Best new Android Puzzle games!

What are the best new Android Puzzle games?

Magnet Balls 2

 by crazy owl

Simple and extremely addictive physics puzzle

61.3% NaN

Merge Mon VIP - Idle Puzzle RPG


Idle RPG puzzle game - Merge Monster

55% NaN


 by Broken Studio

A simple yet challenging brain puzzle for 2019

53.8% NaN

Shapes and Holes

 by Cats Heads Games

Match shapes. Simple and addictive. Perfect for short breaks.

53.7% NaN

Plinky Forest

 by Yusuke Hasegawa

Puzzle game with EDM theme. Will you encounter the Forest Fairy?

48.5% NaN

Mars Power Industries - Space Colony Puzzle

 by 7A Games

Power up a colony on Mars! Manage your space colony. Relaxing space puzzle game!

47.3% NaN



This is a short exciting hardcore puzzle-platform game about a lonely robot.

46.3% NaN

Make one


Experience a very simple and logical puzzle.

46.3% NaN

A Game of Lines and Nodes

 by R-Vélez

A relaxing brain game to clear your mind and challenge your wits; with no hurry.

46.3% NaN

Puzzle Cave

 by Nate Sanders

Dive into the cave of puzzles! 100+ puzzles waiting for you to explore!

46.3% NaN

Legacy 3 - The Hidden Relic

 by No Signal Productions

Solve puzzles in order to find the hidden relic

46.3% NaN

Farm Slider

 by Ludomo Gamestudio

An upbeat slider puzzle in a minimal farm theme. Simple, challenging, addictive.

46.3% NaN

Cauldron VR

 by Red Iron Labs

A cute puzzle game in VR based on the story of Hansel and Gretel 14 years later

46.3% NaN

AntiGavity Puzzle Game (a game of logic)

 by CosTheta

Challenging physics puzzles to exercise your brain.

46.3% NaN

Rollshot - World War Puzzle

 by Arkolve

Tease your brain while having fun!
Logic puzzle game with World War II theme

46.3% NaN

Nightmare Qube


A story seeking an exit

46.3% NaN


 by Se Games

New brick breaker game. Swipe the ball. It works offline and free!

44% NaN


 by Global Thinking Laboratories

A meditative game about breaking apart loops in complex shapes.

44% NaN

Captain Nania VIP - Puzzle Game (No ads)


Captain Nania a new crush puzzle game with a unique matching and blast game.

44% NaN

Lost Worlds Prophecy (Premium)

 by Fading Legends

Premium Version of Lost Worlds Prophecy, a Casual Puzzle With Amazing Design!

44% NaN

GemStripes Deluxe

 by SKVGames

Color matching game with dynamic gameplay and colorful graphics

44% NaN

Iq Test-Pro

 by Super Apps Zone

The Pro version of Best IQ Test- game to Check your IQ Level !

44% NaN

Buy me a coffee (donation)

 by TrianguloY

In case you want to give me a small donation

44% NaN

Pick´n place

 by Mental Lab

Fit all the pieces on the board in this challenging puzzle

42.9% NaN


 by Kümmel-Redetzky-Schäfer-Voß GbR

Reblob is a grid-based puzzle game about transforming regression into progress.

42.4% NaN

Brains 'N Bells - Full version

 by Fat white Bob

Puzzle game and logic game without stress. Train your brain while playing !

40.7% NaN

Physics Draw Line Ball Puzzles Brain On Pro

 by Dima Lechinsky

Physics-based draw line puzzle game with endless levels

40.5% NaN

Hexagon Puzzle 2

 by Corenow UST Mobile

Addictive hexagon puzzle game.
Continue the same excitement!

40.3% NaN

Sudoku Family Premium Kakuro Akari Futoshiki

 by zakhama yosri

Complete best Sudoku puzzles: Sudoku Kakuro Futoshiki and Akari.

39.4% NaN


 by Kenny Sun

Puzzle Roguelike

38.7% NaN

Christmas Puzzle Box2D: Child Puzzle for Kids PRO

 by little apple

Easy and Simple Christmas games: Child puzzle Box2D for kids.

36.6% NaN

Marching Order

 by SFB Games

A cute logic puzzle game!

35.3% NaN

Halloween Trouble: Match 3 Game

 by Ironcode Gaming Pvt. Ltd.

Annie’s kids have vanished! Play Halloween Trouble Match 3 to find them!

34.9% NaN

the Sequence [2]

 by One Man Band

Create unique mind-blowing sequences!

34.5% NaN

Last Huntsman

 by Junghoon Park

The last hunter is a puzzle RPG game.

32.9% NaN

Sudoku Gold

 by NTL Studio

Sudoku is a mind-training puzzle. Draw from over 5.3 billion. possible boards!

32.9% NaN