Best new Android Simulation games!

What are the best new Android Simulation games?

Tap Town Premium (idle RPG) - Soul

 by Honeydew Games

Construct the village, train the heros and fight monsters!

52.4% NaN

Barbershop | The Game

 by Kotov Vseslav

Have you ever dreamed of opening your own barbershop?

48.4% NaN

Motor Depot

 by Koz Games

Become the most successful carpool owner with Motor Depot!

46.3% NaN

Tap Town Premium (idle RPG) - Magic

 by Honeydew Games

Construct the village, train the heros and fight monsters!

44.7% NaN

Grow Higher

 by Xandroid Games

The world's only first-person weed growing simulation.

44% NaN

Wasp Nest Simulator 3d - Pro

 by hksdev

Animal Simulator - Explore the insect world and establish your wasp colony

42.7% NaN

Marimo League

 by LoadComplete

Lead the Marimo warriors to victory and collect the shin to become the best god!

42.7% NaN

Radio Control Challenge

 by Magnin & Associates

Relive the thrill of operating radio control vehicles.

42.6% NaN

Frankie's Cake Shop Pro

 by Frankie's Games

Run a cake shop and bake lovely goodies for your customers.

42.6% NaN

Crypto Idle Miner: Build your bitcoin empire!

 by Hora Games

Crypto Idle Miner is a crypto mining and crypto trading simulation video game.

42.4% NaN

The Celestial Tree VIP

 by Mind Blossom

A Beautiful Idle Clicker Game that has been enjoyed by about one million people.

41.7% NaN

Field Defense VIP

 by Chuslab Games

Place units to defense the enemies. (VIP : NO AD + NO INAPP)

41.6% NaN

My so-called future girlfriend [Visual Novel]

 by Digicon

A male-oriented visual novel that features text, illustration, and voice.

41% NaN

Star Sky 3

 by JMJ Interactive

In the starry light of the sky above, a story is waiting to unfold.

40.4% NaN

Robo Two VIP

 by Sponge Mobile

▶ Save the earth from alien robots!!

39.2% NaN

Amazing Taxi Simulator V2 2019

 by StrongUnion Games

Taxi driving gets more exciting with this new game.

38.6% NaN

Survival & Escape: Island

 by Gameday Inc.

Idle Survival Game. There's a reason for me to live.

38.1% NaN

Jones: Jomblo is Happiness

 by Niji Games

Are you single?
Prove to everyone that while being single you can still be happy

35.4% NaN

This Is the Police

 by HandyGames

You'll take the role of police chief and dive into a story of crime and intrigue

32.4% NaN

Ti: Tramp Bike

 by Ti Global Corporation Pty Ltd

Discover the next generation BMX & Scooter spin off game “This is Tramp Bike”.

31.9% NaN

Lifeline Universe – Choose Your Own Story

 by 3 Minute Games

Play a story-telling adventure with no boundaries! Choose your own path!

30.8% NaN Beta

Man-Eating Plant VIP

 by CaffeineMonster

Feed the warriors to the monster plant!

29.9% NaN

WarGame - Silent universe

 by PearBomber

4x space simulation game

29.9% NaN

Grandpa Fishing

 by T 'N T

Fish in a beautiful Finnish landscape

29% NaN


 by Mixaill

Winter fishing simulator

28.7% NaN Beta

VR Scary Adventure - The Asylum

 by The Lonely Developer

Can be played with on-screen joystick or with cardboard vr and android joystick!

28.7% NaN Beta

Idle Hero Defense - Fantasy Defense

 by Iron Horse Games LLC

Defend the base in this idle fantasy game of heroes, orcs, pirates and strategy!

28.3% NaN Beta

Idle Accelerator

 by Fan Games Studios

Manage a particle accelerator and generate energy!

28.2% NaN Beta


 by SM Entertainment co.,Ltd

VR dating with Red Velvet’s IRENE!

27.6% NaN Beta

Stupid Hero Raining 2 Tap -VIP-

 by InGameStudio

The strongest child, you are back!

27.5% NaN

7 Legends: Craft Adventure

 by Dazzle Rocks

Welcome to the epic world of 7 Legends! Explore, build, make friends!

27.4% NaN Beta

Game Reviewer Simulator

 by RHHgames

Simulation game about reviewing games.

26% NaN

Farming World 2019

 by Mason Macbeth

NEW Farm Simulator

25.6% NaN

Horse Life - Animal Simulator

 by Mason Macbeth

Horse Life - Animal Simulator : Amazing, Action Packed Nature Survival Simulator

25.6% NaN

Shark Life - Animal Simulator

 by Mason Macbeth

Shark Life - Animal Simulator: Amazing, Action Packed Survival Simulator!

25.6% NaN

Designer City 2: city building game

 by Sphere Game Studios

Design & build your perfect town, nurture & grow it into a huge bustling city

25.4% NaN Beta