Best new Android Role Playing games!

What are the best new Android Role Playing games?

Knight Life: Medieval Fantasy RPG

 by Virtual Weasel Games

A medieval fantasy RPG with quests, spells and combat.

78.9% NaN

Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition

 by Beamdog

Discover magic and danger in 100+ hours of Dungeons & Dragons adventures!

73% NaN

Throne Quest RPG

 by Valorware

Openworld ARPG with 150+ items! 90+ monsters! 11 classes! One Quest...

59.8% NaN

Ninja: Samurai Shadow Fight

 by Thunder Game Studio

🗡️ World of ninja samurai action, the best free RPG and action game 🗡️

54.8% NaN

Sword Knights : Idle RPG (Premium)

 by Honeydew Games

Easy and Fun idle Game RPG!
Be the last winner of this battle!

50.4% NaN

Infinite Dungeon Breach Plus: Pet Raising Idle RPG

 by Super Awesome Inc.

No clicking, touching, or tapping required here!

49.6% NaN

Kaiju Big Battel Fighto Fantasy

 by Super Walrus Games

Giant monster mayhem awaits in this comedic 16-bit style RPG!

47.8% NaN

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love(ROM)

 by Gravity Interactive Inc.

The classic adventure returns

47.2% NaN


 by Narratio Studios

An interactive fiction simulator set in a world without electricity

46.7% NaN

Pocket World VIP: Island of Adventure

 by Duet entertainment

Pocket World: The Island of Adventure is now finally available!

46.3% NaN

Tower of Farming - idle RPG (Premium)

 by Honeydew Games

Will you be able to reach the final floor?

45.2% NaN


 by RadiyProject

"Action-RPG" game about the Middle Ages which includes large open world

45.1% NaN

Unbending Land

 by Just Stezi

Adventure roleplaying game with a team of two heroes, destined to write history.

44.8% NaN


 by Zeduras

BeSmile is a small game about prostitute.

44.4% NaN

Heroes from Marche

 by RPG CSoft

Live in this Offline RPG, explore the land ruled by dragons!

44.4% NaN

Treasure Diggers

 by WamTec

What is your role in digging a path!?

44.1% NaN


 by rpg_itch_studio

A short turn-based RPG game where you will do only one thing: BATTLE!

44% NaN

RPG Ring Of Demon

 by CoreExperience

Explore the world of Retro and save the world from a range of threats

44% NaN

King Crusher – a Roguelike Game


At His Majesty's service!

42.9% NaN

Penguin Life - Animal Simulator

 by Mason Macbeth

Penguin Life - Animal Simulator: Amazing Action Packed Nature Survival Simulator

41.2% NaN

Diablo Immortal

 by Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.

A brand new, visceral Diablo action RPG experience at your fingertips

39% NaN

Fantasy Tales VIP - Idle RPG

 by captains

Feeling Up! Idle RPG! VIP App Released!
Free Version -

38.8% NaN

Buggy Land - Adventure of ADIN

 by Studio NAP

8-bit action rpg. Let's smell 90's

38.4% NaN

The Dastardly Dairy Debacle

 by Whim Independent Studios

Defeat vicious monsters through five different stages in this small mobile game!

36.5% NaN

Blood Moon

 by BloodMoon Game

A mobile classic RPG

36.5% NaN

Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes

 by Com2uS

Back and Ready to Battle
Official launch in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand!

36.4% NaN

Princess And Knight

 by TeamSoftIceCream

This is story of Farrell Kingdom’s last princess.
Please journey with her…

34.9% NaN

The Quest - Caerworn Castle

 by Redshift Games

The Quest - Caerworn Castle is an expansion to The Quest.

33.2% NaN

Broken Order

 by DĂ©spota Produções

RPG 2D retro to the molds of great classics. Explore, fight and evolve!

33.2% NaN

Siralim 3 (Monster Taming RPG)

 by Thylacine Studios, LLC

Capture over 700 different monsters in this retro-style, monster taming RPG!

32.9% NaN

Rubicon: A World Torn Asunder

 by TnT Game Studios

A world is torn apart and it is up to Shep to save it in this Zelda inspired RPG

31.9% NaN

Destiny Child

 by LINE Games

Destiny Child finally launched globally!

31.2% NaN Free

Zombie Survival Island: Open World RPG Shooter

 by Evolution Vault

Join this amazing Top Down survival game, fight swarms of zombies

31.1% NaN Beta

Castaway Fortnight: Rules of Survival

 by PlayFlock

Survival rpg game with western elements in unique world at the space frontier

30.6% NaN Beta

[Premium] RPG Seek Hearts


Pre-registration starts! Set out on an adventure to discover Izen's origins!

30.3% NaN

Midnight Sun - 3d Turn-Based Combat

 by Next2Play

You expect an exciting deadly battle on the system pvp online fight

30% NaN Free