Best Android Card games!

What are the best Android Card games?

Meow Wars: Card Battle

 by Taco Truck Games

Combat cats in this epic card battle strategy game!

54.6% 4.48 Free


 by PlayFusion

Epic battles await: Play the multi-award winning card game, now available online

16.5% 4.42 Free

MARVEL Battle Lines

 by NEXON Company

Battle with over 100 Marvel Super Heroes and Villains to save the universe!


Card Quest

 by Black Shell Media

A unique card-based rogue-like with more than a hundred hours of content!

17.7% 4.72

The Horus Heresy: Legions – TCG card battle game

 by Everguild Ltd.

Epic strategy card game in Warhammer 40,000 universe. Online PvP card battle TCG

17% 4.52 Beta


 by gLab - Funny games lab

Fantastic cards game for your brain!

28.1% 4.88

Shanghai Rummy

 by Isaiah M. Coughlin

Play Shanghai Rummy a fun and challenging variation of contract rummy now!

75.4% 4

White Girl

 by 大虎工房

This is a growth note of colorful and pitiful girl...

72.1% 4.67

Klondike Solitaire

 by coppercod

Klondike Solitaire is the world's favorite classic solitaire game!

71.1% 5

Spider Solitaire Pro+

 by Crazy Game Developer

Spider Solitaire Pro is #1 classic spider solitaire of free klondike card game!

68.7% 5


 by FeST Application

Online and offline card game. Play against computer and vs. friends and family

54% 4.33

Five Hundred (500)

 by Jackson Sargeant

The classic 500 card game. Play against the computer or against your friends!

44.3% 5

Niggle (Oh Hell!)

 by Sean O'Connor

A card game, more commonly known as "Oh Hell!"

44% 0

FreeCell Pro+

 by Crazy Game Developer

FreeCell Pro No-Ads is classic solitaire free card game on mobility device!

41.2% 0

Valor Arena 2 - Card Battle from League of Legends

 by sugart

Super easy to play but hard to master epic League of Legends Card Battle Game

40.9% 3.97 Beta

Freedom or union

 by NR Studio

Collectible-card game about the events of the Civil War in the USA 1861-1865.

40.7% 0

Big 2 Offline - Chinese Poker


Big Two Offline - Play Big 2 Chinese Poker without the Internet Connection.

40% 4.23 Beta

game of chaloupe

 by jmr

game of chaloupe ^^

38.7% 0

Video Poker Assistant

 by Stephen Milone

Video Poker Assistant, never second guess hold-draw decisions again.

38.6% 5


 by Joshua Balfour

The Puzzle Game

37.8% 0 Beta


 by Masque Publishing

Hungry for a new challenge? Try SnackJack, the addictive new 21 game!

37.2% 4.82

Age of Stone


Idle card game

36.9% 4.69 Free

Accordion Solitaire

 by aRa Mobile Canada

A fun and addictive solitaire game!

36.7% 5

Star 21

 by Starry Sky Software

21 hands of Blackjack all at the same time from one deck of cards. And no ads!

36.7% 5


 by Oak Games Ltd

Classic Freecell card game

36.7% 5

Solitaire Andr Free


Card Game Classic and Spider Solitaire, Freecell, Klondike, Canfield, Tripeaks

36.7% 5

Ten (Card Game, No Ads:)

 by tencardgame

Ten is a new trick taking card game that has similarities to Euchre and Spades.

36.5% 5

Call Bridge

 by S.APPS

Call Bridge is a famous card game similar to Spades.It's a Trick Taking game

36.5% 5

CCStudPoker - Cowboy Cardsharks Stud Poker Games

 by Useful Software, Inc.

Five Card Stud, Seven Card Stud, Murder!, Canadian Stud/Soko, 1-3-1

36% 0

PrOKER: Poker Odds Calculator


Fast access to Odds, Outs and Pocket Strength using the unique Card Selector.

35.7% 4.68

Latest Texas Hold'em

 by ZuoBox

Texas hold 'em is a variation of the card game of poker.

35.3% 0 Beta

Domino QQ online - Domino 99

 by Happy Cell

Domino QQ, Gaple, Texas Poker, Samgong, the hottest card games are here!

35.2% 4.75 Free

Fantasy Memory - A Classic Card Game

 by ARGames15

A Classic Card Game for young and old with new fantasy design.

34.9% 5 Free

A Knight to Remember

 by StaalMedia

A unique blend of fighting and a card game.

34.8% 5

Solitaire Flush & Clash

 by XI-ART Sp.z o.o.

Unique, fast paced solitaire challenge. Up your skills! Flush them all!

34.7% 5 Free

Dragon Life Counter

 by Richard Beyer

Track life and poison counters easily with this Life Counter App!

34.7% 5