Best new Android Media & Video apps!

What are the best new Android Media & Video apps?


 by DevShark

The cartoons for young and old, it's unlimited free cartoons. Enjoy!

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Doodledroid - Donate

 by Little Sun Software

Thanks for donating!SAMPLES AT: www.LittleSunSoftware.comDoodle, wherever you happen to be. Doodle ...

1.7% 4.7

Italian Sky TV Streaming

 by luccheroka


1.6% 4.4

Tv English World Streaming

 by luccheroka


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Black Video Camera (Sound ON)

 by GGsoft

★★★ Black Video Camera ★★★※Do not use for spying or illegal activities.※※Please use responsibly.※★NO ...

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Basics of Sikhi

 by Softline Digital

Our educational aims are to demystify, inspire and uplift people of all faiths with the wisdom and a ...

1.1% 5 Free

Downloader For Fb Videos

 by fatihapp

Downloader For Facebook Videos can downloads any video with high quality and you can watch it even y ...

1.1% 4.9 Free

Movie HD TV 24/7, discount 50%

 by DevShark

Watch movies on your mobile device. An internet connection is required.

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Cartoon TV World Ultra HD

 by DevShark

Watch on your mobile device cartoons for childeren and adult. An internet connection is required.

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 by for life

Be a professional video editor with viva video proNow in our app after purchasing you will get viva ...

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Player Rádio Metrópole Fm

 by Marcos Daladier Meira

Aplicativo oficial da Rádio Metrópole FM 101.3 - Salvador Bahia.Escute a programação da rádio on-lin ...

1.1% 4.2 Free

Aradana TV

 by Appbazooka1098

Aradana TV Ofiicial Android App

1% 4.3 Free

TVonline - ทีวีออนไลน์

 by flowshopme

แอพดูทีวีออนไลน์ฟรี TVOnline - Thailand สถานีข่าวเพื่อประชาชน สามารถดูทีวีออนไลน์ได้ตลอด 24 ชม.

1% 4.1 Free

You Like - คลิปเด่นประเด็นดัง

 by flowshopme

You Like - คลิปเด่นประเด็นดังรวมคลิปเด็ดจากทั่วทุกมุมโลก และเกิดเป็นประเด็นให้ได้ถกเถียงกันในรูปแบบข ...

1% 4.1 Free

TV 플레이어

 by PolarisLink

무료시청 가능한 고화질 TV 드라마 예능 편리하게 찾아주는 어플 어디 없을까?[TV 플레이어]는 스마트폰에서 볼수있는 인터넷의 TV 드라마 예능 동영상을 간편하게 찾아드립니다.본방 ...

1% 4 Free

Konya İçin Elele

 by Rz

Sevdamız Konya sloganı ile çıktığımız bu kutlu yolda Konya'nın sıkıntılarına hep birlikte çözüm bulm ...

1% 4.9 Free

애니오덕후-오덕후에서 십덕후까지

 by 행복하길

애니오덕후는 단순 링크로 제공됩니다.모든 자료의 저작권은 원저작권자에게 있습니다.애니오덕후는 동영상 및 개인정보를 저장하지 않습니다.많은 이용 부탁 드립니다.감사합니다.

1% 4.1 Free

PressTV Doc

 by PressTV

PRESS TV Doc, first ever Iranian online channel and home of entertaining and informative documentari ...

1% 4.4 Free

BMI Calculator

 by Beyeamore

Keep up with your health and calculate your BMI with our free BMI Calculator app!

1% 4.8 Free

Media Share (PAID)


Allows easy sharing of images, music, videos and other media to and from your Android powered device ...

1% 5

PlayIt (No Ads)

 by Liran Bachar

This app allows you to send videos to xbmc using AJ PlayIt service addon for XBMC http://forum.xbmc. ...

1% 5

YT3 - Media Download FREE

 by hrnisa

Search and download everything you need in a few seconds

0.9% 4.6 Free

Gallery Vault-Hide Photo&Video

 by Decor Apps

Gallery Vault-Hide Photo & Video - A Advanced Tool to hide private photos,videos and contacts with s ...

0.9% 4.5 Free

Rainbow Words Live Wallpaper

 by Unstable Apps

Have words and characters mesmerize you as they move and change right on your home screen. You have ...

0.9% 5

Through The Picture Window

 by Music From Another Room Ltd

This official Julian Lennon App uses cutting edge technology to bring you a fully interactive, high ...

0.9% 4.8

XMTV Player

 by RachevLabs

XMTV Player is a free multimedia and streams (live,vod) player made for enjoying, player has ability ...

0.9% 4.2 Free

3D Hologram

 by Cognitive Dissonance

Its didnt take long time! Use your own image to make hologram effect! Just make pyramid(instruction ...

0.9% 5

OneZap Remote

 by DedaleSoft

WiFi and infrared remote control, fully customizable, for your home. In OneZap, you can create a rem ...

0.9% 5

Adobe Live 2012 Videos

 by PhilFlash

Show Adobe Live videos on your Android phone/tablet. Videos from Creative Week 2012 conference in Pa ...

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Cloud Watcher For Dropbox

 by Couchy Media

!!! Launch Special Deal!!! Regular Price is: USD 19.99!!! The premium version of Roku's most popular ...

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 by Jun-Hee,Hong

When you want to copy the files to your smartphone using directory share or FTP,In the most of the c ...

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 by aeCreate

The World's 1st interactive App dedicated to raising awareness of the plight of the African Lion. Y ...

0.9% 5

CoverFlow Pro (no ad)


This Android program is a coverflow explorer. It allows you to browse your pictures/videos/files as ...

0.9% 5

Auto Andy Pro

 by Ben Rhodes

Auto Andy Pro is a generative art app based on the work of Andy Detskas. Generate a series of Andy c ...

0.9% 5

3DEmbed Prem

 by Ping

3DEmbed is a 3D stereogram image maker (builder). You can make a 3D picture with your own image embe ...

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 by DukItan Software & Games

This application is just a symbolic gesture of thanks for your donation. If you made this donation, ...

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