Best new Android Tools apps!

What are the best new Android Tools apps?

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 by Neelam Bhanushali

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92.9% 4.71

Duplicate File Remover(No Ads) - Duplicate Finder

 by WiFi Booster - WiFi Signal Booster

Duplicate File Remover & Finder help you Easily Find and Delete Duplicate Files!

88.6% 4.82

Partial Screen Pro

 by Andrii Ichenets

Intercepts and blocks random arbitrary self ghost touches on the damaged display

75.6% 5

RadMeter Pro

 by Optivelox

Your smartphone becomes a professional Geiger counter!

75.3% 5

OnlyKey U2F

 by CryptoTrust

OnlyKey full feature support for your Android (OpenPGP, U2F, TOTP).

74.7% 5

QR Barcode Scanner Pro

 by LaHaSoft

Best QR code and Barcode Scanner

73.5% 4.23

My WiFi Places

 by Pannon Systems LLC

Automatically turn WiFi on and off on your phone only at places you trust.

73.3% 5

Full Scientific Calculator Pro

 by J.J. Software

A professional & feature-rich scientific supercalculator - packaged into an app.

73.3% 5

power booster system cleaner PRO

 by Wako Development

increases the performance of your smartphone or tablet.

73.3% 5

Morse Translator - Morse Code & Editable Alphabet

 by G-Creative Apps Studio

International and American Morse translator and trainer with editable alphabet

73.3% 5

PerforMAX Premium

 by RageCreations

Created to improve the mobile gaming experience!

73.3% 5


 by Pedro Albujer

Best way to manage your 2-step authentication

73.3% 5

QR/Barcode Scanner Pro

 by SRK Games

Fast and accurate QR Code and Barcode Scanner/ Reader. Try it NOW!

73.3% 5

Pocket Offset Calculator


Build single line or multi line equal spread offsets with this handy app

73.3% 5

Magnifier 4 reader Pro

 by HanStorm

Useful and vivid magnifier when reading text!
Advanced text filters, LED Light

73.3% 5

Equation Calculator Premium (No Ads)

 by Sam Yang Dreemurr

It calculates equations and functions fast and simply.

73.3% 5

Cribbage Solver

 by ClayByte

Calculates the best 4 card hand for Cribbage.

73.3% 5

Bridge Probabilities

 by Tis Veugen

Compute the probability of a hand distribution of bridge cards

73% 5

eTorrent Pro - Strong & Fast Torrent Engine

 by marketing66

One of the best torrent apps around! Download music & torrent video files

73% 5

Link URL Bookmark - favorite links in your pocket

 by Francesco Pellone

Manage your favorite web pages links and bookmarks in your pocket. AD FREE.

73% 5

Phone Pi+ Sensor Streamer

 by Priyankar Kumar

Acquire real time sensor data from your phone to a Raspberry Pi or PC.

71.8% 5

Controller - PC Remote & Gamepad

 by MoboAlien

Wifi PC Controller & Gamepad
Remote Keyboard, Mouse, Display

71.3% 4.86

Your Ram Booster (Premium)


Deeply Clean & Boost Your Ram & Make It Fast As Rocket
Try Now

71.3% 4.86

Hide Persistent Notifications

 by iboalali

Hide any Persistent Notification from your notification shade

71.3% 4.86

Gear Fit2 Filesmaster

 by SM Software

Files manager for Samsung Gear Fit 2/Pro.

71.1% 5

Second Screen Soft Key (for LG)


Second Screen (Soft Key, LG SecondScreen Navigation bar)

70.9% 4.83

Air Manager

 by Sim Innovations B.V.

Create flight simulator instrument panels with the 450+ included instruments.

70.9% 4.83

IP Checker: Premium version

 by TSB Solutions

WiFi and Mobile Network Toolkit: Info, Speed Test, IP Search, Router, FTP server

70.5% 4.86

voice recorder pro

 by smart apps smart tools

Voice recorder, audio recorder. This is a paid version without ads

70.4% 4.82

Auto Transfer

 by noople

A tool that detect file added and move the file instantly.

70.2% 5

Smash It Pro

 by FinCode

Smash kahoot with 500 bots! Without ads! Read full desc.

70.1% 4.78

Cache Cleaner Smart


Clean & Boost Your Phone In One Tap
With CPU Cooler Battery Saver & Junk Cleaner

68.7% 4.68

MHW Builder

 by IzKats

Your best MHW in-depth advisor

67.8% 5

Screen Locker - Lock the screen

 by Manuel Wrage

The last screen locker app you need.

67.1% 5


 by AP Tech™

ToDo Pro will Help manage your daily tasks & don't forget about important things

66.9% 4.33

WiFi Signal Strength Meter Pro(No Ads)

 by WiFi Booster - WiFi Signal Booster

Detect wifi signal strength and Help you find best wifi signal strength area!

66.8% 4.55