Best Android Role Playing games!

What are the best Android Role Playing games?

Dust and Salt

 by Prime Games Bulgaria

A text-based narrative adventure with a pinch of turn-based tactical battles.

22.2% 4.77

Fairy Knights


An Puzzle-RPG with unique characters and original battling system!

93.7% 4.66

Dust and Salt: Battle for Murk Gamebook

 by Prime Games Bulgaria

The Battle for Murk Gamebook is a text adventure in which YOU ARE THE HERO!

100% 5

Battleheart 2

 by Mika Mobile

Real-Time Party-Based RPG Battles!

32.6% 4.51

Food Fantasy

 by Elex

Battle X Manage X Collect – Unique designs & combat with restaurant management

18.3% 4.35 Free

Fighting Fantasy Legends Portal

 by Asmodee Digital

Features the Deathtrap Dungeon trilogy by Ian Livingstone.

53.4% 4.08


 by SQUARE ENIX Co.,Ltd.

An epic action-RPG in a rich sci-fi fantasy universe with gorgeous 3D graphics!

14.3% 4.57 Free

Siege of Dragonspear

 by Beamdog

An exciting addition to the Baldur’s Gate saga, revealed at last!

15% 4.35

Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival

 by Kefir!

The most hardcore survival game for anyone who’s bored with casual games.

7.6% 4.51 Free

Fresh Body

 by 北京天马时空网络技术有限公司

Transform yourself into a monster to progress and defeat even stronger monsters.

27% 2.34



Summon, Negotiate and Fuse new Demons!

32.6% 4.54 Free

Darkness Rises

 by NEXON Company

Conquer the darkness before it conquers you.

8% 4.68 Free

Pokémon Quest

 by The Pokemon Company

Pokémon Quest—a rambunctious expedition RPG featuring cube-shaped Pokémon!

16.4% 4.37 Free

Evoland 2

 by Playdigious

Epic adventure of more than 20 hours through video games history

17.6% 4.39

Seven Mysteries

 by Sang Hendrix

An anime RPG horror game about a group of students from a mystery town. No Ads.

18.5% 4.8

Dragon Nest M

 by koramgame

A blockbuster 3D Action MMORPG featuring classic Dragon Nest! Join the battle!

20.4% 4.65 Free

The Elder Scrolls: Blades

 by Bethesda Softworks LLC

From Bethesda Game Studios — a massive first person role-playing game.


Message Quest — the amazing adventures of Feste

 by TeslaGames

Dive into a world of adventure. Help Feste beat his laziness and find a hero!

9.7% 4.75

Stories of Bethem - Full Moon

 by GuGames Development

A huge RPG world full of dungeons, magic and loads of madness awaits you! ✨

13% 4.4 Free

Knights Chronicle

 by Netmarble

Update celebration! Log in to get
[6 SSR Heroes] guaranteed!

8.9% 4.56 Free

Sir Questionnaire

 by OrangePixel

A turn-based roguelike adventure with hacking, slashing, puzzles, and strategy.

22.9% 4.65


 by Asobimo, Inc.

Best smart-phone character creation is here!
Join in for the MMO"J"RPG!

18% 4.14 Free

MapleStory M

 by NEXON Company

Welcome! MapleStory has arrived on mobile as MapleStory M!

10.5% 3.41 Beta

RPG Alvastia Chronicles


RPG with over 100 companions?! Set out on an adventure in a retro-styled world!

20.7% 4.49


 by SQUARE ENIX Co.,Ltd.

The beloved RPG classic, reborn for the smartphone.

8.4% 4.39

Pocket Campaigns

 by Ian David Elder

Sort campaigns cleanly, easily and share them with your friends. (GM / DM Tool)

12.5% 4.71 Free

Battle Team


Tactical RPG in the galaxy

8.1% 4.45 Free

Dungeon Rankers

 by Dead Fish Eye

Roguelike RPG meets Battle Royal! Fast-paced retro action!

13.2% 4.38

Dungeon Hunter Champions: Epic Online Action RPG

 by Gameloft

Join thousands of players in an epic action-RPG and fight in live 5v5 battles.

9.7% 4.19 Beta

The Quest - Hero of Lukomorye II

 by Redshift Games

The Quest - Hero of Lukomorye II is an expansion to The Quest.

12.3% 5

Giants War


The Giants War global launch is here! Download to become a giant among heroes!

10.6% 4.39 Beta

Alter Dogma

 by Meteo Games

2D dungeon RPG is a neat RPG package game to be enjoyed on mobile.

11.4% 4.65

Legend of Solgard

 by King

Legendary battles and epic creature collection in this new tactical RPG game!

10.1% 4.46 Free

Dream City Life: Urban Survival Edition

 by Inspire Games Nexus

Urban text-based role-playing game with life simulation gameplay.

77.2% 5

Anime Craft 2

 by John´s Project

Anime Craft 2 is a huge uncharted anime world!
less than 18 MB!

77.2% 5


 by 문병필

SFD= FTL + FFT : Turn based party managing tactical dungeon crawler.

76.4% 4.64