Best Android Role Playing games!

What are the best Android Role Playing games?

Runegate Heroes

 by Wargaming Group

Fancy becoming a war chief? No time to lose - the Aether contest has begun!

21.7% NaN Free


 by Jagex Games Studio

The official RuneScape app for Android

27.9% NaN Free

Samurai Kazuya : Idle Tap RPG

 by Dreamplay Games

Idle RPG! Samurai Action Game! Samurai Kazuya!

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Missile Dude RPG: Tap Tap Missile

 by Dude Soft

Rip and Tear all Demonic Portals

16.9% NaN Free

Lineage II: Dark Legacy

 by NCSOFT Games

Latest Lineage II series with ultimate castle siege and fortress customization!

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[Premium] RPG Marenian Tavern Story


A fantasy RPG where you cook, eat, collect, fight and explore!

40.3% NaN

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

 by Natsume Inc

In celebration of Harvest Moon's 20th Anniversary comes an all new Harvest Moon!

65.8% NaN

MHST The Adventure Begins


The first Monster Hunter RPG is now available on smartphones!

22.4% NaN Free

Monster Hunter Stories


The first Monster Hunter RPG is now available on smartphones!

62% NaN

Life is Strange: Before the Storm


Choice-based narrative game

16.5% NaN Free

The epic of legend 1 -The Tower of Lost

 by GlassesForce

The story of finding memories of the boy Zero who lost his memory

19.1% NaN

Pocket Luna

 by X.D. Global

Pets, fashion, romance and more! Pick your class, join this fantasy adventure!

18.4% NaN Free

Brave Frontier: The Last Summoner

 by gumi Inc.

New JPRG. Beloved series played by millions. 25vs25 army battles. Epic story.

16.1% NaN Free

Age of Magic

 by Playkot LTD

Epic heroes turn-based RPG

9.1% NaN Free

Dream City Life: Urban Survival Edition

 by Inspire Games Nexus

Urban text-based role-playing game with life simulation gameplay.

25.4% NaN

Tales of Erin


Get ready for the new ANIME RPG! Call forth the white miracle and explore!

13.6% NaN Free

Dragalia Lost

 by Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Humans and dragons…pactbound once more.

9.8% NaN Free

Blade Runner 2049

 by Next Games

Become a blade runner in the official Blade Runner 2049 mobile game!

12.4% NaN Free

CashKnight ( Combo Event Version )


Get gift worth $100 with emblem
( You can also get it with Original Ranking ID )

17.1% NaN Free

Jade Dynasty Mobile


Jade Dynasty Mobile, from the creators of the legendary Perfect World!

15.4% NaN Free

Knights of Fury

 by King

Prepare to harness your anger, welcome to Knights of Fury!

11.7% NaN Free

Beach Hero RPG

 by Jumpersize

Point and click adventure with RPG elements, in glorious pixel art!

15.1% NaN Free

One Hour One Life for Mobile

 by Dual Decade

Survive and rebuild civilization through countless generations

31.8% NaN

Dust and Salt

 by Prime Games Bulgaria

A text-based narrative adventure with a pinch of turn-based tactical battles.

10.2% NaN

Fairy Knights


An Puzzle-RPG with unique characters and original battling system!

23.9% NaN

Dust and Salt: Battle for Murk Gamebook

 by Prime Games Bulgaria

The Battle for Murk Gamebook is a text adventure in which YOU ARE THE HERO!

28% NaN

Battleheart 2

 by Mika Mobile

Real-Time Party-Based RPG Battles!

21.1% NaN

Siege of Dragonspear

 by Beamdog

An exciting addition to the Baldur’s Gate saga, revealed at last!

10.7% NaN

Fresh Body

 by 北京天马时空网络技术有限公司

Transform yourself into a monster to progress and defeat even stronger monsters.

11% NaN

Evoland 2

 by Playdigious

Epic adventure of more than 20 hours through video games history

18.3% NaN

Seven Mysteries

 by Sang Hendrix

An anime RPG horror game about a group of students from a mystery town. No Ads.

12.3% NaN

The Elder Scrolls: Blades

 by Bethesda Softworks LLC

From Bethesda Game Studios — a massive first person role-playing game.

11.1% NaN

Message Quest — the amazing adventures of Feste

 by TeslaGames

Dive into a world of adventure. Help Feste beat his laziness and find a hero!

10.4% NaN

Sir Questionnaire

 by OrangePixel

A turn-based roguelike adventure with hacking, slashing, puzzles, and strategy.

8.1% NaN

MapleStory M

 by NEXON Company

Welcome! MapleStory has arrived on mobile as MapleStory M!

21.7% NaN Beta

RPG Alvastia Chronicles


RPG with over 100 companions?! Set out on an adventure in a retro-styled world!

7.8% NaN