The Best Dang Media Player for Android su ...

6% 4.6

Gerard Way Gpic

 by Warner Music Inc.

The first mobile app from Gerard Way. Get access to the world of Gerard Way and his traveling compan ...

6% 4.7 Free