Best Android Education apps!

What are the best Android Education apps?


 by White House Historical Association

The new mobile app from The White House Historical Association.

40.2% 4.53 Free


 by David Šimák

Mathematical calculating and formulas in your pocket

8.5% 4.1


 by Federal Aviation Administration

Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B) VR simulator.

11% 2.7 Free

BCBA Flashcards

 by by ABA Exam Prep

Master hundreds of critical ABA study terms for the BCBA and RBT exam

77.2% 5

Hadith Authenticator Pro - By Ayyanemall

 by Ayyanemall

The app that authenticates Hadith from Sahih-Al-Bukhari without ads.

73.7% 5

(PRO) King James Audio Bible

 by Bible International Version Ltd.

King James Version Bible (KJV) Free + Audio (PRO)

73.3% 5

Tests at the State Bureau of Investigations (UA)


Preparation for a qualification assessment for the StateBureau of Investigations

73.3% 5

Pass Canadian Citizenship Test

 by CandidConnect IT Team

Practice using this app and Score 20/20 in the Canadian Citizenship Test.

73.3% 5

Best English Idioms & Phrases (Pro)

 by LT Software - AppForYou


71.1% 5

CRJ-200 Study App


CRJ-200 System Flashcards, Memory Items, Limitations, Cockpit Panels Schematics

54.2% 4

ABC Baby English (English For Kids)

 by ABC English Group

For Kids: Learn Vocabulary, Speech through Images and Interactive Games

46.3% 0 Beta

LC Easy 4.0


Training for library assistants using Library of Congress Classification System.

46.3% 0

Deep Web: Infinite Knowledge, Education & Learning

 by Abdulhamit Aydın

More than just a regular general knowledge & education app. Learn the truth!

45.1% 4.63 Free

Cradle of Love


Helping mums become the best version of themselves

44% 0 Beta


 by Think Tankers Innovative Solutions

Imagine Magbook- Magazine + Textbook, a contemporary version of magazine

44% 5 Beta

Mercator Puzzle

 by alex_aladdin

Much interactive. So geography. Amaze

44% 0 Beta

AASTMT Attendance


This App is used to log the attendance of AAST Staff & Employees

44% 0 Beta

Guitar Chords Scales

 by Madster Limited - Guitar

Chords - Scales: Chord Progressions Arranged by Music Key

44% 0

Guitar Notes Finder

 by Madster Limited - Guitar

Guitar Notes - Acoustic and Electric.
Learn the notes of a 22 fret guitar.

44% 0

Bass Guitar App

 by Madster Limited - Guitar

Bass guitar notes - Fretboard map.
Learn the notes of a 22 fret bass guitar.

44% 0

Stoichiometry Plus


Calculators for reaction stoichiometry, equation balance, and formula weight

44% 0

EEG RNG - Research Version

 by Christopher Henningsen

A research version of the EEG based Random Number Generator

44% 0

Dental Corpus PRIMARY

 by Dental Corpus

Dental Corpus PRIMARY is an interactive app for dental students and dentists.

44% 0

The Return of Love

 by Lucky Akter

The Return of Love

44% 0

CBSE 12th Board Exam Result 2018 - No Ads

 by amit02204

Get CBSE(Central Board of Secondary Education) 12th Board Exam Result 2018-No Ad

44% 0

Study Guide Combo

 by P.A. Mlecka, Publisher

An education tool for this generation in reaching your educational goals

44% 0

Sleep Tech Lectures

 by Kettering Seminars

Kettering’s audio lectures for the Sleep Tech examination

44% 0

Solar Simulator for ARCore

 by Angstrom Tech

An Augmented Reality app for teaching the relative scale of the solar system.

44% 3

CommunicoTool Mini

 by C..Texdev

Create your own digital AAC communication board that fit in your pocket !

44% 0

Fever Cat Arithmetic

 by B Squared Tuition Ltd

Help Fever Cat take over the world with super-numerate robots

44% 0

8085 Microprocessor Pro

 by Nikhil Amatya

Ad free version of 8085 Microprocessor

44% 0

McCabe Thiele Distillation Pro

 by ThetaVerde

This app will show you step by step how to use the McCabe Thiele method.

44% 0

CET Practice Smart - Pro

 by Sapna G

CET/KCET Practice tests with around 1000 questions to prepare you for success

44% 0

FAU Research Hub

 by FAU Mobile

Collaborate with researchers at Florida Atlantic University!

44% 5 Beta


 by Institute for Earth Observations at Palmyra Cove

"Hands-on" mixed reality for visualizing earth data.

43.8% 4.5 Beta

Learn CW

 by Jerry Adkins

Learn CW was created to make it easier to learn Morse Code

43.8% 0