Best Android Music games!

What are the best Android Music games?

Muse Dash

 by X.D. Network

『The movement of our world has been adapted』
『Can you hear my whispering? 』

28.7% 4.75

Avicii | Gravity HD

 by Hello There AB

There’s a party in space - and you’re invited!

9.3% 4.73 Free


 by So Far So Good

Incredibox helps you create a mix very easily by managing a band of beatboxers.

11.5% 4.81

Fake Block

 by Antave

Portable Wood Block on Your Phone!

71.3% 5

Wonder Parade

 by studioQuare

A simple rhythm game.

61.8% 4.7

Pink Butterfly Piano Tiles 2018

 by Devooo

Pink Butterfly Piano Tiles 2018 - The best Pink Piano Games NOW!

45% 4.59 Free


 by All Nighter Games

Dj helps band go from rags to riches

40.3% 5 Beta

Piano Magic - Don't miss tiles, over 260 songs

 by Pyramids Games

Piano Magic contains over 260 musical songs from top charts

39.4% 4.47 Free

Baby Piano Music New

 by splash games

Baby piano music is free music adventure game for kids and everyone!

35.9% 4.94 Free

Dancing Wings

 by Double Loi

You are lost in the neon world. Feel the beat to get out of there

35.5% 5 Free

Piano Tap Smash

 by Roughprogramming

Catch and tap the notes to hear the beautiful piano music. Are you fast enough?

34.9% 5 Free

Bass Surf - Play Your Favorite Songs

 by Red Stone Software

Make your favorite music even grander by Playing this Game

34.9% 5 Free

Drum Pad Beats

 by Teoti Graphix, LLC

Drum Pad Beats is a rhythm/melody creator and live pad/scene re-mixer.

34.5% 5

Real Drums - Deluxe - Drums Classic - Simple Drum

 by lauraApps

This is the best Version Drums in the world 2018 "Free"

33.3% 4.24 Free

Colorful Piano Magic Tiles Kpop

 by Great Music Games

Lets play our piano game with more than 200 unique songs.

33.3% 5 Free

Guess The Song

 by Blogscol

Guess the Song: The best Trivia game of songs

33.1% 5 Free

Walmart Boi

 by Zoro Entertaiment

this is just meme for the very good boi who made this all real!

33.1% 5 Free

Ariana Grande Piano & Guitar Tiles

 by vllabs

Play Ariana's Greatest Hits!

33.1% 5 Free

Ed Sheeran Piano & Guitar Tiles

 by vllabs

Play Ed Sheeran greatest hits on piano and guitar!

33.1% 5 Free

Piano Tiles Disney Zombies

 by Chelendra App

Let's begin challenge with Piano Tiles Magic Disney Zombies now !

32.7% 4.88 Free

Pianomania Play For Free


Learn piano sheet music in a fun way!
Piano sheet music was never so easy!

32% 5 Free

Pink Hearts Piano Tiles 2018

 by Devooo

Pink Hearts Piano Tiles 2018 - Funny Music Game for all ages

31.7% 4.44 Free

Who is Justin Bieber?

 by QuizStone ApS

The Ultimate Justin Bieber Fan Quiz!

31.5% 5 Free

Zoom Challenge

 by Gold Coast Apps

Harder than you think! Take the #ZOOMCHALLENGE, the latest viral trend of 2018!

31.4% 5 Free

My Singing Monsters Composer

 by Big Blue Bubble

Conduct an orchestra of musical Monsters from the hit game My Singing Monsters!

31.1% 4.29

Note Flash -Learn Music Sight Read Piano Flashcard

 by pranapps

Free music flashcards game to learn reading sheet music notes listens via mic.

31.1% 4.67 Free

Diabolic Lover Piano Tiles Game

 by Chelendra App

Let's begin challenge with Diabolic Lover Piano Tiles Magic Game now.

31% 3.95 Free

Clarinet Racer

 by AtPlayMusic

-Pull out your Clarinet and play the correct Notes to pass the other cars.

30.8% 5

BATTA MAN:Beat it! Batta rhythm! ! !

 by Viking Maxx

Super farmer hero rhythm game!
For our life (and the rice), BEAT IT! BATTA MAN!

30.7% 5 Free

Iron Maiden's Beat the Intro

 by Musicplode Media Ltd

Unleash the Beast: it’s merciless!

30.3% 4.76 Free

Fake Block Free

 by Antave

Portable Wood Block on Your Phone!

30.3% 4.29 Free

NBA YoungBoy Magic Piano Tiles

 by Chelendra App

Let's begin challenge with NBA YoungBoy Magic Piano Tiles now...

30.2% 4.5 Free

Piano Tiles 3

 by Jqdmy

piano tiles, slowly acceleration process, you can keep up.

30% 4.43 Free

Guitar Mode Workout

 by 5 Diamond Music Services, Inc.

This app will test your ability to recall the 7 Diatonic Modes for the guitar.

29.2% 5

Children's Piano - Spongebob Patrick

 by Cah Tegal Dev

Play and learn with pianika or child piano theme Spongebob and patrick :)

28.3% 4.5 Free

Finish The Song Title - Free Music Quiz App

 by World of Quiz

Music quiz trivia game that lets the player test his song titles knowledge!

28.3% 4.35 Free