Best new Android Strategy games!

What are the best new Android Strategy games?

The Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout

 by Team 17 Digital Limited

Prison Escape Simulator

69.5% NaN

Ethics: Journalist's Way

 by Ömer Furkan Aktaş

Direct the destiny of yourself and your country with your comments.

56.6% NaN

Keep Commander - Turn Based Strategy

 by Black Lightning Productions

Captures the essence of old real time strategy in a turn based strategy game

48.6% NaN

ROME: Total War

 by Feral Interactive

Epic tactics and massive battles in the campaign for history’s greatest empire.

47.9% NaN

Heroes of Flatlandia

 by Highland Studio

Fantasy turn based strategy

46.1% NaN

Cube Defender

 by Simon Codrington

Build turrets to destroy cube enemies in this addictive tower defence game

46.1% NaN

Animight - Forrest League

 by moonfy

Experience the feeling of last surviving animal in forrest.

44.7% NaN


 by ZlongGames

The classic Strategy RPG series Langrisser is back for its mobile debut!

43.9% NaN

4 in a Row - AdFree

 by Tobias Eckert

Play 4 in a Row against a friend or the challenging CPU player.

43.1% NaN

Supremacy 1914 - The Great War Strategy Game

 by Bytro Labs

WWI - A true battle of attrition for visionary strategists!

41.2% NaN

Lost Artifacts: Time Machine

 by 8floor games ltd

Lost Artifacts: Time Machine is an unforgettable adventure!

41.1% NaN

Battle for Korsun

 by Lance Craner

Korsun Jan 1944. The German Army had their last toehold on the Dneiper River.

37.4% NaN

Alien Strategy 👾🌏 Kill All Humans Alien Invasion

 by 🦖 N00bzilla Studios

Command Earth's invasion by Space Aliens! Being evil has never been so good!

36.9% NaN

Wargame: West Front

 by Burning Sand Studio

WWII real time strategy game based on historical campaign fought on west Europe

32.9% NaN

4-in-a-Row Watch Face

 by GameFace

Play 4-in-a-Row on your Watch Face!

32.4% NaN



The all-new Revolve8 from SEGA. Free items for all players! (Kintaro and Karen)

32.1% NaN

Age of Civilizations II

 by Łukasz Jakowski

AoC2 is a grand strategy wargame that is simple to learn yet hard to master.

31.4% NaN

Shattered Plane: Turn-Based Strategy Game

 by Eremite Games

Become a mighty demigod and crush your enemies in turn-based combat!

30.1% NaN

City Builder

 by Xaeric Games

Build your city up from nothing and lead it to victory!

29.9% NaN

Oasis Kingdom

 by 💎Alex Ferra

In Oasis Kingdom you can be a king, recruit an army and control castles.

29.7% NaN Beta

Harbor Defence

 by Vyacheslav Belyaev

You were sent to capture the pirates occupied some islands.

29.7% NaN Beta

British Offensive: Second Battle of El Alamein

 by Joni Nuutinen

Classic strategy board game: Can Montgomery destroy Axis forces in North Africa

28.1% NaN

Axis Crimean Campaign 1941-1942

 by Joni Nuutinen

Classic strategy game:Seize Sevastopol while fighting Soviet amphibious landings

28.1% NaN

War 1944

 by BlueBird Games

Base on World War II, 'War 1944' is a Shooting Defense game.

27% NaN


 by Inverse Studios

Arrowtale, Strategy in seconds!

26.8% NaN Beta

Galaxy Defense: Lost Planet

 by iKame Games

Galaxy Defense - Lost Planet is a fascinating and amazing tower defense game.

26.4% NaN Beta

Tears in the Shadow - turn-by-turn zombie strategy

 by MiCk Software

Survive in an apocalyptic zombie-filled world in this turn by turn strategy game

26.2% NaN Beta

The Dollar Game

 by Antonio Noack

The Dollar Game - Eliminate Debts! (ad-free; endless + custom levels)

24.7% NaN

Antbuster TD

 by Marcel Stein

The #1 ant killer tower defense!

24.2% NaN Beta


 by Playtra

Experience the classic console strategic RPG, reimagined for mobile.

24.2% NaN Free

From Village to Empire

 by Witch Laboratory

From Village to Empire is a turn based strategy game with a historical setting.

24.1% NaN

Empire: Origin

 by Elex

Do you have what it takes to lead your town to a kingdom?

24.1% NaN Beta

Heroines Fantasy

 by Shanghai Muhe Network Technology Co.,Ltd

is a cartoon-style, fantasy card game, running on Mobiles.

24.1% NaN Beta

Boats & Banners

 by Polydus

Take control of your ship and explore the new world!

23.9% NaN Beta

Dice Brawl: Card Battle Stategy PVP

 by Idiocracy, Inc

Grab your dice, brawl your enemies!

23.7% NaN Beta

Pantenite Space Mining

 by Kodsay

Build your space station in this sci-fi space strategy game!

23.5% NaN