Best Android Puzzle games!

What are the best Android Puzzle games?

Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle

 by Blue Wizard Digital LP

Truly Bloody Puzzle Horror

34.7% 4.64 Free

In The Dog House

 by Nitrome

Guide your favourite pooch through this charming and strategic puzzler!

100% 4.92


 by Gamezaur

What is your perspective?

100% 5


 by MythicOwl

Relaxing puzzle with beautiful graphics and unique rules inspired by Sudoku

100% 4.46

Cats in the box adventures game - puzzles games

 by AML Creation

Drive into a cute atmosphere and resolve puzzles in a fantastic adventure game

12.2% 3.4

Snake Treasure Chest

 by Pedica Games

ATTENTION! This game isn't easy. Hard control and hard puzzle.(Read description)

10.3% 3.9


 by Devm Games SE

A cube rolling puzzle!

11.8% 4.29 Free

Hexa Turn

 by Wonderkid Development

Think outside the box and try not to find a solution, try to break the solution!

10.4% 4.2786884 Free

Swim Out

 by Lozange Lab

Take a dip into this stylish puzzle game

12.1% 4.74

Paint Tower!

 by Gram Games Limited

Love puzzle games, but want something more creative? Try Paint Tower! out today!

8% 3.52 Free

No More Buttons

 by Tommy Søreide Kjær

In this puzzle adventure, the controllers are part of the world itself.

11.9% 4.857143



Restore the balance of nature

11.8% 4.78


 by Noodlecake Studios Inc

Toyish suprise-o-rama

11.6% 4.87

Riddlord: The Consequence

 by Amrita Studio

World of a detective and mystic, secrets and inner alchemical transformations

11.4% 3.2


 by Copperbrain

A mind bending puzzle game

10.8% 4.9

4 Blocks Puzzle

 by Gamma Play

Simple, exciting, fun and addictive puzzle game that challenges your brain!

9.2% 4.3 Free

Cut the Rope GOLD

 by ZeptoLab

Cut the Rope, catch a star, and feed Om Nom candy in this award-winning game!

8.4% 4.57

Blade Dodger Bounce

 by Corey's Crap Shack

Slingshot Spiff through a series of mazes!

77.2% 5

Please, Don't Touch Anything VR

 by ForwardXP

A cryptic, brain-racking, button-pushing puzzle game, now reimagined for VR

76.1% 5

Squares 2

 by ssk

Continuation of the great puzzle! Bring all the cubes home!

70.8% 5


 by ssk

A great logical puzzle. Deliver all the cubes home!

70.4% 5

ABC Memory Match

 by Dodiapps

ABC Memory Match For Kids

64.8% 5

Math Challenges PRO 2018 - Puzzles for Geniuses

 by B2A Apps

Prove your math skills to solve this hardest math questions in the world!

60.9% 3.46

Word Search Classic


Love word search games? You'll be impressed with our app!

60.3% 4.07

BTS 2 Link 2

 by SnakingStudio

BTS 2 Link 2 is a simple, new addicting game for all BTS Fan!

56.1% 4.92 Free

PathPix Bubble

 by Kris Pixton

Play PathPix Bubble! Cells of varying shapes and sizes, wild and wacky paths.

54% 4.33

Math puzzles PRO 2

 by B2A Apps

Math puzzles PRO 2 increases your logical thinking.

50.7% 3.5

Draw Brain Lines Physics Puzzle

 by Team Progomania

A physics based game. Draw lines and fill glass with balls

50.2% 4.92 Beta

Minesweeper Genius

 by mgaia studio

Where minesweeper, sudoku and picross meet!
Tons of randomly generated levels!

48.7% 4.86 Beta

Spookiz Puzzle 2000 LV - Monsters

 by aurastudio

★Challenge 2000 level★
★An Innovative 3-Match Single-Swipe Puzzle Game★

48.4% 4.65 Free

Escape Game: School

 by Jammsworks

Find and combine items, and solve puzzles, then just Escape!

47.3% 4.71 Free

Red Crimes: Hidden Murders

 by iEntertainment Network Inc.

Investigate hundreds of crime scenes, seek hidden clues and find the criminal.

46.3% 3.94 Beta

Escape! Best puzzle game

 by dark games

You need to save birds! Fill the lines or rows, destroy bloks and solve puzzles

46.3% 0 Beta

Cheap Sheep 🐶🦊 🐑

 by JBits Games

Steal Sheeps from the Dog 🐶!
Solve Puzzles, use the items to help you! And Run

46.3% 0 Beta

Unfolded Torus

 by biemmesoft

highly challenging puzzle brain-teaser with multiplayer tournaments and no ads

46.3% 0 Beta

After the Crash: puzzle 3 in 1

 by DailyToys

Help Kelly fix her spaceship after the crash in this amazing 3 in 1 puzzle game.

46.3% 5 Beta