Best new Android Medical apps!

What are the best new Android Medical apps?

Child Growth Tracker Pro

 by ABQ App Source

Track multiple children's growth using the CDC, WHO, and gestational age curves.

73.3% 5

Pace It

 by NoMoss

Manage Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis

56.2% 4

Open Point - Acupuncture

 by Integral Vitta

Find out the Open Point of Acupuncture quickly and improve your results

53.3% 5

Dose Calculator Pro

 by Ahmed Gabr

Calculates dose of +50 most common drugs and Lab tests . Ads Free Version.

52.4% 5

Antibiotics EZ (No Ads)

 by PharmITexpert

Antibiotics made easy

52.1% 5

PoD - Prescription of death (Time since death)

 by Борщ Сергей

Estimating time since death using method by C. Henssge

45.3% 5

NHS AQuA (Unreleased)

 by Extravision

Clinical tools to make sure every patient gets excellent care & treatment

44% 0 Beta

SUN (early access) (Unreleased)

 by Enfoglobe Inc.

Substance Use Navigation Mobile App

44% 0 Beta

LABOUR Communication Tool (Unreleased)

 by Holcroft Solutions Ltd

Communication and risk scoring tool for midwives raising concerns with doctors

44% 0 Beta

TNM8 Breast Cancer Calculator

 by Wesley Pereira Andrade

This App is a tool for Breast Cancer Staging based on TNM 8 edition.

43.8% 3.7

Farnsworth CVD Scoring (Unreleased)

 by WFAnderson

Farnsworth CVD Scoring provides a quick tool to score the the Farnsworth tests.

43.2% 0 Beta

INFORMED (Unreleased)

 by Georgia Tech Research Corporation

INstant Functional Outcomes Report for Meaningful Encounters in Dialysis

43.1% 0 Beta

Belshifa - بالشفا

 by Shoppers Technologies Inc.

Belshifa facilitate communication between patients and their nearest pharmacies.

42.9% 5 Free

Ear super hearing

 by new generation pps

super hearing

40.6% 4.3 Free

LifeLine (Dhyuthi's Blood App) (Unreleased)

 by Vinod Dirishala Tech Labs

LifeLine is a FREE blood Donation app available for Android smartphones.

39.4% 0 Beta

Airway Triage

 by Stichting Mobile Anaesthesiology Service Holland

App can be used in any clinical situation in which airway management is needed

38.6% 4

MediCall: Medical ID

 by Adam Foot

The Lock Screen Medical ID

38.4% 0

RequestSOS: Medical Alarm

 by Adam Foot

The Medical Emergency Alarm

38.2% 0

MedicalMe: Medical ID & Alarm

 by Adam Foot

Medical ID & Emergency Alarm

37.8% 0

AllergyMe: Allergy Medical ID

 by Adam Foot

Allergy Medical ID & Alarm

37.8% 0

TempCod (beta) (Unreleased)

 by Mircod

Temperature Patch

37.4% 0 Beta

Medical Taping

 by Pavels Kolomijecs

All about kinesiology taping.

37.4% 4.6

Repetit (Unreleased)

 by Johannes-Martin Goebel

Homoeopathic repertory

36.2% 0 Beta

ZINI the Healthcare AI


Introducing World’s First Open Ended Diagnostic & Empathic Virtual Intelligence

36.2% 5 Free

NirogStreet for Ayurveda Doctors

 by Nirog Developers

NirogStreet is an ecosystem of traditional Indian system of medicine.

36.1% 5 Free

Lab Test Reference Range (free & offline)

 by Rishikeshav Acharya

Comprehensive information on the commonly used laboratory tests

36% 4.8 Free


 by Get dental opinions for free

HELODENT is your Smart Dentist

36% 5 Free

Tiny Medic (Unreleased)

 by Bimbha

Tiny Medic is a modern app to enable CHW to track various critical Diabetic data

35.7% 0 Beta

IMA Nashik

 by Xposure Techmedia Pvt. Ltd.

Indian Medical Association , Nashik

35.6% 5 Free


 by WebDoc Pvt Ltd.

Doctors in your pocket. Online doctors consultancy video,audio & offline calling

35.4% 4.7 Free


 by APSCO®

APSCO®© is the first ET based computerized cancer distress screening app

35.1% 4.7 Free

United Hatzalah

 by 3topia

The United Hatzalah community engagement platform

35% 5 Free



The veterinary market at hand.

35% 4.7 Free

Obsalim - Sheep

 by Bruno Giboudeau

Specific application for sheep

35% 0

Obsalim - Goats

 by Bruno Giboudeau

Specific application for goats

35% 0

Obsalim - Cattle

 by Bruno Giboudeau

Specific application for cattle

35% 0