Best new Android Medical apps!

What are the best new Android Medical apps?

Quikcoder 89

 by Vivanti N. Jain, MD

2018 and 2019 ICD10-CM searchable databases using patented QUIKCODER technology!

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US Army Combat Medic & Trainer's Manual

 by Creadyne

DO NO HARM - DO KNOW HARM! 500+ pages - MOS 68W Current Edition - NOTABLE BOOK

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 by Imavis Srl

Fashikom - Treating chronic pain differently

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LUTS Uro App

 by Monkeybizniz

The Luts Uro App is for children with bladder and bowel dysfunction.

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 by MT Soft

Application for visual therapy

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RelaxApp PRO

 by veberIT

Health, balance and focus. Meditation and exercises for all.

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Human Anatomy Encyclopedia

 by Shark Software

This App helps Medical students
to learn the human anatomy in the easiest way

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Chocolate Toxicity Calculator

 by Vetcalculators

Calculate if your pet needs emergency treatment if they ingests Chocolate

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USMLE Test Bank 6600 Quizzes & Flashcards

 by Top of Learning

Get the most comprehensive APP for USMLE Exam wrapped in the best learning app

32.2% NaN

Acid-Base Interpretation

 by Rodrigo Sepúlveda Palamara

To interpret correctly acid-base disorders

32.1% NaN

MyRing - Contraceptive ring

 by Sebastian Lang

Is the perfect contraceptive ring app, you will never forget to insert or remove

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Medical Scales PRO

 by Trellat

Always have on hand the most used medical scales and nursing scales.

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Homeopathy for your travels

 by Dr. Neshat Madani-Pontius

Your first aid kit for your medical needs while travelling or doing sports

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RCOG (Green-Top Summary,Consent)/E'gencies/ToolKit

 by Dr Farid Louka

Full summary of Green-top RCOG Guidelines +Consent Advice + Emergencies+ ToolKit

30.8% NaN

RCOG (Green-Top Summary,Consent)/E'gencies

 by Dr Farid Louka

Full summary of Green-top RCOG Guidelines +Consent Advice + Emergencies

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BarTek oscillator

 by VR Mind

Train your breathing style with BarTek respiration sensor.

30.8% NaN

BarTek recorder

 by VR Mind

Find out your breathing style with BarTek respiration sensor.

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Rudolph's Pediatrics, 23rd Edition

 by Usatine Media LLC


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dot (Donor On Time)

 by VDT Labs

dot (DonorOnTime) is a FREE blood Donation app available for Android mobiles.

28.6% NaN Beta


 by Cerebro Project®

IMCI Diagnosis assistant for Egyptian doctors mainly

28.3% NaN Beta

Ketogenic Diet +

 by Personal Remedies LLC

Comprehensive & Personalized Guide for Ketogenic Diet

28.1% NaN

Low Histamine Diet

 by Personal Remedies LLC

Comprehensive Dietary Guide for Low Histamine Diet and related complications

28.1% NaN

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

 by Personal Remedies LLC

Comprehensive Dietary Guide for MS & its related complications

28.1% NaN

NEWS2 Chart without ads and screenshot sharing

 by Gumption Multimedia

Interactive NEWS2 chart which shows score, risk and response based on your input

27.5% NaN

NEWS2 Score full version without advertisements

 by Gumption Multimedia

Determine the NEWS 2 (2017) score of your patient using an easy user interface

27.5% NaN

LABOUR Communication Tool

 by Holcroft Solutions Ltd

Communication and risk scoring tool for midwives raising concerns with doctors

26.9% NaN Beta

Visual Acuity Charts

 by Fonlow

Eye charts with optically precise optotypes for accurately testing myopia

26.2% NaN Free


 by Enfoglobe LLC

Substance Use Navigation Mobile App

25.3% NaN Beta

Speech Therapy 4 Apraxia - Words

 by Blue Whale Apps, Inc.

Practice articulation at the word level, can be used by parents or SLPs.

23.2% NaN

Functional Assessment + G-Code

 by Rufflez

Valuable tool for the modern therapist

23.2% NaN

Whist - Tinnitus Relief (Free)

 by Sensimetrics Corporation

Whist is customized sound therapy for tinnitus on your Android device.

23.2% NaN Beta

Memory Helper Carer Assistance Tool

 by Memory Helper Carer Assistance Tool

Communication from smartphones to a tablet for dementia or memory loss sufferers

23.2% NaN Beta

Denteq Bur Check

 by EzyInfo

Help cleaning Bur app

22.9% NaN Beta

Preference Card® Student

 by APPrize LLC

Learn and track surgical technology needs for surgeons and procedures in the OR

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DLS MD Portal

 by Atlas Development

Diagnostic Laboratory Services, Inc. introduces DLS MD Portal for Android Phones

22% NaN Beta


 by CreaveLabs

Your online pharmacy! Brought to you by Hadi Pharmacy Company, Kuwait

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