Best Android Personalization apps!

What are the best Android Personalization apps?


 by FancyStuff Apps.

Dynamic OMS Engine that colorizes Android SystemUI to your wallpaper palette

43.5% 4.08 Free

Irex - Icon Pack

 by Olivera Onias

A bright and very attractive icon pack.

77.1% 4.3

Plax - Icon Pack

 by Olivera Onias

Beautify your phone with these handmade icons.

87.6% 4.71

Borealis - Icon Pack


Over 6400 high quality icons to bring color & homogeneity to your phone.

7.5% 4.84

OSX Icon Pack

 by Rohit_Singh

OSX Inspires Icon

67.5% 4.32


 by Atanu Sanyal

Introducing Coral the icon pack

72.3% 5

XPERIA™ Football 2018 Theme

 by Sony Mobile Communications

Personalize your device with the XPERIA™ Football 2018 Theme

27% 4.72 Free

Cuadrix - Icon Pack

 by Olivera Onias

Make your phone shine with this wonderful package of square icons.

43.7% 3.5

Vincent Icon Pack

 by DDevicers

Vincent is an icon pack inspired by Vincent van Gogh

13% 4.54

Luxury Gold Icon Pack - Wallpaper HD

 by Theme4droids

Gold Black Icons Luxuty Theme to launcher oreo style

70.8% 4.63

BOLT Icon Pack

 by JustNewDesigns

3500+ Clean Beautiful Round icons with unique gradients.

58.6% 4.76

Square Pixel Dark White AMOLED UI - Icon Pack

 by Lohigno Design

Design based on Square White Icons

44.5% 3.88

P Icon Pack for Pixel

 by XDesign Team

The perfect circular icon pack inspired from Pixel style!

61.5% 4.38

Azix - Icon Pack

 by A1 Design

Brings your phone to a new awesome look. Full HD

16.2% 5 Free

Aolix - Icon Pack

 by A1 Design

Brings your phone to a new awesome and classic look. Full HD 192 x 192px

12% 4.41 Free

Navigation Gestures

 by XDA

Navigate without the buttons

32.9% 3.98 Free


 by EfrieBlues

Time`s to Polygon style`s

13.4% 4.52

Ciclo - Icon Pack for ADW/Apex/Evie/Nova launcher

 by OSheden

Here is your next icon pack

16.2% 4.76

S8 UI - Icon Pack

 by A1 Design

Bring S8 Icons to your phone. Weekly Update.

9.1% 4.4

GION - Icon Pack

 by LKN9X

Shiny, Beautiful, Shapeless. An Icon Pack you can just imagine is now a reality.

11.3% 4.61

Meeye Iconpack

 by 页页大坏猫

The icons inside are inspired by MeeGo Harmattan, with some modifications.

12.2% 4.87

Wenrum - Icon Pack

 by A1 Design

Brings your phone to a new awesome and look. FULL HD

10.3% 4.69

Color Gloss - Icon Pack

 by SZ Inc.

Stunning glass icons with multicolored lights

7.5% 4.6

Moda - Icon Pack

 by dj23

A new standard.

11.5% 4.6

Recticons - Icon Pack

 by JustNewDesigns

Collection of Unique Rectangle looking Icons

10.9% 4.7

Lawnchair Launcher

 by deletescape

No clever tagline needed.

18.3% 4.59 Beta

Nadeon - A Neon Icon Pack

 by Ridho Ibrahim

A colorful glowing neon icons. Made for your AMOLED. In 288*288 pixels.

11.8% 4.86

Minimal Colors - Icon Pack

 by Thimizh

An Easy way to make your phone colorful and fun

7.8% 4.01

Play Edition

 by Atanu Sanyal

Colors comes to play

14.4% 4.2

Toca UI - Icon Pack

 by Benas Dzimidas

Light modeled icons with flat long shadows.

7.6% 4.64

Popsicle Icon Pack

 by Rohit_Singh

Stock icons with a change.

32% 4.1

Lollipop Retro : Xperia Theme

 by Themes MorSán

"Special Edition" Theme with appearance of android LOLLIPOP, retro style.

80% 5


 by Cris87

Looks The Spectacle of Pixel Style with Square Shape in High Definition!

78.8% 5

Moxy Icons

 by Patryk Goworowski

unique, shapeless, colorful!

78.1% 4.97


 by Timesense Inc


Life is Irreversible


77.7% 5

Color in motion - Live wallpaper

 by Lev Berezkin

Breathe life into your phone, create an excellent design - your own style !

77.2% 5