Best Android Entertainment apps!

What are the best Android Entertainment apps?

House of Cats

 by House of Cats

Get inside the White House! Follow Trumpy Cat!  Don’t miss his greatest moments!

100% 4.41


 by Hasbro Inc.


35.5% 4.29 Free


 by Condé Nast Digital

WIRED is where tomorrow is realized.

23.2% 0 Free


 by IFC TV

Keep up-to-date with new episodes or tune in real time with the livestream.

40.2% 5 Free

AT&T WatchTV

 by AT&T Services, Inc.

Watch 30+ Live TV Channels & 15,000 On Demand Movies & Shows with WatchTV!

8.7% 1.93 Free


 by LEGO System A/S


15.6% 4.29 Free

DLive · Live Stream on the Blockchain

 by DLive Inc.

The largest live streaming and video community on the blockchain.

12.2% 4.24 Free

Steam Link (BETA)

 by Valve Corporation

Stream Your Steam Library

17.6% 4.22 Free

Favorites Lock Screen

 by Microsoft Corporation

New screens just the way you like

9.8% 4.13 Free

Mosaic from Steven Soderbergh

 by PodOp, Inc

HBO Presents: MOSAIC -- a new storytelling experience from Steven Soderbergh.

7.5% 3.97 Free

TV Show Favs

 by MKDevelopment

TV Show Favs is your personal TV tracker!

11.7% 4 Free


 by AMC

The official VR app for AMC originals like The Walking Dead & Into the Badlands.

13.4% 3 Free

VIZIO SmartCast Mobile™


Remote Controls and Entertainment Discovery for your VIZIO SmartCast™ devices.

7.8% 3.21 Free


 by hallidev

Visualize audio with your Philips Hue lighting system

77.2% 5


 by Outlandish Apps LLC

Text and Share over 200 Awesome Pre-made Newfy Emojis + Customize

77.2% 5

R6 Companion

 by Jeeva Kalaiselvam

Rainbow Six Siege Companion (Unofficial) (Operators, Maps, Cameras , Weapons)

76.2% 4.92


 by Tiger Team Inc

“The Original”
BY Patriots For Patriots
Redpill with ease!

75.8% 4.95



You will become the kings and the queens of your dreams. You rule, you play.

75% 4.86

I Am Rich

 by Apps by Charles Debczak

The most EXPENSIVE app on the Play Store- let your friends know how rich you are

74.7% 5

Digital Force Bag

 by Craig Squires & Nick Einhorn

DFB is a joint release from UK Magicians Nick Einhorn & Craig Squires.

73.6% 4.88

MTG Epic Life Counter

 by Serpente Interactive

The EPIC life counter your MTG games deserve!

73.3% 5

The Most Expensive Charity App

 by The Galaxy Software Inc.

An app that you can purchase that do the charity, However app does nothing.

73.3% 5

Magic Trick # Drone Augmented Reality

 by Azool Criações - Thiago Pereira

The technology of augmented reality is magical at the click of your fingers

73.3% 5

Motivate Yourself Everyday!

 by Felinx Rynn

A motivation app which consist of numerous quotes to motivate you!

73.3% 5

Lava Lamp - No Ads

 by Relaxing Moments

Lava lamp simulator with different colors to relax and free your mind. No ads

73.3% 5

Copy & Pasta Premium

 by Jonda

Premium version of the well known Copy & Pasta app!

73.3% 5

Javali's Watch Face

 by Javali LLC

Simple, Elegant and Highly Customizable Watch Face

73.3% 5

Ultimate EMF Detector Special Edition

 by MRE Programming

A new feel on the powerfull Ultimate EMF Detector.

72.6% 5

Cheerful Harmonica Pro

 by AzamirDEV

Cheerful Harmonica Pro

70.2% 5

Kamasutra Gay Pro

 by Apps Haver

For every moment there is a position.

70.2% 5

Free Promo Codes for PSN

 by Eight Dev LLC

🎮 Enjoy our new PSN codes generator app and play the cool ps4 games for Free!

70.2% 4.66 Free

SWGOH Planner

 by UnicornApps

Everything you need to know about SWGOH

67.9% 4.68

Predictus - magic trick

 by Presapire

Be Amazing !!!

66.9% 4.33

Upcoming Premiere Pro

 by Tiago Massita

Check the upcoming premieres and be notified about a new movie release.

66.3% 5


 by Fotobom Media, Inc.

Create custom gifs and emojis for your favorite messengers

64.6% 4.78

Personality Psychology Premium

 by CrazySoft Limited

Know your personality score, to analyze your personality.

62.5% 5