Best new Android Puzzle games!

What are the best new Android Puzzle games?

The Room: Old Sins

 by Fireproof Games

The 4th entry in the multi-award winning ‘The Room’ puzzle game series

100% 4.9


 by ARTE Experience

Sneak & Paint Puzzle Game

100% 4.78


 by Sen Games

A charming puzzle game in which you control all characters at once

100% 5

Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle

 by Blue Wizard Digital LP

Truly Bloody Puzzle Horror

94.7% 4.74 Free

Bleentoro Pro

 by Yiotro

Game about building simple factories.

86.9% 4.8

Death Squared

 by SMG Studio

A puzzle game you can play with a friend who says "I don't play games"

84.3% 4.7


 by DevolverDigital

Huey and Satura find themselves lost in the colorless world of Umiro.

83.7% 4.61

Escape! Drone

 by ASquare Games

Escape! Drone - Escape game, get back to the kid's room!

81.9% 5

Darkest Maze

 by GKcoding

Gather the keys, Exit the Darkest Maze! 3000 levels!

76.2% 4.95

Mystery Tiles Premium


Try to guess the picture hidden under the tiles.
Can be played with one thumb.

75.5% 5

Fantasy Beast Football

 by Crazy Town

Unique puzzle game. Football, tactics, traps and goblins! Forward to victory!

73.6% 5

Crystals & Curses

 by Leapdoctor Games

A challenging puzzle adventure!

73.5% 5

ABC Memory Match

 by Dodiapps

ABC Memory Match For Kids

71.3% 5

Cardinal Chains

 by Daniel Nora

Original minimalist puzzles

69.9% 5


 by Uğur Kaan

The Hardest Math Game

68.4% 5

PuzzlAR: World Tour

 by Bica Studios

A new kind of Puzzle in Augmented Reality

68.3% 5

Laser Labyrinth

 by Viktor Bohush

Direct laser beam to the end of the labyrinth by rotating the mirrors

62.5% 5

Match D6

 by Mechanical Aardvark

Match 6 sided dice in this deceptively difficult Puzzle Game

62.2% 5

Ruby Square: logical puzzle game (700 levels)

 by AppSoGreat

Logical puzzle game. Let's spin the squares. Match the pattern. No Ads.

60.7% 4.51

IQolor - Brain Puzzle Game

 by DigitalTremble

How fast is your brain? Challange your brain with a fun color game!

59.9% 5

Math Genius Pro

 by Bip Studio

Math IQ Genius Pro increases your logical thinking.

58.6% 5

The Mystery of the Hudson Case

 by Magic Frame Studios

Help journalist James O'Connell solve the mystery!

58.3% 4.12


 by ∞ Infinity Games

◉ CONNECTION is the IQ puzzle game that will challenge your brain.

55.3% 4.72 Free


 by Ian MacLarty

Subtle, inventive puzzles

55% 4.63

Flow levels

 by Fatpingu

Flow levels - the brain is an app, start using it.

54.5% 3.78

Turn It On!

 by Rushing Pixel

Find out how these black boxes work!

54.5% 4.82

Returner 77

 by Fantastic, yes

Sci-fi mystery puzzle game with cinematic graphics and challenging puzzles.

54.4% 4.52


 by Techyonic

Can you make the word here in all the 50 levels?

52.9% 4.82 Free


 by rwdesenv

Numberflow is the new minimalist game to train your brain.

+600 levels!

52.8% 5

Kids Dream Puzzle

 by DreaMaker

(No Ads) A set of beautiful puzzles that will boost you child's imagination.

51.5% 5


 by Drop Everything Games LLC.

A 360° Narrative Puzzle game, compatible with both VR and Tablet play.

51.1% 5

Lovely Pets PRO: Match 3

 by Qplaze Games

Match 3! Pets using puzzle adventure match3 magic!

50.7% 4.89

1 Word 1 Operation

 by Uğur Kaan

With this game you can improve your math ability and word memory

50.4% 4

Fruit Match 3 PRO: Crazy Mania

 by Qplaze Games

This bright and funny match-3 puzzle will give you many hours of addictive game.

50% 4.85

IMAGEine Premium

 by rarodx

Play jigsaw, memory, 15-puzzle and more - You can even use your own images!

49.9% 4.77


 by BUG-Studio

Have you ever wondered who is in charge of the pond?

49% 4.1