Best Android Tools apps!

What are the best Android Tools apps?

AR Stickers: The Last Jedi

 by Developed with Google

Star Wars: The Last Jedi sticker pack for AR Stickers.

42.9% 4.88 Free

AR Stickers: Stranger Things

 by Developed with Google

Stranger Things sticker pack for AR Stickers.

42.6% 4.89 Free

Duplicate File Remover(No Ads) - Duplicate Finder

 by WiFi Booster - WiFi Signal Booster

Duplicate File Remover & Finder help you Easily Find and Delete Duplicate Files!

88.6% 4.82

Moto Face Unlock

 by Motorola Mobility LLC.

Unlock your mobile device in a glance

10.9% 4.27 Free

Digital Wellbeing

 by Google LLC

Improve wellbeing, focus on what matters most to you

31.4% 4.74 Free

Spoilers Blocker

 by Invariant Labs

Block spoilers in other apps

22.9% 0 Free

QR Reader & Generator PRO

 by Corenow UST Mobile

Real and simple QR Reader and Generator app
No ad contains

49.6% 3.94

AI Benchmark

 by Ignatov Andrey

Is your phone ready for AI?
Run AI Benchmark to check its performance!

17.3% 3.85 Free

T-Mobile NAME ID

 by T-Mobile USA

Stay connected with NAME ID and block unwanted calls

10.1% 2.68 Free

Cloud Next

 by Developed with Google

The cloud is made here, together. Your event companion app for Next.

23% 3.41 Free


 by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

SLP is an end-to-end solution for smart home, building and IoT environments.

16.5% 3.5 Free

App lock & gallery vault

 by Best App - Top Droid Team

Applocker & galleryvault, app locking & hide pictures, hide videos in the vaults

11% 4.61

LEGO® DUPLO® Connected Train

 by LEGO System A/S

For Bluetooth Train Playsets

8% 3.81 Free

Adobe Authenticator

 by Adobe

Adobe Authenticator provides stronger security for your Adobe account.

14% 4.43 Free

Clean Share

 by Catching Now

A simple tool to help remove the tracking parameters of URL when sharing.

17.9% 4.55 Free

Hydraulic CALC pro

 by Hydro Works Interactive

Hydraulic Calculator(open channel flow, pipe flow) for civil eng/fluid mechanics

16% 4.82

Text 2 Event - Date from text

 by 101010 Apps

Add events to calendar automatically from a text, thanks to our smart system !

15.5% 3.53 Free

iSpeed - Premium Memory Booster

 by CodeBulls Inc.

One-Click Memory Optimization (No Ads, No Popups)

9.9% 4.3

PDF Converter

 by David Šimák

Converting PDF files to image.

8.2% 4.1


 by cDev Software

Local and Chromecast media player

10.6% 2.87 Free

Autotiles (Full Version)

 by GurúRojo (XamanDMX)

Add custom Quick Settings Tiles with automated actions and activities.

10.9% 4.83

Nebula Alarm Clock

 by rocket sloth

Grow a star while you sleep with this refreshingly different, free alarm clock!

7.6% 4.25 Free


 by REJH Gadellaa

The app that improves sharing.

12.5% 4.16 Free

Emoji Switcher (root)

 by Emoji Smiley Apps

Step up your emoji game & send emoji from all popular apps. Cool switch emojis

7.6% 3.84 Free

Apps Giveaway - apps promo codes - paid apps free

 by Neelam Bhanushali

Apps Giveaway for free apps promo codes, paid apps sales, app deals on playstore

92.9% 4.71

Partial Screen Pro

 by Andrii Ichenets

Intercepts and blocks random arbitrary self ghost touches on the damaged display

75.6% 5

RadMeter Pro

 by Optivelox

Your smartphone becomes a professional Geiger counter!

75.3% 5

OnlyKey U2F

 by CryptoTrust

OnlyKey full feature support for your Android (OpenPGP, U2F, TOTP).

74.7% 5

QR Barcode Scanner Pro

 by LaHaSoft

Best QR code and Barcode Scanner

73.5% 4.23

My WiFi Places

 by Pannon Systems LLC

Automatically turn WiFi on and off on your phone only at places you trust.

73.3% 5

Full Scientific Calculator Pro

 by J.J. Software

A professional & feature-rich scientific supercalculator - packaged into an app.

73.3% 5

power booster system cleaner PRO

 by Wako Development

increases the performance of your smartphone or tablet.

73.3% 5

Morse Translator - Morse Code & Editable Alphabet

 by G-Creative Apps Studio

International and American Morse translator and trainer with editable alphabet

73.3% 5

PerforMAX Premium

 by RageCreations

Created to improve the mobile gaming experience!

73.3% 5


 by Pedro Albujer

Best way to manage your 2-step authentication

73.3% 5

QR/Barcode Scanner Pro

 by SRK Games

Fast and accurate QR Code and Barcode Scanner/ Reader. Try it NOW!

73.3% 5