Best Android Productivity apps!

What are the best Android Productivity apps?

Calroo Family Organizer

 by Calroo

The best FREE app for parents to manage family calendar, tasks & grocery lists

34.7% 3.67 Free

Quick Reminders - Notes In Your Notification Shade

 by LeeDrOiD

A lightweight app to pin notes & reminders in your notification shade/pull-down.

80.2% 4.76

Enpass6 Beta

 by Sinew Software Systems Private Limited

Secure password manager to store passwords and other credentials.

35.6% 5 Free

Notes by Firefox: A Secure Notepad App

 by Mozilla

Firefox Notes is a simple, encrypted notepad available in Firefox and

20.4% 0 Free

Safe Wi-Fi

 by Verizon - VZ

Keep your Wi-Fi connection secure while surfing anywhere!

16.1% 3.03 Free


 by AutoPick

Point your smartphone to any highlighted text and BOOM it’s on your phone !!

17.2% 2.82 Free

Game Booster: 2X Speed for games

 by AJK Labs

Boost games up to 40% and play games the way its meant to be!

9.9% 4.61

Yahoo Mail Go - Stay organized

 by Yahoo

Now also works with Gmail, Outlook and AOL. No Yahoo email required!

14.3% 3.47 Free

Notion - Notes, Tasks, Wikis

 by Notion Labs, Inc.

The all-in-one workspace

7.5% 4.21 Free

Hermit Premium • Unlocker 🔑

 by Chimbori

Unlock Hermit Premium with this app if in-app upgrade isn’t working for you.

8.8% 4.81

Forms binders License

 by Generism

📅 Price increase on August 19 💡 “Forms binders” must be installed TOO

7.8% 4.71

Audit Assistant - Site Auditing, Snagging, Inspect

 by Saroj Vadekar

Tools for tracking construction site fault, snagging, punch list.

77.2% 5

Pop-up Note pro

 by Katsuya_Apps

You can read your note by pressing icon on the launcher app.

73.3% 5

T-44 Study Guide

 by Motivational Apps

Quick and easy access to EP's, Checklists, and Maneuvers.

73.3% 5

Taper Offset Spacing Calculator

 by David & Connor Boyle

Allows custom rod thread artists to calculate spacings on tapered rods

73.3% 5

Site Checklist : Safety and Quality Inspections

 by Saroj Vadekar

For safety & quality inspections and audits to streamlines the process.

73% 4.73

Nano Teleprompter

 by Aiham

a teleprompter with many features like showing the text over the camera app

72.6% 5

LCD clock and name-day FREE

 by H.S.G.I.

LCD widget. Hour (with seconds), date, alarm, hourly signal, and name-day.

72.6% 5

Extensive Calculator Pro

 by Thanh Le Tran Ngoc

More Functions And Better Than Built-in Calculator

72.5% 4.8

Site Inspection - Snagging, Site Auditing, faults

 by Saroj Vadekar

Logging and reporting construction site defects. Prepare snagging , punch list.

71.8% 4.65

Smart Gladiator Link

 by Smart Gladiator

This app is a terminal emulation for iSeries computer.

71.8% 5

Clipboard Editor - A System Clipboard Manager

 by LeeDrOiD

A simple & light-weight static or floating system clipboard editor/manager.

71.5% 4.9


 by Cadres Software LLC

A straightforward comma-separated value (CSV) file viewer and PDF file writer.

69.8% 5

10BA Professional Financial Calculator - Paid

 by Segitiga.Pro

Paid version of the 10BA Professional Financial Calculator

68.9% 5

C-17 Mission Tools

 by Umbo LLC

Tools to help you plan and execute C-17 Missions.

68.5% 4.67

Ammo Handler

 by All Jacked-up Studios

Time-saving, portable solution for keeping you on the right side of regulations.

67.4% 4.75

trueAdmin + System Administrator

 by WildTech

Application for system administrator

67.1% 5

SnagID - Site Snagging, Auditing & Inspection Tool

 by Appculus Technologies

Site audit reports for site auditing, snagging, punch list & snag list Projects

66.2% 4.29

✦ TREK ✦ T.I. Note Widget

 by NSTEnterprises

Use this note widget stand alone, or as a ✦ TREK ✦ Total Interface companion

66.1% 4.89

Daily Chores +

 by Dallin Hague

A simple, ad free checklist that will help you keep your home clean

65.9% 4.75

All PDF Reader Pro - PDF Viewer & Tools

 by Robert Londo

PDF file reader for Android 2018. Read and Manipulate PDF Files Offline

64% 4.35

Wear Document Reader

 by Mallumo

STANDALONE Open/read PDF, Word, Excel, Power Point, ... Libre, MS, Open office

63.9% 5

Master Planner Pro:Todo,Place Reminder,TaskPlanner

 by CRUX

To-do, Usual & Location Based Reminder, Project Planner, Countdown, Cloud Backup

63.3% 4.91

PikkLauncher Pro: Fast Launch

 by PikklApps

Fast launcher with built in keyboard to search apps, Internet, and make calls

60.7% 5

Coultous Box ITC 2

 by Mark Coultous

A Reverse Audio Randomiser For ITC Spirit Communication And Paranormal Research.

60.4% 4.9


 by Algebra Labs

Manage your projects more easily with BitProject.

60.2% 4.1