Best Android Arcade games!

What are the best Android Arcade games?

Bendy in Nightmare Run

 by Joey Drew Studios

An Action Packed Boss Runner

87.3% 4.69 Free

Fire Egg

 by 111%

Break the Chicken coop!
Save your chicks!

31.6% 4.24 Free

Mecha Royale Online

 by Illogical

Be the sole survivor in this top down shooter Battle Royale with mechs.

25.5% 0 Free


 by Rocket Vulture

Master the art of the drift! Drift to the top & earn cars, wheels & attributes!

41% 4.33 Free


 by Juanma Altamirano

Endless Arcade TapFight Duel

51.1% 4.69 Free


 by Set Snail

There will be piranhas!

27.9% 0 Free

ShaqFu: A Legend Reborn

 by Mad Dog Games, LLC

The world lies on the brink of disaster...

20.5% 4.31 Free

Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode II

 by SEGA

Play as Sonic, Tails, and Metal Sonic in this 2D adventure!

41.7% 4.55 Free

Chicken Rider

 by PlayWay SA

Save those Chickens!

36.9% 4.5 Free


 by grapefrukt games

A Ball Bouncer With Depth

32.6% 4.63

Mowy Lawn

 by PlayStack

Crazy arcade Mowing!

32.5% 4.51 Free

Portal Drop

 by ArmNomads LLC

Portals are everywhere!

20.3% 3.13 Free

Speed Boaty - The Ocean is a dangerous place!

 by Little Red Sailboat

Dodge and jump your boat through endless fast-paced danger set in 1984 Miami!

30.3% 4.63 Free

iJuggle Pro

 by Tsouchlos Brothers

iJuggle: The first true mobile Juggling game

47.6% 4.27

SEEDS - The Magic Garden

 by Znavit

SEEDS is a puzzle game where players grow magical plants – and save real trees

29.1% 4.21 Free

Abduct Me

 by ClairvoyantGames

Alien Abduction - UFO adventure

34.5% 4.88 Free

Pinfinite - Endless Pinball

 by Tiny Titan Studios

An epic take on a classic! Compete for high scores in the best infinite pinball!

12% 3.82 Free

MADOBU - Be the Dark Lord

 by 111%

...You are born for it.

9.3% 4.45 Free

Run Candy Run

 by RUD Present

Could you help candies to get rid of hungry child? One touch game! Run and jump!

8.3% 4.92 Free

Fatal Flap

 by Tiny Games Srl

Danger is waiting around every corner. Your only chance of survival is to flap.

15.6% 4.12 Free



Endless One-Touch Adventure

17% 4.66 Free

Kairo Land

 by Kairosoft Co.,Ltd

Recommended for Kairosoft fans!

10.3% 2.84 Free

Free flowing infinite runner - FLO Game

 by Rogue Games - free fun one tap games

Shatter FLO Facebook scores in a free flowing one tap infinite runner

10.8% 3.86 Free


 by Oddrok

Are you the next Master Pilot?

7.8% 3.96 Free

Doodle Space - Old Version

 by Weez Beez

Launch your rocket to explore space and become a legend in this adventure!

12.1% 4.46 Free

Hungry Dragon™

 by Ubisoft Entertainment

Be a Hungry Dragon in this action-packed rampage of fire, food and furious fun!

14.5% NaN

Jockey Viva Go

 by GameCyber Technology Ltd.

Virtual Horse Racing Mobile Game. Being a horse owner is not a dream FREE!!

10.3% 4.62 Free

Samurai Chef

 by Playgendary

Cross swords with world-known samurai chefs in VR action game!

9.3% 3.67

Orbia: Tap and Relax

 by JOX Development LLC

Test your skill in an exciting adventure, full of bizarre worlds!

15.9% 4.77 Beta

Bubblegum Hero

 by Crimson Pine Games

Make the most bubblegum balloons and try not to blow it!

10.7% 4.6 Free


 by TAITO Corporation

Experience the King of Shooting Games!

12.9% 3.58

I Love My Circle

 by Joshua Burr

A challenging arcade game with a colourful and minimalistic art style.

10.7% 4.31


 by Michal Kuk

Pure, classic platforming fun with beautiful, minimalistic art style!

14.4% 3.98

Cardinal Quest

 by tametick

An arcade-style roguelike: Choose your champion and begin your quest!

13.8% 4.05 Free

Intergalactic Zoo

 by RTK3 Games

Plat-former where you try to save Mama animals to rescue the baby animals

77.2% 5

Rollie Panda Hat Edition

 by NaCl Studios

Overjoyed, Rollie celebrates his new hat by rolling down the hill

77.2% 5