Best new Android Social apps!

What are the best new Android Social apps?

Fluce for Twitter

 by FluceMedia

Fully customizable Twitter Client for Android

96% 4.55

Christopher Kardas ⚡ - Pizza Donation

 by Christopher Kardas ⚡

Because who doesn't love Pizza, right?! 🍕

58.4% 5

Melanin Gram

 by Judah Apps

The First And Only Black Conscious Social Network

55.5% 5

Clone app&multiple accounts for Facebook-MultiFace

 by ES Global

MultiFace for Facebook, clone multiple Facebook accounts simultaneously

48.6% 4.62 Free

Preslava Stickers

 by Futurist Labs

Preslava emoji sticker pack! Decorate your chats with Preslava for every mood.

46.8% 4.43

Abi for Twitter

 by Petraru Alexandru

Abi is a twitter client with customization and fluidity in mind.

46.4% 3.8


 by Viddi LLC.

VPeeps is what’s happening in the world and what people are talking right now.

44% 0 Beta


 by PlugApps

Welcome to Status, the social network where you are the boss.

44% 4.83 Beta

1 Dollar Donation

 by MDAsim

Please Donate 1 Dollar.

43.7% 0

Starthroat for Twitter

 by NEast Studios

Browse and search Twitter anonymously.

43.3% 0 Beta


 by Vehic

Join the largest cars community in the world.

43.3% 0 Beta

Unfollow for twitter - Followrn

 by sakmapp

Followrn plus = No coins , Unlimited

43.2% 0


 by Amplify Inc

Amplify (grow insanely) your friends & online dating with your social influence.

42.9% 5 Beta

Churchblaze Social Network

 by churchblaze group ltd

Churchblaze Social Network

41.8% 0 Beta

Applaud People

 by Łukasz Byjoś

Join our community and applaud nearby people for what they do or just for fun!

41% 0 Beta


 by Business Automation

Basis 2018 election app.

40.9% 0 Beta

Status Saver Pro

 by AE Company

Want to save status and story ?
here we are
Status Saver For Whatzapp

40.7% 4.98 Free

I Am Rich - Deluxe Edition

 by Raeyn

The newest and most impressive Application that proves you're, in fact rich.

40.7% 5


 by AppZoc

Youwe a publishing app.

40.5% 0 Beta


 by MuseON

The best way to get your most desired updates from your contacts

40.3% 0 Beta

Rhymly- Anybody Can Rhyme

 by Rhymly

Best Hindi Rhyming Dictionary app to search rhymes, create & share fun 2 liners

40.1% 4.97 Free

Lunch Together

 by Airbus Helicopters

Lunch Together helps you to meet new people in AH and to share a lunch

39.9% 0 Beta


 by DeepEchoz Smart Apps

World, hear me out! Everyone has a fair and equal chance to be heard.

39.1% 0 Beta

Connect 2 Prestige


Stay connected with your members anywhere and anytime with C2P.

38.7% 0 Beta

Donation for HFBPS - 4000


By in purchasing this application, you donate the Hungarian Federation of the Blind.

38.7% 0

Donation for HFBPS - 2000


By in purchasing this application, you donate the Hungarian Federation of the Blind.

38.7% 0

Donation for HFBPS - 1000


By in purchasing this application, you donate the Hungarian Federation of the Blind.

38.7% 0

Echo Chamber

 by Nir Arbel

Link aggregator

38.6% 0 Beta


 by Geckotech B.V.

Turns your phone into a sixth sense for chance encounters.

37.6% 0 Beta

ClearPoll - Alpha

 by ClearPoll

Decentralised Public Opinion Polls - View, Share & Vote on any topic you like!

37.1% 0 Beta


 by House of Couton

Feba is a application which provides personalized offers of near by location.

37.1% 5 Beta

Media Mover (SD Card) - WhatsApp

 by Sudo Ajay

Move Your WhatsApp Data To SD Card

36.6% 5 Free


 by TMinus

A Social Countdown app to discover events that people are counting down to

36.1% 0 Beta



Your Digital Gateway to Manage Social Networks and Emails on one App.

35.8% 0

Saemi - Text Message Saver, Copier | Whatsapp

 by Design-Experts

Saemi(சேமி) - Save all your important texts & forward messages in simple steps😉

35.3% 4.9 Free

NoCrop Story - Full Size

 by AE Company

want put image in your story with full size " no crop Story - without cropping

35.3% 5 Free