Best new Android Simulation games!

What are the best new Android Simulation games?

Project Highrise

 by Kalypso Media Mobile GmbH

Project Highrise is a skyscraper construction and management sim.

100% 4.41

Poly Bridge

 by Dry Cactus Limited

Unleash your engineering creativity with an engaging bridge-building simulator!

83.7% 4.91

Urban legend : Shin Hayarigami – Blindman

 by 아이플레이

Horror adventure "Shin Hayarigami" released in Googleplay!

70.7% 5

Big Chief

 by Obnoxious Laughter

Big Chief is the corporate swipe-em-up full of zany employees! You're Fired!

69.2% 5

Raft Survival : Premium

 by VADE

Build your raft to survive and be wary of the dangers of
the ocean.

59.6% 4.45

WobblyStack for ARCore

 by esDot Development Studio

Twist, pull and push the Blocks to see how high you can build your Stack!

59.4% 5

The Artificial Intelligence Project (A.I. Chat)

 by The Lonely Developer

Welcome to The A.I. Project! Ready for an amazing conversation?

57.1% 4.25

A&E® Crime Scene: AR

 by A&E Television Networks Mobile

Use Augmented Reality (AR) to find clues and solve crimes

54.9% 4.42

Bigfoot Monster Hunter

 by OneTonGames

Hunt down the Bigfoot!

48.5% 4.54 Free

Stickman : Rope Escape

 by Arsmen Games

Cut the Rope and Help the Poor Stickman Stunt to Escape From Death!

47.3% 4.3

Craft Warriors

 by Translimit, Inc

A New Generation RTS

47.1% 4.37 Free

Dirty Money: the rich get richer!

 by Danko lab.

This year it is time to squander your money and to start living the high life.

46.5% 4.83 Free


 by SM Entertainment co.,Ltd

VR dating with Red Velvet’s IRENE!

44% 5 Beta

Lifeline Universe – Choose Your Own Story

 by 3 Minute Games

Play a story-telling adventure with no boundaries! Choose your own path!

43.5% 0 Beta

Mayor! Mayor!

 by Jacob Dunbar

The City-Building, Dice-Rolling, Idle-Simulation Game!

43.3% 0

Jurassic World™ Alive

 by Ludia Inc.

They’re ALIVE in our world and roaming free in your cities and neighborhoods

43.1% NaN Beta

Us Army Truck Driving : Real Army Truck

 by Jb technologies

Lets play real army truck and learn us army truck driving simulator 3d

42.9% 4.78 Free

Wild West: Idle Tycoon, Tap Incremental Game

 by Tamasenco

Click, make money and become a rich Capitalist in this Addictive Adventure! 💰

41.3% 0 Beta

Tap Tap Evolution: Idle Clicker Game

 by Iron Horse Games LLC

Breed ever-stronger Derps. Use them to Conquer, Research and Evolve new species!

41.1% 0 Beta


 by Gameka

Starting from the bottom never stopped anyone from reaching the top!

40.8% 0 Beta

Offroad Mountain Jeep Drive Challenge

 by Free Games Lab

Drive a furious 4x4 truck with full authority & don’t lose a single uphill race

40.7% 4.48 Free

Idle Hero Defense - Fantasy Defense

 by Iron Horse Games LLC

Defend the base in this idle fantasy game of heroes, orcs, pirates and strategy!

40.7% 0 Beta

Case Simulator Ultimate

 by Silverlime

The brand new CS: GO Simulator with the bundle of games to upgrade your skins!

39.8% 4.68 Free

Finger Tap: Rebirth VIP

 by Idle Game

ADVANCE through thousands of levels to prove your skills!!!

39.7% 3.05

Designer City 2: city building game

 by Sphere Game Studios

Sculpt the land, build your perfect city, evolve it into a sprawling metropolis

39.1% 0 Beta

Sequence: Chapter 1

 by consciousless

an interactive philosophy paper about emergent properties

39.1% 0

Tap Tap Dig - Idle Clicker Game

 by Iron Horse Games LLC

Tap to dig with your pick axe! Mine riches in a fun idle clicker tapping game!

38.9% 0 Beta

Major\Minor - Complete Edition

 by Tall Tail Studios

A highly engaging visual novel, with memorable characters and multiple endings.

38.5% 0 Beta

Mallscapes – Mall Story

 by Gaming Hippo

Tap to build, and be the tycoon of mall!

38.4% 4.73 Free


 by SESISOFT Co., Ltd.

Guunmong M ~ Which girl love story ~

37.9% 4.91

Heroes Inc. 2

 by Eldritch

Create superheroes! Complete missions! Neutralize threats! Save Terrapolis!

37.8% 0 Beta

VR Scary Adventure - The Asylum

 by The Lonely Developer

Can be played with on-screen joystick or with cardboard vr and android joystick!

37.6% 0 Beta

Romance Club: SAILS IN THE FOG

 by Your Story Interactive

A romantic story with choices where YOU choose the path your character takes!

37.5% 4.8 Free

Bad Government

 by Burgseiten Apps

Get access to the decision-making device of the president of a faraway land.

37.3% 0

Wild West: Explore Shoot Trade

 by PeakX Games

In the wild west, manage miner; run the business; duel with others; be a tycoon!

37.2% 0 Beta

Scary Child

 by Z & K

The Fear Continues! Hold your breath! Be valiant!

36.8% 4.62 Free