Best new Android Puzzle games!

What are the best new Android Puzzle games?


 by Broken Rules Interactive Media GmbH

Let the rhythm fill your soul

70.3% NaN

Laser Mazer AR/VR

 by Mighty Coconut

AR/VR Puzzle Game played by moving around in the real world.

57.9% NaN


 by Jae H Yoo

BestLuck is a stunning interactive story-driven atmospheric adventure experience

51.6% NaN

Dr. Schplot's Nanobots

 by Middle City Games

A new and original Puzzle RPG! Solve puzzles, create teams, upgrade nanobots!

48.6% NaN

God's Orbits - Gravity Puzzles

 by Tonight Game Studio

God’s Orbits, a physics puzzle game through the stars!

47.4% NaN

Owlee - Brain Game. NEW logic puzzles (premium)

 by Immersive Fox

Get ready to solve puzzles, brew potions and collect magical artifacts!

47.2% NaN

Gravity Quest - Magic Maze

 by Light Road Games

The world of magic 3d labyrinths! Feel the world free of gravity

46.9% NaN


 by Roman Ovanenko

Geometry and relaxation
This unique puzzle is interesting for players of any age

46.3% NaN

Push Blox

 by Lonely Deckchair

Original block pushing puzzle game.

46.3% NaN

SkyBot Valley - Full Version

 by RainbowHUD

SkyBot Valley Full Version with more levels & all the levels are unlocked!

46.3% NaN

Nurse Granny is Scary: Horror Games

 by Terraris

Nurse Granny Scary is a horror game
Granny is nurse, let's play scary games

46.3% NaN

DOX: A Puzzle Game

 by Canopy Ltd

Remove every unique button from the screen in this original puzzle game.

46.3% NaN

Sim Cell

 by Touch Press

Guide a nanobot on a quest to defend a microscopic world from the invading virus

46.2% NaN

Ancient Tomb Adventure - Labyrinth Puzzle & Riddle

 by Dragon Dust Games

Solve riddles in the ancient labyrinth. Puzzles, mysteries and adventure awaits!

46.1% NaN

Word Search Premium

 by Senior Games

Word search in English: learn vocabulary and build words

45.4% NaN

Snoopy Spot the Difference


Welcome to the Snoopy World!

45.2% NaN

Memory Game - Official

 by CrossBlack Studios

Simple yet challenging memory game with a calming soundtrack!

45% NaN

The Forge - Puzzle RPG

 by Lozenge Labs

Strategic Puzzle RPG Game using Chess-like Elements

44% NaN


 by Jean M. A. Miranda

Find the way out of this place while a ghost chases you.

44% NaN

Hangman Premium

 by Senior Games

Classic game of guessing words for the whole family. Premium Edition. No ads.

44% NaN

Simple Memory

 by Les Jeux Plume Bleue

Simple match 2 card game to train your memory and logic skills.

44% NaN


 by Touch Press

Help Beambot bring light into deep space!

43.9% NaN

Cookie island Pro

 by Hitech Soft Solutions

Cookie island Pro the unseen adventure of Cookies

43.3% NaN


 by Cristi Citea

Game based on the Riemann-Roch Theorem for Graphs

43.3% NaN

Captain Pepe: Match 3

 by CasualGameStudio

Let’s enjoy hours of endless fun in this puzzle adventure!

42.5% NaN

Captain Pepe: Hidden objects

 by CasualGameStudio

Sharpen your eyes and accelerate your fingers with this game.

42.5% NaN

Maze Race Challenge

 by Magnin & Associates

Enjoy racing other players through a 3d maze on your Android device.

42.2% NaN



Mind-bending puzzle game

41.9% NaN

Candy Catapult

 by Pendylum Inc.

Use the Catapult to take out the candies in this fun game of skill and reflexes!

40% NaN

After the Crash: puzzle 3 in 1

 by DailyToys

Help Kelly fix her spaceship after the crash in this amazing 3 in 1 puzzle game.

39.6% NaN Beta

Red Crimes: Hidden Murders

 by iEntertainment Network Inc.

Investigate hundreds of crime scenes, find hidden objects and chase the criminal

39.2% NaN Beta

Maths Games | Puzzles and Riddles Pro

 by MegaMind Labs

100 Exciting Math Riddles to puzzle your brain. Improve your Mathematics !

39.2% NaN

Unfolded Torus - Logic Puzzles with Crossy Numbers

 by biemmesoft

Unfolded Torus is the most addictive Logic Puzzles with Crossy Numbers game ever

39.1% NaN Beta


 by Triple Trip Studio

20 levels to build structures that go beyond your imagination!

38.9% NaN Beta

Kluno: Hero Battle

 by Chorus Worldwide Games Limited

Competitive Puzzle Matching.

38.2% NaN Beta

Cheap Sheep 🐢🦊 πŸ‘

 by JBits Games

Steal Sheeps from the Dog 🐢!
Solve Puzzles, use the items to help you! And Run

38.2% NaN Beta