Best new Android Medical apps!

What are the best new Android Medical apps?

Speech Therapy for Apraxia-3

 by Blue Whale Apps, Inc.

Practice articulation at the word level, can be used by parents or SLPs.

46.3% NaN


 by Onwerk GmbH

An app to visually support people with color blindness

44% NaN

RateFast Goniometer

 by RateFast

Ad-free goniometer measurement app.

44% NaN

Maryland EMS Protocols 2018

 by Thistle Labs

Quickly and easily review the latest version of the Maryland Medical Protocols!

44% NaN

Maryland EMS Cheat Cards 2018

 by Thistle Labs

A quick reference for EMS providers in Maryland. Don't leave home without it!

44% NaN

Be the Expert in Phlebotomy - Professional Nursing

 by Knowledge Revolution INC.

Be the Expert in Phlebotomy - be the Professional phlebotomist in your Hospital.

44% NaN


 by Monash University

Every woman is different! Consult your personal advisor on PCOS.

44% NaN

ABS Demo

 by Agriya

Advance Booking System clone of ZocDoc

42% NaN


 by LifeGuard Global Ltd.

You are not alone, 911 PROTECTOR+™ can help keep you safe.

41.2% NaN

Light Therapy: Solar System Serenity

 by Test Signal

A Virtual Journey through the Solar System Seeking Serenity

37.4% NaN

dot (Donor On Time)

 by Vinod Dirishala Tech Labs

dot (DonorOnTime) is a FREE blood Donation app available for Android mobiles.

36.2% NaN Beta


 by Cerebro Project®

IMCI Diagnosis assistant for Egyptian doctors mainly

35.9% NaN Beta

USCAP Thyroid Biopsy Simulator

 by EON Reality, Inc

USCAP presents an interactive thyroid biopsy simulator.

35.5% NaN

Prescriptions for Medical Doctors

 by Dr.Erkam Cayma


35.5% NaN

Radiology and Anatomy

 by Dr.Erkam Cayma


35.5% NaN

Labaratory and Values

 by Dr.Erkam Cayma

chemical,creatin,normal and abnormal values, ure,

35.5% NaN

LABOUR Communication Tool

 by Holcroft Solutions Ltd

Communication and risk scoring tool for midwives raising concerns with doctors

34.5% NaN Beta


 by Enfoglobe Inc.

Substance Use Navigation Mobile App

32.8% NaN Beta

Lotus EMR

 by TE-Lotus Ltd.

Electronic Medical Record Mobile Dynamic database for every doctor

32.7% NaN

Greenspan's Basic And Clinical Endocrinology, 10/E

 by Usatine Media LLC


32% NaN

Pocket Atlas of Emergency Ultrasound, 2nd Edition

 by Usatine Media LLC


32% NaN

Dental Anesthesia - SecondLook

 by The University of Michigan

The SecondLookDental Anesthesia app is a study aid for dental science students

30.3% NaN

🇺🇸STOP Headache App

 by Progressive Programming

Find out what kind of headache you have and how to treat it!

29.3% NaN

Bach Flowers (Donation)

 by PiensaApps

Flowers that Dr. Edward Bach discovered to maintain and restore health.

28.9% NaN

NHS AQuA (beta)

 by Extravision

A clinical tool to support the business of the Advanced Quality Alliance.

28.4% NaN Beta

Key Clinical Topics in Trauma

 by Indextra AB

Key Clinical Topics in Trauma

28.1% NaN

Clinical Topics in Sports & Exercise Medicine

 by Indextra AB

Key Clinical Topics in Sports and Exercise Medicine

28.1% NaN

Key Clinical Topics in Paediatric Surgery

 by Indextra AB

Key Clinical Topics in Paediatric Surgery

28.1% NaN

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

 by Indextra AB

Key Clinical Topics in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

28.1% NaN

Clinical Topics in Obstetrics & Gynaecology

 by Indextra AB

Key Clinical Topics in Obstetrics & Gynaecology

28.1% NaN

Moorfields Manual of Ophthalmology, 2nd Edn

 by Indextra AB

Moorfields Manual of Ophthalmology, Second Edition

27.5% NaN

E4 realtime

 by Empatica

E4 realtime lets you connect with an Empatica E4 wristband

27.3% NaN Beta


 by Georgia Tech Research Corporation

INstant Functional Outcomes Report for Meaningful Encounters in Dialysis

26.5% NaN Beta

Homeo Helper

 by Soft Solutions

Homeopathic repertory and Materia Medica.

26.2% NaN

Genetics Wizard

 by Throne Games LLC

Genetics Wizard handles up to 6 traits! Other genetics calculators can't!

25.6% NaN

B12 Are You At Risk?

 by B12 Global Limited

This can help you to determine whether you are at risk of Vitamin B12 deficiency

25.6% NaN