Best new Android Music games!

What are the best new Android Music games?

Wonder Parade

 by studioQuare

A simple rhythm game.

68.7% 4.68

Drum Pad Beats

 by Teoti Graphix, LLC

Drum Pad Beats is a rhythm/melody creator and live pad/scene re-mixer.

49.2% 5

Clarinet Racer

 by AtPlayMusic

-Pull out your Clarinet and play the correct Notes to pass the other cars.

46.1% 5

Muse Dash

 by X.D. Network

『The movement of our world has been adapted』
『Can you hear my whispering? 』

45.5% 4.77

Magic Beat


Let the beat guides you through challenges!

43.4% 0 Beta


 by All Nighter Games

Dj helps band go from rags to riches

42.6% 0 Beta

MELOTUBE - Video Rhythm Game

 by Float32, Inc.

Play Rhythm Game with Online Video

42.1% 4.54 Free

Ear Music Training

 by Texasoft Reloaded

Six exciting space games to educate your musical ear. Two bonus piano keyboards.

40.4% 0



Stochastic exploration space game, with smooth gravity physics.

37.4% 5

BTS Dancing Line

 by Bonbon Mobile

BTS Dancing Line - A BTS Rhythm game

36.9% 4.21 Free

Iron Maiden's Beat the Intro

 by Musicplode Media Ltd

Unleash the Beast: it’s merciless!

36.7% 4.75 Free

Anipads - Zoo



36.2% 4.87 Free

Piano Tiles Classic

 by iJoyGameDev

Piano Tiles Classic in a high speed musical game for music piano game.

35.9% 4.64 Free

Guitar Mode Workout

 by 5 Diamond Music Services, Inc.

This app will test your ability to recall the 7 Diatonic Modes for the guitar.

35.8% 5

Djent Button

 by a4xapps

Djent to your music or four special sequences!

35.3% 5

Super Retro Drive

 by Kreative Spill AS

Super Retro Drive: Ride the neon highways for 1980s-style beat-matching fun!

35.1% 5

Name Your Song (Music Quiz with your MP3!)

 by artsakenos

Guess that song, Music Quiz Style, but with YOUR MP3 folder!

34.9% 5 Free


 by Iconic Gaming Studio

Music + Acoustic + Guitar + Endless

34.9% 5 Free


 by Them Games

inSynch is an arcade-art-music experience handcrafted in stop motion

34.7% 4.5


 by CrypticFox

A minimalist-styled game that puts your rhythm and memory to the test!

33.1% 5 Free

Busy Baby - Tap and Play Music

 by Kevin Ersoy

Locks into baby mode and allows your child to tap and play nursery rhymes

33.1% 5 Free

🎹 Amazing Tiles 3 : Music Games

 by AK.Games

🎹 The best Piano Games 2018 NOW 🎹

33.1% 5 Free

GA Learn Bollywood Singing App

 by Ricky Farooqi

GA is the first ever vocal coaching application for Bollywood music language.

33.1% 5 Free

MIGOS Piano Tiles


are you a fan of the most famous artist now ?,

32.9% 5 Free

WeTra+ Rhythm game (Original)


Rhythm game to play with original music for this app!

32.5% 5


 by Petra Christian University

an educational music and ear training for children

31.7% 4.91 Free

TouchBeat Classic - Drum education rhythm training

 by INUC

Drum game based rhythm training and music learning application.

31.7% 4.56 Free

IDOLiSH7 piano jumper 2018

 by troubleman

Let’s play IDOLiSH7 piano jumper 2018 on your android device now! For Free!

30.7% 5 Free

Jojo Siwa Piano Game

 by Love Piano Studio

New Jojo Siwa Piano Game with easy listening music with piano game by jojo siwa

30.5% 4.57 Free


 by Classical Whole

Ear trainer - relative & perfect pitch recognition improving tool

30.4% 5

Once: Twice game

 by An An

What is love? If your answer is twice, this’s the perfect app for you.

30.2% 4.73 Free

Mister Bin

 by learinggamesforkids

Play the best Piano Mister Bin Music Tiles on your device NOW! FREE!

30.1% 4.2 Free

My Little Pony Piano and Drum

 by Karanggo Dev

This is a piano , pianica and drums instruments for children

30.1% 4.71 Free

Drum Super Pads

 by HaiDevApps

Drum pads sampler for create beats music tracks in different music styles

29.9% 4.41 Free

Piano For Kids Frozen (Elsa Anna)

 by Cah Tegal Dev

Play and learn with a pianika or theme piano Frozen Elsa and Anna :)

29.9% 4.67 Free

Baby Shark Tiles

 by Trending Games 2018

new piano tiles game

29.7% 4.54 Free