Best new Android Strategy games!

What are the best new Android Strategy games?

Warhammer Quest 2: The End Times

 by Perchang

Dungeon adventures in the Warhammer World are back!

100% 4.58

Age of AI - North America

 by Bosomik Software

Turn-based war strategy vs. a smart AI. NO ads or permissions. Playable offline

64% 5

Concrete Defense: WWII (1940-1945) TD

 by Game Objects

Build bunkers, defend your trench and defeat the Nazi armored forces.

57.5% 4.07

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode

 by PerBlue Entertainment

Action-packed RPG starring Disney and Pixar heroes

53.9% NaN

Monster Merge

 by Umbrella Games, LLC.

Grow Your Monster Collection!

53.4% 5 Free

✪ Star Tactics Redux: Clash of Fleets PREMIUM ✪

 by Devil's Dozen

Star Tactics Redux with Expeditions, double XP/Credits forever and with no ads!

49.7% 5

Kingdom Craft

 by High Morale Developments Limited(HM)

A next-generation real-time combat and strategy MMO mobile game.

47.6% 4.54 Free

Dino War

 by KingsGroup Holdings

Survive. Then dominate.

46.3% NaN

HoloGrid: Monster Battle AR

 by HappyGiant

The premiere, award winning AR board game experience!

45.7% 0

Hang On! TD

 by Ibrahim Kara

High quality Tower Defense Game.

45.1% 3.7

Heroines Fantasy

 by Shanghai Muhe Network Technology Co.,Ltd

is a cartoon-style, fantasy card game, running on Mobiles.

44% 4.5 Beta

Doom of Aliens

 by Mob Arts Entertainment Limited

#@$#... Prepare to land lv438 Planet,Invasion of reproduction starts!#@$#...

43.9% 0 Beta

Sumerian Blood: Gilgamesh against the Gods.

 by Pompi Pompi

The sands cover relics of an ancient battle that shaped the fate of humanity.

43.8% 0

Empire Warriors TD

 by Zitga Studios

Grow heroes, build towers to defend your kingdom. Enjoy our best strategy game!

42.4% 4.55 Beta

Tabletop Towers

 by Climax Studios

Build the best AR tower! Manage staff, avoid hazards and supply the demand!

42.4% 3.67

Tank Wars

 by arifcengiz

Select for your artillery angle, power, and the fire 16 shots of the new weapon

42.4% 3.57

Mormon Crush - Lds Game Premium

 by 504 Games

If you are Lds fun with our crush version for members.

42% 0

Oasis Kingdom

 by Alex Ferra

In Oasis Kingdom you can be a king, recruit an army and control castles.

41.6% 0 Beta

The Machines

 by Directive Games Limited

Battle your friends in AR

41.4% 3

Tears in the Shadow

 by MiCk Software

Turn by turn strategy game. Survive in an apocalyptic zombie-filled world.

41.3% 0 Beta

Dice Brawl: Captain's League

 by Idiocracy, Inc

Grab your dice, brawl your enemies!

40.8% 4.76 Beta

Twin Shooter II : Space Invaders Armada

 by Erepublik Labs

Play retro looking pixel space battles anytime, anywhere, no connection needed

40.1% 0 Beta

Minit Mazes

 by DoyLExMcpoyLE

A Minit fan based game. Key board or Controller Required.

39.8% 5

Mad Carnage

 by Drageus Games S.A.

Can YOU survive the Mad Carnage?

39.8% 3.67

King of Defense_The Last Defender

 by GCenter

Protect the beautiful kingdom by the best strategy and become the King's Defense

39.3% 0 Beta

Boats & Banners

 by Polydus

Take control of your ship and explore the new world!

39.1% 0 Beta

Halloween Matchers

 by Sonic72fast

Match the blocks in this Halloween themed game!

38.6% 0

War Tiler – Deck Building Battle Arena

 by Supergaming

Join the Legendary PVP battles of War Tiler Battle Arena!

38.1% 0 Beta

Three Kingdoms: Infinity Wars


Join thousands of other players in a massive real-time PVP war now!

37.9% 4.37 Free


 by Cross Product

flipflop is a reflex and skill game.

37.3% 4.84 Free

Jamata Defense - 3D Tower Defense Game(300mb)

 by Fraische Games

Tower Defense 3D Android Mobile Game

37.2% 5

Rise of Empire: King's Landing

 by Fast Game Limited

Build and Conquer! From Nothing Comes A King!

37.2% 4.51 Free

Pocket Wars: Protect or Destroy

 by Downsideup Games, Inc.

You hold the Time Artifact. Will you use it to Protect or Destroy?

37.1% 0

Empire: Origin

 by Elex

Do you have what it takes to lead your town to a kingdom?

36.9% 0 Beta


 by Hellsteam

Real time strategic game.

36.8% 0 Beta

Antbuster TD

 by RStein Studio

The #1 ant killer tower defense!

36.7% 0 Beta