Best Android Education apps!

What are the best Android Education apps?

Google AIY Projects

 by Google LLC

The companion app for AIY Projects

32.1% 4.35 Free

Giant Moon AR

 by Arrow Software Development

Shows a giant moon in your sky using augmented reality & ARCore

15.8% 0


 by rainbow learning software

Functions shown graphically (secondary I)

18.5% 3.91 Free

Systems of linear equations

 by rainbow learning software

What are linear systems of equations and how can they be solved?

19.4% 4.5

Fivey — 5000 French Words — Flashcards

 by Vosmann

5000 French Words and Expressions

9.3% 4.64

Spacecraft AR

 by Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Check out some of NASA’s robotic explorers through stunning augmented reality.

25.3% 4.52 Free

Civilisations AR

 by Media Applications Technologies for the BBC

Bring art and culture from across the world to you with this BBC AR app.

7.6% 3.49 Free

Fivey — 5000 Spanish Words — Flashcards

 by Vosmann

5000 Spanish Words and Expressions

11.1% 3.9

Olympia in VR

 by Lithodomos VR

Visit the birthplace of the Olympic games in Virtual Reality on a guided tour

20.7% 0


 by David Šimák

Mathematical calculating and formulas in your pocket

8.5% 4.1


 by Federal Aviation Administration

Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B) VR simulator.

11% 2.7 Free

Vegetable Flashcards V2 PRO

 by KidsEdu studio

★ No Ads , offline mode
★ Five different puzzle games
★ Easy drawing pen

7.5% 4.86

Fruits Flashcards V2 PRO

 by KidsEdu studio

★ No Ads , offline mode
★ 5 different puzzle games
★ Easy drawing pen

7.6% 4.83

Harvard Education Mobile

 by 4studio Educational Arena

The Harvard education to improve study experience with easiness.

68.8% 5

BLApp - learn

 by Blumen Krämer AG

Completely new design, functionallity and much smaller than the previous version

68.7% 5

SQL Server Interview Full

 by Nikolaos Katsogridakis

This Quiz has 202 advanced questions about the inner workings of SQL Server.

68.4% 5


 by Eztia Apps

A Tableau Certification & Interview App with 100+ questions!

63.8% 5

Oxbridge Interview Questions - Sciences

 by CV Engineer HQ

Past interview questions to prepare for your application to Oxford or Cambridge.

63.8% 5


 by ChildsPlay

Welcome to the ChildsPlay App page!

62% 5

CITB op/spec HS&E test 2018

 by CITB

The official 2018 CITB HS&E test app for Operatives and Specialists

61.6% 5

CITB MAP HS&E test 2018

 by CITB

The official 2018 CITB HS&E test app for Managers and Professionals

61.6% 5


 by Cyberus

Read the words from the cards. 7 languages. 5 sections. More than 300 words

59.6% 5

My Review Assistant: Full Version - BLEPT Reviewer

 by MyBro Technology

LET Reviewer (Reviewees Could Create & Practice Own Exams - with Timer)

59.3% 5

English Irregular Verbs (Full version)

 by JVSDIm

Easy method of studying English irregular verbs and English tenses.

58.5% 5

TRYBIT POINTER - Puzzle in machine language

 by HIMACS, Ltd.

Are these simple tasks all a CPU can really do!?

58.1% 4

Collocations Dictionary Premium

 by British Studio

This dictionary is also very helpful for the education of the IELTS, TOEFL test.

57% 4.5

HSK Hero - Learn Chinese

 by Handtechnics

Learn Chinese and master the HSK with the Hero Method!

56.6% 5

Numerical Reasoning Tests

 by WikiJob

Practise a timed numerical reasoning test based on those used by employers.

56.1% 5

EngBreaking Pro (New Methods Learning English)

 by ABC English Group

3 Simple steps to help you "Cure English deafness" in only 1 month

55.4% 5

Longman Dictionary English Premium

 by Education Limit

Longman Dictionary English is a complete vocabulary and grammar of English.

54.9% 3.74

IQ Games Pro

 by Mindware Consulting, Inc

Discover your game IQ score with the best brain training games from Mind Games.

53.9% 4.43

PIKING [ Pi, memorize, pi=3.14...]

 by J.Tiger

PI, memorize pi - 3.1415 ... PiDay, when you are bored PIKING brain training.

53.8% 4.96


 by Kritrim Entertainment

Spacewatch | Explore and Learn |

51.8% 4.18

CAIIB Study Notes Pro

 by Vapari Systems

A collection of about 4000 notes across subjects & modules for CAIIB Examination

49.8% 5

Math Tricks PRO

 by Antoni Ion

This program is dedicated to showing you a variety of interesting math tricks.

48.9% 4.91

Amazing Science for Kids

 by Baja Interactive

Amazing Science for Kids will have your child excited about science.

48.5% 5