Best Android Role Playing games!

What are the best Android Role Playing games?

Seven Mysteries

 by Sang Hendrix

An RPG horror game about a group of students from a mystery town.

69.1% 4.83

CashKnight ( Soul Event Version )


Get Souls and Gems worth $100!!
( You can also get it with Original Ranking ID )

14.7% 4.53 Free

Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes Beta

 by Com2uS

Reassemble the Squad.
Master your Skills. Awaken your Champion.

29.5% 0 Free

Dragon Nest M

 by koramgame

A blockbuster 3D Action MMORPG featuring classic Dragon Nest! Join the battle!

22.3% 4.05 Free

The Elder Scrolls: Blades

 by Bethesda Softworks LLC

From Bethesda Game Studios — a massive first person role-playing game.


Message Quest — the amazing adventures of Feste

 by TeslaGames

Dive into a world of adventure. Help Feste beat his laziness and find a hero!

16.6% 4.71 Free

Stories of Bethem - Full Moon

 by GuGames Development

A huge RPG world full of dungeons, magic and loads of madness awaits you! ✨

40.7% 4.39 Free

Knights Chronicle

 by Netmarble

-Discover a Stunning Anime-Inspired RPG-
Join our Launch Celebration Event now!

91.7% 4.62 Free

Sir Questionnaire

 by OrangePixel

A turn-based roguelike adventure with hacking, slashing, puzzles, and strategy.

70.9% 4.68


 by Asobimo, Inc.

Best smart-phone character creation is here!
Join in for the MMO"J"RPG!

39.1% 4 Free

MapleStory M

 by NEXON Company


35.4% Beta

RPG Alvastia Chronicles


RPG with over 100 companions?! Set out on an adventure in a retro-styled world!

65% 4.41

Royal Blood


The Global Launch of Royal Blood is here!
Download now and Reclaim Your Throne!

20.9% 4.21 Free


 by SQUARE ENIX Co.,Ltd.

The beloved RPG classic, reborn for the smartphone.

30.9% 4.47


 by Chorus Worldwide Games Limited

RPG meets Golf! Battle your way through the kingdom to restore golf to the land!

8.3% 4.4102564

モンスターハンター ストーリーズ


RPG to be the "Monster Hunter" the first series "Monster Hunter Stories" appeared in the smartphone!Adventure that connects the Kizuna is, begins now !!

9.5% 3.9

Pocket Legends Adventures

 by Spacetime Studios

A thrilling multiplayer epic with explosive action and unforgettable characters!

11.5% 3.8 Free

Dungeon Hunter Champions: Epic Online Action RPG

 by Gameloft

Join thousands of players in an epic action-RPG and fight in live 5v5 battles.

9.9% 4.18 Beta

Solomon's Boneyard

 by Raptisoft

The Wizard's College suspects they might have a little problem...

9.9% 4.4 Free

The Master Of Plunder(M.O.P)

 by (주) 코어크리에이티브

The ultimate 3D RPG with great action!Special EXP/Gold Buff Event!

10% 4.2 Free

Giants War


The Giants War global launch is here! Download to become a giant among heroes!

32.6% 4.44 Beta

Silverpath Online - MMORPG

 by Mert Oğuz

Open world MMORPG in immersive world with real-time interactions

45.2% 4.28 Beta

Breaking Gates: 2D Action rpg

 by FredBear Games Ltd

Come and meet the new 2D hack and slash platform full of new challenges!

44.1% 0 Beta

Portals of Sacraland

 by Denis Krasakov

Take control over a group of heroes. Step into portals for treasures!

44% 0 Beta

Brave tobe


Hero brave! Let's send a hero!
Collect lots of braves and defeat monsters!

44% 3.67 Beta

Zombie Survival Island: Open World RPG Shooter

 by Evolution Vault

Join this amazing Top Down survival game, fight swarms of zombies

43.8% 3.69 Beta

Final Duty: Zombie Nation

 by SeaStar Game

The best shooting survival game!

43.7% 4 Beta

Heroes and Dragons

 by RikkiGames Limited

An engaging action RPG with old style classes, campaigns and quests.

43.4% 5 Beta

Dungeon Chronicle

 by BUNKERim Studio

Travel the floor of increasingly difficult enemies while Looting the best items

43.3% 4.33 Free

Castaway Fortnight: Rules of Survival

 by PlayFlock

Survival rpg game with western elements in unique world at the space frontier

42.9% 0 Beta


 by Universe Projects Inc

A simple MMORPG you can easily play during downtime at work or school.

42.1% 0 Beta

Asura Inter


Asura Online Mobile is here!

41.2% 0 Beta

Uprising: St. Louis

 by Ziquid Design Studio

Community-maintained Edition of Uprising: St. Louis

41% 5 Beta

Micro RPG

 by Dominic Hamelin-Blais

A little game for RPG fans to play 3 minutes at a time

39.4% 0 Beta

El Salvador

 by Gala Lab Corp

Brand New 360-Degree Hardcore MMORPG with incredible graphics!

39.2% 0 Beta

VR Detective

 by Nikki Stovall, Chris Pham, Carissa Flowers

Play as a detective to solve a murder in a Virtual Reality world.

38.6% 5