Best Android Role Playing games!

What are the best Android Role Playing games?

Durango: Wild Lands

 by NEXON Company

There are two things that can happen in Durango ...


Tales of Gaia

 by Snail Games USA Inc

Tales of Gaia is the latest epic MMO title from Snail Games.

13.6% 3.84 Free


 by Ellation, Inc.

“DanMachi”–in its first-ever fully-localized mobile RPG, MEMORIA FREESE!

18.7% 3.38 Free

Message Quest — the amazing adventures of Feste

 by TeslaGames

Dive into a world of adventure. Help Feste beat his laziness and find a hero!

18.2% 4.67

Heroes of Rings: Dragons War

 by Kongregate

Heroes of Rings is a turn-based RPG with Heroes and a unique Battle System

11.5% 3.9 Free

Chain Strike™

 by Com2uS

The epic turn-based tactical RPG is finally here. Download Chain Strike now.

31.2% 4.38 Free

Sword Art Online: Integral Factor

 by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.

The newest Sword Art Online game!
This time, the protagonist!

16% 3.7 Free

Pacific Rim Breach Wars - Robot Puzzle Action RPG

 by Kung Fu Factory

Unleash the power of Jaegers in this all new Match 3 Puzzle RPG game!

14.1% 4.13 Free

Dust and Salt

 by Prime Games Bulgaria

A text-based narrative adventure with a pinch of turn-based tactical battles.

47% 4.83

Archlion Saga - Pocket-sized RPG


Challenge the foretold doom! An easily completable Pocket-sized RPG!

16% 4.63 Free

Lost in the Dungeon

 by Eggon

A card-based dungeon crawler that only the bravest adventurers can survive!

23.6% 3.92

Cartoon Dungeon VIP


■ Indie Game Heroes become Guardians!
■ Famous characters from books!

8.8% 4.21 Free

Everybody's RPG

 by NomadGames

High-quality dot graphic that brings back old memories!

8.3% 4.35



The acclaimed gothic fantasy RPG is finally here. Rule the Darkness.

9.8% 3.94 Free

Siege of Dragonspear

 by Beamdog

An exciting addition to the Baldur’s Gate saga, revealed at last!

48.8% 4.75

Dungeon Hunter Champions: Epic Online Action RPG

 by Gameloft

Join thousands of players in an epic action-RPG and fight in live 5v5 battles.

34.9% Beta

The Quest - Macha's Curse

 by Redshift Games

The Quest - Macha's Curse is an expansion to The Quest.

48.6% 5



Epic monster capture adventure! 300+ monsters to train and evolve!

11.3% 4.19 Free

Romance of the Three Kingdoms

 by NEXON Company

RTK is now available on mobile platforms around the world!

11.5% 4.55 Free

Maguss - Wizarding MMORPG

 by Mawa

Learn magic, cast spells and duel other wizards in the AR world of Maguss.

7.9% 3.7919958 Free

Templar Battleforce RPG

 by Cory Trese

Lead your elite squad of war mechs in this epic turn-based strategy game

9.3% 4.9

Grand Summoners


Presenting a Pixel RPG of the highest quality!

13.6% 4.38 Free


 by Curacha Games

Classic action dungeon crawler with arcade hack and slash feeling

16.6% 4.26 Free

Final Fantasy Awakening: SE Licensed


The Sole SQUARE ENIX Official Licensed "Final Fantasy" Action Game

9.8% 4.25 Free

Out There Chronicles - Ep. 2

 by Mi-Clos Studio

The highly-anticipated Sci-Fi saga inspired by Out There.

17.3% 4.51

Secret Kingdom Defenders: Heroes vs. Monsters

 by Doppler Hat Games

Journey to a land of treasure and danger in this beautiful grid defense game!

10.9% 4.64 Free


 by Chorus Worldwide Games Limited

RPG meets Golf! Battle your way through the kingdom to restore golf to the land!

8.3% 4.4102564

モンスターハンター ストーリーズ


RPG to be the "Monster Hunter" the first series "Monster Hunter Stories" appeared in the smartphone!Adventure that connects the Kizuna is, begins now !!

9.5% 3.9

Pocket Legends Adventures

 by Spacetime Studios

A thrilling multiplayer epic with explosive action and unforgettable characters!

11.5% 3.8 Free

Tap Busters: Galaxy Heroes

 by Tilting Point

Tap To Save The Galaxy In This Insanely Addictive RPG Clicker

10% 4.7 Free

Runic Rampage - Hack and Slash RPG

 by Crescent Moon Games

Play as a raging dwarf and crush your enemies with mighty hammer blows!

10.4% 4.2

Solomon's Boneyard

 by Raptisoft

The Wizard's College suspects they might have a little problem...

9.9% 4.4 Free



Unearth the Secrets of the WorldThe Chronicles of 12 Legendary Heroes

10.3% 3.9 Free

The Master Of Plunder(M.O.P)

 by (주) 코어크리에이티브

The ultimate 3D RPG with great action!Special EXP/Gold Buff Event!

10% 4.2 Free


 by X.D. Network

You See? ICEY, I See!

8.2% 4.4

Sdorica -sunset-

 by Rayark International Limited

Open the Book of Bequeathers; write down your own stories.

14.6% 4.46 Free