Best new Android Role Playing games!

What are the best new Android Role Playing games?

Dust and Salt: Battle for Murk Gamebook

 by Prime Games Bulgaria

The Battle for Murk Gamebook is a text adventure in which YOU ARE THE HERO!

100% 5

Fairy Knights


An Puzzle-RPG with unique characters and original battling system!

98.7% 4.66

Dream City Life: Urban Survival Edition

 by Inspire Games Nexus

Urban text-based role-playing game with life simulation gameplay.

77.4% 5

Missile Dude RPG

 by Dude Soft

Rip and Tear all Demonic Portals

75.8% 4.78 Free


 by 문병필

SFD= FTL + FFT : Turn based party managing tactical dungeon crawler.

72.5% 4.5

The Mack Daddy: Office Lover

 by Dark Humor Games

Mack is back and is nastier than ever!

65.9% 5

The Quest - Hero of Lukomorye III

 by Redshift Games

The Quest - Hero of Lukomorye III is an expansion to The Quest.

65.5% 5

Nobunaga's Shadow (RPG)

 by Ultaan Games

Play as a Spymurai in this JRPG x Visual Novel game set in old Japan.

65.2% 4.22

Be The King - Enjoy your trip to the Top


Be ready to love and enjoy the journey to Imperial Top with Be the King!

62.7% 4.42 Free

Tiny Pirates - Activity Book

 by wonderkind GmbH

"Arrr - assemble your crew and set sail!"

61.9% 4.5

Guardian Prelude:Pure MMORPG

 by Cool It Studio

MMORPG Hero Dungeon Legendary,Open world game,Complete MMORPG Gaming Experience

53.9% 4.09

Fighting Fantasy Legends Portal

 by Asmodee Digital

Features the Deathtrap Dungeon trilogy by Ian Livingstone.

53.5% 4.04

Random Quest : First Person RPG

 by Doctor Mad

Action rpg heavily inspired by old school tabletops (read the description)

53.1% 3.4

Cowboy Hunting: Gun Shooter

 by CurtisLamar

The west wild cowboys and bloody duels are all in Cowboy Hunting!

51.2% 4.69 Free

Lone Hero RPG | VIP

 by MY Heaven Studio

This is 2D retro pixel defense RPG.
(VIP: No forced ad and much game money)

50% 3.86


 by SmokymonkeyS

An action RPG exploring a 50-story tower. Go for the top by solving mysteries.

48.8% 4.68 Free

Monster RPG 3

 by Nooskewl Software

In Monster RPG 3, two heroes are just what a villain needs.

47.9% 4.5

Ice Cream Truck

 by fantastoonic

Drive Ice Cream Truck, sell ice cream and more!

46.3% 0

Age of Magic

 by Playkot LTD

Epic heroes turn-based RPG


Light Chaser


Enjoy “Light Chaser” must-play game you can’t afford to miss this year!

44.1% 4.58 Free

Tiny Dentist Christmas

 by fantastoonic

Santa Claus eats too much cookies, Rudolph forgets to floss!

44% 0

Ultimate Initiative Tracker

 by Throne Games LLC

Perfect for any game that uses d20 for initiative.

44% 0

Dragon Sky

 by Triple-Double

A grand battle to win the throne!
Join the battlefield with your Dragons!

42.8% 4.52 Free

Pet Vet Doctor-Nail Spa Salon Kids:Animal Hospital

 by CandyPie

Remove blood,fight bacteria,germs using cotton,plasters and bandages,paint nail.

42.4% 0

Summoners & Puzzles

 by Electronic Soul

A perfect blend of Match 3 and RPG. Join the millions of real players NOW!

41.2% 4.67 Free

Zombie Survival Island: Open World RPG Shooter

 by Evolution Vault

Join this amazing Top Down survival game, fight swarms of zombies

40.8% 3.63 Beta

Pocket Dragons

 by highbrow

Enchant your dragons and make them stronger!
Pixel dragons' 10:10 group battle!

40.4% 4.54 Free

Castaway Fortnight: Rules of Survival

 by PlayFlock

Survival rpg game with western elements in unique world at the space frontier

40.2% 0 Beta

Cash Knight ( with Event Gift )


Brand New Idle RPG! Incomparable fun!
Event Gift is gems worth $100. Get it !!

40.1% 3.79

Wolf: The Evolution - Online RPG

 by Foxie Ventures

Build your ultimate wolf pack & assert your dominance. Become the Alpha Wolf.

40.1% 4.41 Free

Silverpath Online - MMORPG

 by Mert Oğuz

Open world MMORPG in immersive world with real-time interactions

40.1% 4.29 Beta

Zombie Rogue

 by Dog Fish

A roguelike to roguelite turn-based survival and strategy game.

39.9% 4.38

Werewolves: Haven Rising

 by Choice of Games LLC

Rise up, werewolves! Fight for your pack! Fight for your freedom!

39.8% 4.71 Free

Mermaid Secrets13-Secret Admirer

 by JoyPlus Technology Co., Ltd.

Love Story in High School. Mermaid princess Mia got a love letter in the locker.

39.7% 4.66 Free

My Town : Street Fun

 by My Town Games Ltd

After School the Fun Starts!

39.6% 4.59

Steam Town Heroes

 by Ruoto Games

Unique 19th Century Idle Clicker RPG on Google Play - craft, upgrade town, fish

39.6% 4.61 Free