Best new Android Personalization apps!

What are the best new Android Personalization apps?

P Icon Pack for Pixel

 by XDesign Team

The perfect circular icon pack inspired from Pixel style!

99.9% 4.54

Lotus Icon Pack

 by JustNewDesigns

Make your device exquisite with this amazing and creative icon pack.

86.8% 4.87

Perceval Icon Pack

 by Morrone Fabio

Custom icons

81.4% 4.88


 by Cris87

Go Out The Borders and Let Yourself Be Dazzled by The New MIUI LIMITLESS!!!

81.3% 5

Live2D Wallpaper

 by Phase One

a application that helps you use Live2D files on your wallpaper

79.8% 4.92

Mino - Icon Pack

 by Santiago Sarquis L

A simple icon pack with a special color scheme

79.6% 5


 by JL. Designs

KLWP Preset

77.2% 5

Think Make Design

 by JL. Designs

A beautiful Kustom Live Wallpaper preset

77.2% 5

Mermaid Icon Pack

 by DrumDestroyer Themes

Get ready for some fun in the sun and sea with Mermaid Icon Pack

76.8% 5

LG G7 Experience - Icon Pack

 by LeoMaz dev.

G7 Experience is an icon pack inspired by official icons of LG G7 ThinQ.

76.6% 4.2

Matte Black Icon Pack

 by DrumDestroyer Themes

Premium flat blacked-out icons designed to work with any wallpaper

76.4% 4.91

Omega - Icon Pack

 by FL Design

App to customize your device icons.

76% 5

Square Pixel Dark White AMOLED UI - Icon Pack

 by Lohigno Design

Design based on Square White Icons

75.4% 4

Linebit - Icon Pack

 by Edzon DM

Beautiful linear icons filled with gradient colors and with weekly updates

73.5% 4.62

Blueprint Blues

 by creative16

Beautiful line icon pack in dual shades of blue.

73.3% 5

Phoenix KWGT

 by Luïs Mïnaya

Widget For KWGT

73.3% 5


 by JL. Designs

A Kustom Live Wallpaper(KLWP) Preset

73.3% 5

Materialistic P Wallpapers Pro

 by HowtechworX

The All in one High Quality Wallpaper App

73.3% 5

None Dark Icon Pack

 by XDesign Team

None Dark Icon Pack.

73.3% 5

Click Widgets for KWGT

 by Alfonso Pérez

Click widget package for KWGT

73.3% 5

XPERIA Eminem Theme

 by KhandavPrastha

Beautifully customized Xperia Shady Theme.

73.3% 5

XPERIA LuvChunbyo Theme

 by KhandavPrastha

An exclusive theme for Anime lovers with exquisite design and visualization.

73.3% 5

Essential - Theme for Xperia

 by DogeeeXD

Simple but cool theme for Xperia

73.3% 5

XPERIA Deadpool 2 Movie Theme

 by KhandavPrastha

Exclusive Deadpool theme for XPERIA , enjoy it like a taco.

71.3% 4.86

Total Eclipse EMUI 5/8 Theme

 by hanni

The theme that changes the look of your Huawei / Honor EMUI device running 8.5.

70.1% 4.78

[Substratum] Linear

 by DeadmanxXD

Substratum for Samsung Oreo, Oxygen OS Oreo, Aosp and Stock Pixel Oreo 8.1.0

69.6% 4.44

XPERIA Avengers Infinity War Theme

 by KhandavPrastha

Exclusive Avengers Infinity War Theme for XPERIA.

68.5% 4.67



You need KLWP PRO app to use this theme on your phone

68.3% 5



You require KLW PRO installed in your phone to use this theme

68.3% 5

Polkadots UI for KLWP

 by Eduardo B5to

A preset of 1 page for KLWP. Automatically resizes to fit all phones. Enjoy!

68% 4.71


 by Pens and DreamS

A 3 screen KLWP Theme

67.7% 4.5

Pixel Oreo/P Dark White AMOLED UI - Icon Pack

 by Lohigno Design

Design based on Circle White Icons

66.1% 4.67


 by JL. Designs

A fun but useful Kustom Live Wallpaper Preset

66% 4.5

DynamicHome for KLWP

 by Jordan X 'Jobe1785'

A 1 page preset for KLWP. Automatically resizes to fit most phones. Enjoy!

65.6% 5

P-Home for KLWP

 by Jordan X 'Jobe1785'

A 5 page preset for KLWP. Includes 2 versions so it fits all phones.

65.6% 5

IllusionHome for KLWP

 by Jordan X 'Jobe1785'

A 1 page preset for KLWP. Enjoy!

65.6% 5