Best Android Racing games!

What are the best Android Racing games?

Hovercraft: Battle Arena

 by High Score Hero LLC

Build & battle custom Hovercrafts in epic 3v3 multiplayer combat!

30.4% Free

HTR+ Slot Car Simulation

 by QUByte Interactive

HTR+ offers an adrenalin packed slot car racing simulation experience.

30.1% Free

Disc Drivin' 2

 by Pixelocity Software LLC

Race against friends in a disc swiping showdown filled with hijinx on the track.

23.4% Free

Dino Rush Race

 by Nemoïd Studio

Run and jump in this new multiplayer 2D running game!

24% Free

Aqua Moto Racing 2 Free

 by Zordix

Ride the waves in the best wave racing game ever on mobile.

26.7% Free

Gravity Rider: Space Bike Racing Game Online

 by Vivid Games S.A.

The ultimate bike balance game! Navigate tricky 3D tracks in space & dodge traps

11.9% Free

Aqua Moto Racing 2 Premium

 by Zordix

Ride the waves in the best selling wave racing game on mobile.


Hyperdrome - Taktisk Kampræs

 by Travian Games GmbH

Realtime and intense 1vs1 battle Racing. Racing reinvented!

10.3% Free

Off The Road - OTR Open World Driving

 by DogByte Games

Extreme open world off-road driving simulator

12.5% Free

Motorsport Manager Mobile 3

 by Playsport Games

A world of motorsport


Silly Sailing

 by Devm Games SE

It's sailing, but sillier!

8% 4.28 Free

Ground Effect Pro XHD

 by Jakyl

Stunning visuals and Stereoscopic 3D in this must-have ground-breaking game.


Speed Surfer

 by cmdr2

Deliver pizzas on a rocket-powered surfboard through challenging obstacles in VR


Tapioca Rider

 by Aaron Steed

A 2D dessert driving game.


T3 - Take the Turn (AdFree)

 by Vagabond Software GmbH

T3 is a turn-based multiplayer racing game.


Vehicle Simulator🔵Top Bike& Car Driving Games PRO

 by CARDS-G Car And Racing Driving Simulator - Games

All Driving - Bicycle, 4x4, Aircraft, Ship, Car, Motorbike games, 3D Racing 2018




Epic real-time realistic graphics location based racing game from sa games.


Racing Battlegrounds

 by l33tbit

Race at full speed in a explosive competition and reach the finish line first

41.4% Beta

Two players game - Crazy racing via wifi (Premium)

 by Two players

Two players game - crazy racing with wifi multiplayer


RaceTracker - Drone Race Timer

 by Drone Squad

Easily run FPV drone races with the Team Black Sheep RaceTracker

36.8% Beta

SuperTuxKart Beta

 by SuperTuxKart Development Team

SuperTuxKart is a 3D open-source arcade racer.

36.3% Beta

Drive R1

 by Appanov

Drive R1 is FREE and out now! Choose your vehicle and start driving .

32.6% Beta

Setup Developer Tool 2018

 by Monkey Face Software LLC

SDT2018 steps the user through the major areas of race car setup and tuning


Tiki Kart Island

 by Arb Studios LLC

Extreme 3D Kart Racing, a huge campaign, online arena and track creator!

30.1% Beta

Brutal Chase 3D

 by Gamer Bear

Chase your enemies and crush their cars crashing into them.

28.4% Beta

Clan Race

 by Deemedya INC

Real time PVP motocross bike racing.

28.3% Beta


 by RealRod Studios

RX_Adventures is a open world Racing simulator.


Super Pole Position F1 PRO

 by 2 A Game Studios

Big F1 machines, dueling on Android


Dinky Racing

 by WorldByDesign

A 2D retro racing game for Android, inspired by classic games like Super Sprint.


Garage Story: Craft Your Car

 by Stark Games Mobile

Сraft cars, upgrade, participate in races and build an empire in Garage Story!

23.2% Beta

Blind Drive (beta)

 by Lo-Fi People

A driving game thriller played with your ears

22.1% Beta

Mean Machines

 by Famous Dogg Studios

Thunderous and action-packed racer. Test your skills and let the sparks fly!

22% Beta

Russian SUV

 by Koz Games

Russian SUV is the play which is gonna let you drive real animals of the road.


Final Freeway

 by OYK Games

Experience arcade racing over many diverse levels of fast-paced driving fun.


Off Road 4x4 extreme racing

 by BlackBox-Lab

Off Road 4x4 extreme racing


Death Run : Mini Game

 by Finger Legend Inc.

Death Run is a game that has deaths and runners. Runners try to finish the game.