Best Android Casual games!

What are the best Android Casual games?

Tasty Cafe - Cook rush and dash to mix recipes

 by D9Design

Tasty Cafe, own a restaurant, make food and drinks with music and free fun☕🥐😋

44.8% 4.22 Free

Blocky Farm

 by Jet Toast


25.6% 4.78 Beta


 by HyperBeard

Woof woof! KleptoCats are back! But this time it's... DOGS?!?

42.1% 4.67 Free

Artists Kids Coloring Book


Coloring Books for kids!

18.1% 3.81

LEGO® BrickHeadz Builder AR

 by LEGO System A/S

Create solutions, and build your own play in this magical LEGO AR experience!

18.9% 3.13 Free

Diamond Diaries Saga

 by King

A brand new puzzle linker game from King, the creators of Candy Crush Saga.

10.6% 4.41 Free

Dank Tanks

 by Lilithgames

Oops, did I blast that oil drum into your face?

26.6% 4.46 Free


 by HyperBeard

Boldly go where no monkey has gone before!

14.1% 0 Free

Connect - colorful casual game

 by AppSoGreat

Colorful casual game. Abstract & Sport pictures. Let's match all the pairs.

25% 4.35

Cat Condo

 by Zepni Ltd.

Build your own cat condo and collect cute cats!

8% 4.75 Free

Only When Howling

 by Kim Savory

An interactive art experience!

41.7% 5

Wrestle Tiger

 by Ricetime

A wrestling game with Tiger! Exercise your own luck and skill!

19.3% 5 Free

Tummy Slide

 by Tummy Games

It's sliding time! Join the penguins in the world of Tummy Slide.

16.2% 4.48 Free


 by LC Multimedia

You won't be able to get 15 points! Challenge yourself! Play Ahead!

9.4% 4.7 Free

Cube Form

 by George Stewart

Block building, cube art, 3D modelling, pixel art, isometric, minimalist

73.3% 5

ZiPPR Fleet

 by SONAD, Inc.

Join ZiPPR Fleet and grow in its ranks! Relax, have fun, and develop dexterity!

73.3% 5

Non-Competitive Singing Potatoes


no competing just singing now

73.3% 5

Sheppy The Dog: Quest!

 by Baby Owl Studios

Help Sheppy guide the scattered sheep and complete quests to gain bones!

73.3% 5

11 Islands Match-3 Puzzle (Full)

 by Joyful Software

Restore prosperity to the Tribe of the Eleven Islands!

73.3% 5

To the Edge of the Sky - Premium

 by Aeon Dream Studios

TTEOTS All Access Season Pass - Receive all premium content for a flat price!

71.6% 4.88

penguin diner Pro

 by shadow falls studio

Crazy Jabber Penguin Adventres club in jungles of Snow & Dessert

70% 5

Guerrilla Gardener

 by TGC: Mines 2013, 2014

Grow beautiful gardens and change the world. All proceeds go to charity!!

69.4% 5

Space Rocket - Star World


Explore the universe, discover and colonize all kinds of magical planets.

63.5% 4.59 Free

Art Heist, White Hat

 by Critical Gameplay

Sneak and evade in real art museums. The clock is ticking and time is money.

62.8% 5

Animal Cove: Solve Puzzles & Customize Your Island

 by KingsIsle Entertainment, Inc

3D Animal Story Game with Match-3 and Island Building - Animal Cove has it all!

60.6% 4.49 Free

Hero Evolution : NO ADS

 by 크래블루

Super Simple Hero Evolution Game~!!

54% 3.7

Polandball *Premium*

 by Jolly Free Games

Polandball, the bravest countryball. POLAND STRONG! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

54% 4

Classic Snake Game Gold

 by RebelApes

The evergreen snake game in a Blocky World!
Get it NOW!

52.9% 5

Math Connect PRO

 by LittleBigPlay - Only Free Games

Test your Math skills in this entertaining counting game for all ages!

46.8% 5

Donate me your money

 by King Software

This is a test 80 character description of exactly 80 characters to upload to th

46.6% 5

A Quick Festive Quest

 by Evolutionary Games

Find the matching tiles before they disappear

46.3% 0

Fun Fill Factory

 by Evolutionary Games

Fill the toys perfectly

46.3% 0

Chobbs Chocolate Bunny Backup Squad

 by Evolutionary Games

Find the right eggs in this semi-hidden object game

46.3% 0

Pet Robot Diggy : Rescue Diamonds Pro

 by Doctor Mad

An AR game, you control diggy bot and help him rescue the diamond.

46.3% 3

Cookie Wars

 by Devsisters Corporation

Ready yourself for the Jellipocalypse!
Behold, the crunchiest battlefield yet!


Ene's Matching Pairs - Premium

 by Mod Creative Inc.

Children's Matching Game: Help Ene find all of the matching cards

46.3% 0