Best new Android Simulation games!

What are the best new Android Simulation games?

Gyro Sphere

 by Merchant Syndicate

Escape collapsing spheres in a 3D, Gyro-Based game. How many can you survive?

77.2% 5

Space Roller Coaster VR (CardBoard)

 by The Silicon Valley One Man Army

Welcome to the Space Roller Coaster! Enjoy it in Virtual Reality! (CardBoard)

77.2% 5

Hobo life simulator

 by VygoMobile

After sudden financial troubles, you have become homeless.

75.7% 5

Amazon Rainforest VR Zoo Animals (Cardboard)

 by The Silicon Valley One Man Army

Welcome to the Amazon Rainforest! Enjoy amazing animals in our VR Zoo!

68% 4

Pango Build Safari

 by Studio Pango

MANAGE an animal park

66% 5

Russian Car Driver ZIL 130 Premium

 by ABGames89

Play the most realistic simulator of driving of the legendary ZIL 130 Premium!

64% 4.52

Twister - Best Ride Simulators

 by Raultruji3D

Control the Twister ride!. The ride with the best graphics in your phone.

63% 4.08

PC Architect Advanced (PC building simulator)

 by Games From Garage

PC building simulator in which you go through a journey to build your dream PC

62.8% 4.67

Cashier of Grocery Shop: PROFESSION

 by Orium games

The simulator of the cashier of grocery shop - cash register profession.

62.2% 4.21


 by SL Technology Group, LLC

simLeaf is a highly advanced 3D “medicinal plant” grow simulator.

54.2% 3.51

Trade Island

 by Game Insight

Create the island of your dreams! Start building and get rich!

52.3% 4.46 Free

Poly Bridge

 by Dry Cactus Limited

Unleash your engineering creativity with an engaging bridge-building simulator!

52% 4.67

Flower Boy Athletic High

 by Day7

Pit-a-patting school life
with Athletic Students

48.4% 4.72 Free

DX Simulation Belt for Build henshin

 by Chandra Kirana

DX Driver simulator for the Rider Build Henshin lovers

48.3% 4.62 Free

Guava Juice: Tub Tapper

 by PopReach Incorporated

The OFFICIAL Guava Juice Game!

47.5% 4.93 Free

Idle Hero Defense - Fantasy Defense

 by Iron Horse Games LLC

Defend the base in this idle fantasy game of heroes, orcs, pirates and strategy!

47.2% 3.71 Beta

Big Company: Skytopia | Sky City Simulation

 by Goodgame Studios

SKYTOPIA - Build your city and grow your successful business above the clouds.

47.1% 4.45 Free

Venice Beach Party Pooper

 by InQubator Lab

Revenge time with action-packed poop adventure game set on the Californian beach

46.3% 0

Noblesse Oblige: ARIA

 by Ender's Games

Meet a new voice client with 3 dimensions, just like you or me.

46.3% 0

Lifeline Universe – Choose Your Own Story

 by 3 Minute Games

Play a story-telling adventure with no boundaries! Choose your own path!

46.1% 0 Beta

Love Island: The Game

 by Fusebox Games

Your Summer Love Story!

45.7% 4.31 Free

Kitty Keeper: Cat Collector

 by Mighty Kingdom

The super cute cat game for Android! Collect and adopt thousands of cute cats!

45.6% 4.59 Free

Bottle Shoot : Free Game 2018

 by JP Brother's Studio

🍾🔥 Bottle Shoot Fun Game For Time Pass 🍾🔥

44.4% 4.81 Free


 by Mixaill

Winter fishing simulator

44.3% 0 Beta

VR Vaporwave Drive

 by Icarus Falling

An Aesthetic Virtual Reality Chase through Endless Space

44% 0

The Shadow Archer : Famous Stickman Series(no ads)

 by Digital Nomad(kr)

Unrestricted RPG! Shadow Archer.
Strongest archer of pvp through the evolution

44% 0


 by (주)오픈마인드월드

This game is a strategy simulation to defeat the Japan invading Joseon in 1592.

44% 0

VR Scary Adventure - The Asylum

 by The Lonely Developer

Can be played with on-screen joystick or with cardboard vr and android joystick!

43.6% 0 Beta

Idle Apocalypse

 by Iron Horse Games LLC

Ever wanted to run a cult? Summon legendary demon gods? Or… destroy the world?

43% 4.77 Free

Idle Accelerator

 by Fan Games Studios

Manage a particle accelerator and generate energy!

43% 3.18 Beta

Deer Simulator - Animal Family

 by CyberGoldfinch

Embark on an adventure together with the Deer Family!

42.9% 4.63 Free


 by fxspec06

Throw darts at Leo!

42.6% 0


 by fxspec06

Throw darts at Donald Trump!

42.6% 0


 by SM Entertainment co.,Ltd

VR dating with Red Velvet’s IRENE!

42.4% 3.32 Beta

Benz S600 Drift Simulator

 by Process Games

VW Scirocco, BMW M3 E46 and Mercedes-Benz S600 will become a drifting passion

41.9% 4.75 Free

Encrypt Miner

 by Marscezar Inc.

This app allows you to produce and sell cryptocurrency

41.7% 0