Best new Android Role Playing games!

What are the best new Android Role Playing games?

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

 by Natsume Inc

In celebration of Harvest Moon's 20th Anniversary comes an all new Harvest Moon!

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Epic Seven

 by Smilegate Megaport

Epic Seven, an animated RPG world in the palm of your hand

55.8% NaN

Monster Hunter Stories


The first Monster Hunter RPG is now available on smartphones!

50.1% NaN

Rubicon: A World Torn Asunder

 by TnT Game Studios

A world is torn apart and it is up to Shep to save it in this Zelda inspired RPG

48.6% NaN

Cashknight ( Duo Event Version )


Get Ruby and Soul worth $100!!
( You can also get it with Original Ranking ID )

47.8% NaN

Searching the Unknown

 by Unusual Games

A game about a newbie detective with many situations of focus and strategy.

46.8% NaN

Glory of the Survivor


Pick up variety of weapons & skills, level them up and fight back aliens bravely

46.5% NaN


 by Raithen

Hack, slash, collect loot, upgrade, and level up in this second installment RPG.

46.4% NaN

Seven Idle Dwarf: Premium

 by Sonat Studio

Become a tycoon in the fairy tale world of Seven Idle Dwarfs - Idle game.

46.4% NaN

Siralim 3 (Monster Taming RPG)

 by Thylacine Studios, LLC

Capture over 700 different monsters in this retro-style, monster taming RPG!

46.3% NaN

Noble VIP: Mage's Adventure


A super hero of the century!
An appearance of a witty Mage!

46.2% NaN

Psychic VS Zombie JRPG

 by JRPG. Novels

No advertising and charging elements at all!

44.5% NaN

Gopnik 2: Conquest of the Cultural Capital

 by UpitSoft

Sequel to the famous text RPG game! The cultural capital is waiting!

44% NaN

Mentors: Turn Based RPG Strategy

 by Ice Storm

Mentors is the great game for RPG fans looking for turn-based role-play strategy

43.8% NaN

Guess who messaged me?

 by John Terence Miller

A team party game where players try to guess which celebrity has sent a message.

43.8% NaN

Stay Alive VIP

 by Sponge Mobile

▶ Survive on an island full of monsters!

42.3% NaN

Eternity Legends: League of Gods Dynasty Warriors


Pre-register now to get a 5$ gift code at 3 first release days.

41.2% NaN

Alpha Squad 5: RPG & PvP Online Battle Arena

 by Kongregate

Collect heroes & be a champion in this all-new action RPG & online battle arena!

39.4% NaN

DoC - God Mode Edition

 by Volker Elzner - PrometheusheirRPGs

Purely for the hardcore fan of sandbox / cheat-enabled RPGs.

39.3% NaN

Lightning Magician Clicker : VIP

 by BlackAndWhite

Clicker neglect type RPG, possible both to touch directly and to neglect

38.4% NaN

[Premium] RPG Marenian Tavern Story


A fantasy RPG where you cook, eat, collect, fight and explore!

36.7% NaN

Vampire's Fall: Origins

 by Early Morning Studio

Old-school RPG made with passion, not greed.

36.3% NaN Beta

Zombie Survival Island: Open World RPG Shooter

 by Evolution Vault

Join this amazing Top Down survival game, fight swarms of zombies

35.8% NaN Beta

ExtremeJobs Knight’s Assistant VIP

 by Bigshot Games

An irresistible stand-alone idle game!

35.7% NaN

Castaway Fortnight: Rules of Survival

 by PlayFlock

Survival rpg game with western elements in unique world at the space frontier

35.2% NaN Beta

Silverpath Online - MMORPG

 by Mert Oğuz

Open world MMORPG in immersive world with real-time interactions

34.7% NaN Beta


 by OEGames

Save valuable character information on the go with "RPG Character Saver Gold"!

34.6% NaN

League of Angels:Origins

 by GTarcade

League of Angels: Origins is a next-generation 3D MMORPG publishded by Gtarcade.

34.5% NaN

Portals of Sacraland

 by Denis Krasakov

Take control over a group of heroes. Step into portals for treasures!

34.2% NaN Beta

Clash of Memes - Retro RPG

 by Dr. Cyril Splutterworth

Do your duty. Enlist in the meme war.

34.1% NaN

Brave tobe


Hero brave! Let's send a hero!
Collect lots of braves and defeat monsters!

33.9% NaN Beta

CashKnight ( Combo Event Version )


Get gift worth $100 with emblem
( You can also get it with Original Ranking ID )

33.7% NaN

Heroes and Dragons – Hack and Slash RPG

 by RikkiGames Limited

Battle hordes of monsters and dragons in this classic style hack and slash rpg

32.9% NaN Beta


 by Universe Projects Inc

A simple MMORPG you can easily play during downtime at work or school.

32.1% NaN Beta

Master of Rogues - The Seven Artifacts

 by Mr.Purple

Dungeon-Crawler, Roguelike RPG, Unique Levels

31.9% NaN

Anime Craft 2

 by John´s Project

Anime Craft 2 is a huge uncharted anime world!
less than 18 MB!

31.4% NaN