Best new Android Transportation apps!

What are the best new Android Transportation apps?

Trento Bus

 by Andrei Popleteev

Trento Bus provides timetables of urban Trento buses on your Android phone. No internet connection r ...

1.6% 4.4

Exhibition Milan iGONavigation

 by NNG Software Developing and Commercial LLC.

Offline navigation with Italy map for 30 days!°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°The Exhibition Milan iGO Navi ...

1.1% 3.1

Find My Car

 by İlter Kavlak

With this app it is really easy to save your car's location in seconds! Also you see your car's loca ...

1.1% 0

Guaguas La Palma

 by Costular

¡Aquí está la primera aplicación de guaguas de La Palma de la mano de dos palmeros!-Comprueba los ho ...

1% 4.6 Free

고속도로 상황제보

 by Korea Expressway Corp.

* 업데이트(2014. 2. 20) : 노선코드 수신하지 않음. 안드로이드 내부 DB 노선코드 변경. ...

1% 4.2 Free

My911 w/ Health Upgrade option

 by My911, Inc.

My911 provides peace of mind at an affordable price with Emergency, Accident and Alert Management. ...

1% 5


 by Javier Azuara

MetroApp is the perfect app to keep reference from all the subway or route station you use in your e ...

1% 5


 by Ditss

You are waiting for the bus: the weather is not, are you in a hurry and your bus arrives Tussam not ...

1% 5



This is the very first and only app of it's kind. It automatically calculates your vehicle needs fo ...

1% 5

Moscow Ticket Info

 by JQ Soft

This free app allows to read Moscow universal ticket (metro, bus, tram, trolleybus, monorail) and a ...

0.9% 4.1 Free

Way Back Navigator Pro

 by BMC Applications

Each year hundreds of people are reported lost in the wilderness. Lets change that! Whether you’re c ...

0.9% 4.8

DRT Mobile

 by LaFlamme Studios

The DRT Mobile app shows Durham Region Transit bus route maps and schedule times -- Features -- * Fa ...

0.9% 4.8

Tube AR

 by Sukros

Use augmented reality to view the nearest London Underground tube stations, view real time station d ...

0.9% 5

Drive Safe

 by Elite App Designers

Drive Safe is an App that allows parents to disable a teens phone so that they are not tempted to se ...

0.9% 5

Dhoori Pro

 by Joodio Apps

World Travel Distance Calculator.Dhoori Pro (no ads) is the most simplest Android App that avails yo ...

0.9% 5

SL-Commuter Pro

 by Creang AB

With this app you add your own SL stop-areas and get real-time information about departures and dela ...

0.9% 5

Bus Track: NYC

 by MikeOliverDigital

Bus Tracker NYC is a New Yorker’s Android solution to locating the next bus. Selecting a bus stop wi ...

0.9% 5

Wake App (Donation)

 by Matteo Cajani

Sleep on train or coach, you'll be waked up before reaching your destination! Wake App is a geo-loca ...

0.9% 5

CNG Finder India

 by Vasudha SoftAim Innovations Pvt.Ltd

The CNG Finder application helps you to find out all CNG and LPG filling stations all over India.• S ...

0.9% 5


 by StrazCo

Scenario 1: It's raining and you are down to 2% battery life. Even if you don't mind paying Uber 20 ...

0.9% 5

Gas Converter

 by Matt Folsom

Convert fuel prices to equivalent prices with different ethanol concentrations. As we all know ethan ...

0.9% 5


 by Sander Huijsen

Measure your car's speed using this fancy looking, GPS based speedometer. You can select km/h (metri ...

0.9% 5

Smart Driver

 by yamwamdam

Are you afraid of the police radar checks, do not know which rules are applied in other countries, w ...

0.9% 5

Phoenix Light Rail Pro

 by Aleody

Timetable for Phoenix Light Rail. Has times for all stations, all days, westbound and eastbound. Tim ...

0.9% 5

Get a taxi

 by Rollisto

Order a taxi in Helsinki, Tampere or Oulu area with SMS message. Location service suggests your curr ...

0.9% 5

Density Altitude Calculator

 by Software AMDG

This application determines density altitude given information typically found in weather reports su ...

0.9% 5

Metro Bilbao Pro

 by Ieltxu Miguélez

Check the schedule/timetable of Metro Bilbao (subway/underground) in real time! You will always have ...

0.9% 5

Become A Courier

 by Sevens Couriers, Inc

Become A Courier is designed to connect couriers to aid the industry's growth by affording those cou ...

0.9% 5

Dude, Where's My Car?

 by Hip Sheep

"Dude, Where's My Car?" is a great and easy to use vehicle finder app. Have you ever parked your car ...

0.9% 5

Speedy Pro

 by AOA

Speedy Pro is an advanced speed/distance meter. Speedy Pro's main features are: -Speed meter which a ...

0.9% 5

Taxis in Italy

 by OpenWebs

Look for TAXI near you TELEPHONE WITHOUT PHONE WAITING (IN WHOLE ITALY). CallCenter +39 02.5353 RADI ...

0.9% 5

Mass Air Flow Sensor Tester

 by Sonic Gadgets

This Volumetric Efficiency Calculator can determine if your MASS AIRFLOW SENSOR (MAF) is bad. Just b ...

0.9% 5

Find My Car (WIMC?)

 by Salvatore Petrolo (t0re199)

Have you ever parked your car but you couldn’t remember where? Or you didn’t remember if you locked ...

0.9% 5

Unlock Speedcams-SE

 by Matjosoft AB

Unlock the Speedcams-SE app. Enabeling new features and removes ads. Expects Speecams-SE version 1.1 ...

0.9% 5

DNV Port State Control

 by Pixel Zoo AS

The Port State Control application (PSC APP) has been created for, and to the specifications of, the ...

0.9% 5


 by crimsondr

For those familiar with TGPT ( ), this small app will check the s ...

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