Best Android Music games!

What are the best Android Music games?

Muse Dash

 by X.D. Network

『The movement of our world has been adapted』
『Can you hear my whispering? 』


Cytus II

 by Rayark International Limited

Can you hear me?



 by So Far So Good

Incredibox helps you create a mix very easily by managing a band of beatboxers.


Rhythm Game - TOY DJ (Plus)


A rhythm game where you are the DJ. Tap launchpad tiles and scratch your record.



 by All Nighter Games

Dj helps band go from rags to riches

35.7% Beta

Splashy Tiles: Bouncing to the music tiles


Swipe your fingers to control the bounce ball

34.8% Beta


 by Apposite Software

A fast, intuitive, way to play with sound.


Beat Beat Vocaloid

 by kestrel games studio

Vocaloid top music!Let's touch the hot beat!



 by jonobr1

Patatap is a portable animation and sound kit.


Wanna One Dancing Line: Music Dance Line Tiles


A Wanna One Rhythm game. Try to keep the ball on the run and become the champion

20.9% Free

TWICE Dancing Line: KPOP Music Dance Line Tiles


A TWICE Rhythm game. Try to keep the ball on the run and become the champion.

20.9% Free

BLACKPINK Dancing Line: Music Dance Line Tiles


A BLACKPINK Rhythm game. Try to keep the ball on the run and become the champion

20.9% Free

Chiptune DJ

 by Por si las moscas

Chiptune DJ is a rythm based game where you play along 8-bit chiptune music.

20.9% Free

Simple Piano 2

 by Gokhan Gencer

Simple Piano 2 is the most realistic piano in Android.

20.9% Free

Sound Sky — Play with Music

 by HIGHKEY Games

Drum your way through a colorful universe made of music.

20.4% Free


 by Kelly Technology Inc.

A game to challenge your musical skill.


Piano Crush - Keyboard Games

 by Gismart

🎼 Play piano music keyboard games and become the most skillful player 🎶

19.9% Free

BTS Dancing Line: KPOP Music Dance Line Tiles Game


A BTS Rhythm game. Try to keep the ball on the run and become the champion.

19.9% Free

Wanna One Real Piano Tiles

 by K.PopZone

Wanna One Real Piano Tiles. Free Install Now!!

19.9% Free

Piano Lesson Games For Beginners

 by 900Worldwide

this app helps you to play the piano with a good song even if you are a beginner

19.9% Free

piano free 2019

 by Creative Bigs apps Pro

piano free 2019 is an intelligent piano simulator design for Android phones

19.9% Free

Musical Impressions

 by JPerqu Apps

A random artist and song generator app to play to imitate musically speaking

19.9% Free

Kids Music Composer – Fun & Learn

 by Dragon Dust Games

Kids Music Composer is fun app for kids to learn music and play instruments

19.9% Free

Sailor Moon Piano Tiles Magic

 by Mk

Download & let's play Sailor Moon Piano Tiles Magic now...

19.9% Free

FNAF Piano Tiles Magic - Sister Location

 by Mk

Let's begin Challenge, download & lets play FNAF Piano Tiles Magic now

19.9% Free

Piano Tiles : Music Tiles

 by XUCA

Piano Tiles : Music Tiles - Learn Piano and Relax with Musics!

19.9% Free

Hello Music - Say "Hello" to music and play!

 by Classplash

Helps children learn the notes of the major scale by playing an instrument.

19.9% Free

BTS Dancing Line

 by Bonbon Mobile

BTS Dancing Line - A BTS Rhythm game

19.8% Free

Ripple Rings Genesis

 by Aquamarine Sky Project

Notes appear freely!Music can be produced!Totally new type of game!

19.8% Free

Piano Tail One Song

 by Pianopick

Play Undertale, FNAF, Anime, Vocaloid , KPOP, Eng POP, on tiles rhythm game.

19.7% Beta

Beat Audition - New Songs Piano 2018

 by Egg4Games

Simple to play, but difficult to master.

19.7% Free

Twist Ball - 3D Piano Music Tiles

 by Music Avengers

Twist Ball: World's hardest 3D Piano Music Tiles. Do you dare to challenge it?

19.6% Free

Piano Music Tiles: Free Piano Games

 by Music Avengers

Best Piano Games, improving your reaction speed and musical skill!🎹🎹🎹

19.6% Free

Harmonium (Ad-Free)




BTS Piano Tiles Revolution

 by Fortuna Studio

Are You Ready for Revolution ?

18.9% Free

BTS Real Piano Tiles

 by K.PopZone

New Version!! Install Now.. BTS Real Piano Tiles Free...

18.9% Free