Best new Android Puzzle games!

What are the best new Android Puzzle games?



A perilous quest for light.

100% 4.35


 by Shobhit Samaria

Clever Puzzler challenging the players to 'Flip' all the 'States'!

95.3% 5

Up Left Out

 by Rainbow Train

Unlock them all!

88.4% 4.84


 by Vertical Reach

Yuso is a puzzle game where you have to clear the screen of Yuso!

84% 5


 by Planar Gazer

A dazzling ballet of color, form and sound, Squirgle is a frenetic puzzle game.

79% 4.75

Match It Fast - Addictive Matching Game

 by Match It Fast

Match It Fast is the most addictive game ever!

78.6% 5

Match Tiles - Sliding Puzzle Game

 by Viktor Bohush

Slide tiles to place them onto the designated spots with the same color.

77.8% 4.63 Free

Lost Space: Ascend

 by Tangent Game Studios

The zero-gravity puzzle game

77.2% 5

Vive le Roi 2

 by Sylvain Seccia

Save the King and the World

77.2% 5


 by Keelan Stuart

Inflate bubbles! Pop bubbles! Set up chain reactions!

77% 5

Castle Of Awa - Relaxing Mystic Game

 by Mental Lab

Uncover the mystical challenges of this relaxing puzzle

74.4% 4.82


 by Annapurna Interactive

Gorogoa is an elegant evolution of the puzzle genre.

73.9% 4.77

Lateral Puzzles X Complete Series : Brain Teaser


400+ mind-boggling lateral thinking puzzles to exercise your brain!

73.3% 5

Blade Dodger Bounce

 by Corey's Crap Shack

Slingshot Spiff through a series of mazes!

73.1% 5


 by Zwartekoffie

Illustrated puzzle game in which playful investigation is rewarded.

72.9% 4.97

Tipping Towers

 by Steven Kaminsky

Sharpen and exercise your mind with these 36 puzzles, rendered with 3D graphics.

72.6% 5


 by HyperBeard

Solve puzzles and help patients with their feelings in Match-3 Therapy!

69.1% 4.31

Squares 2

 by ssk

Continuation of the great puzzle! Bring all the cubes home!

68.5% 5


 by ssk

A great logical puzzle. Deliver all the cubes home!

68.5% 5


 by Gamezaur

What is your perspective?

67.1% 4.79

Monkejs: Earth Quest


Ancient Monkejs’ totems are broken! Fix them really quickly!

65.6% 4.5


 by Hanaji Games

An origami puzzle game. Fold the paper stages and reveal the world’s secrets!

64.2% 4.25

Guinea Pig Bridge!

 by TBA Games

Puzzle game featuring Guinea Pigs and Bridges! Based on the song by Parry Gripp

62.9% 4.71 Free


 by MythicOwl

Relaxing puzzle with beautiful graphics and unique rules inspired by Sudoku

62.6% 4.4

In The Dog House

 by Nitrome

Guide your favourite pooch through this charming and strategic puzzler!

60.2% 4.73

VR Tomb's Secrets2

 by OVRTime

The most powerful Pharaonic virtual reality game

59.7% 4

Buried Alive

 by Trapped

Your worst nightmare just became reality - you are buried alive!

59% 3.92

Please, Don't Touch Anything VR

 by ForwardXP

A cryptic, brain-racking, button-pushing puzzle game, now reimagined for VR

57.4% 4.33

Voxel Doodle - Color By Number 3D

 by pistachio studio

Coloring & swipe on pixels to make lovely 3D arts. Relief your stress and enjoy!

56% 4.82 Free

Math puzzle PRO 2018


New best Math puzzles game 2018

55.5% 3.71

The Franz Kafka Videogame

 by Daedalic Entertainment GmbH

An original puzzle/adventure game inspired by the writings of Franz Kafka.

50.6% 3.2

Still Here... A cute Adventure

 by StillHere

A calm relaxing adventure, filled with puzzles, characters, robots and costumes!

49% 4.66

PathPix Bubble

 by Kris Pixton

Play PathPix Bubble! Cells of varying shapes and sizes, wild and wacky paths.

47.9% 4.43

Red Crimes: Hidden Murders

 by iEntertainment Network Inc.

Investigate hundreds of crime scenes, find hidden objects and chase the criminal

46.3% 4.07 Beta

Unfolded Torus - Logic Puzzles with Crossy Numbers

 by biemmesoft

Unfolded Torus is the most addictive Logic Puzzles with Crossy Numbers game ever

46.3% 4.87 Beta

After the Crash: puzzle 3 in 1

 by DailyToys

Help Kelly fix her spaceship after the crash in this amazing 3 in 1 puzzle game.

46.3% 5 Beta